Only 20 parts to skim through on Brave Fencer Musashi!

Also checked out Kung Fu and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, both on NES.

You may want to go straight to for these pretty soon, because I'm about to take all these updates straight to there. I barely go down here anymore as it is, and this is coming from someone who joined way back in 2004 and expected to be here forever. Sadly, things change. sad

That also means that Song of the Day on both the tumblr there as well as on the ssercretaWecnirP account are soon going to come to an end as well. That's gonna end next Saturday. Not tomorrow Saturday, but the Saturday afterwards.

I'll be making my farewell message next Friday. Who knows if I'll ever come back. Probably. I'll leave that open someday. But I'm just so busy with stuff right now that it just doesn't seem likely at the moment.