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Name: Marcus Cross
Super Name: Crimson

Age: 19
Height: 6'0"
Marks: He has a black sword-like cross on each arm with a varying number of black diamonds going down the sides. And on his back is a large X shaped scar.
Uniform: Crimson wears a dark red, semi metallic bodysuit with markings similar to the ones on his body.

Who Am I: A side-kick I guess.
Theme: Fire Field
History: When Marcus was 15, his thermal powers went out of control and his house caught fire. Marcus's parents sent him away to a school that specialized in "curing" people with conditions like his. Unfortunately the place Marcus was sent to was anything but a school. The scientists in that facility did terrible experiments on Marcus, in order to weaponize his abilities.

After 4 painful years, Marcus finally escaped that place. But when he returned home, his parents had no memory of who he was or that he even existed. So now Marcus wanders the country, unsure of why his life had to change this way or if that was really his life to begin with.

Powers: Crimson can raise his body heat to the point the air around him seems to burn. Years of experimentation has given Crimson the ability to change his blood into various metallic shapes. Over time he can store extra blood as tattoo-like markings on his body.

Likes: Fighting, open air, warm places, a good book, and burning stuff.
Dislikes: Doctors, enclosed spaces, pity, whiny people, the cold.
Other: Although he can throw weapons made out of his blood, Crimson must limit himself or run the risk of dying. Because of this he mainly uses twin swords, made from the two crosses on his arms.

Backstory Update: When I first thought of Crimson I couldn't think of decent explanation for his blood related powers, but I think I found a good enough story for them.
The facility Marcus was sent to, was led by disgraced nano robotics specialist, Luis Marco. Professor Marco once worked on government funded experiments to make more powerful soldiers, by fusing them with nano technology. But after several lethal failures, the man ended his experiments due to the crippling guilt over the death his experiments caused. 5 years later he started an independent project, using his nanotech for healing instead of destruction.

The results of these experiments were hit and miss at best, but he did manage to slow the growth of some types of cancer and this time no one died. Shortly after the start of his new clinic, a young man was brought to his facility with a peculiar condition.

Marco ran tests day and night to figure out the cause for Marcus's condition. And one day he realized Marcus's body wasn't overheating, but rather his body was capable generating large amounts of heat at will. Marco became so intrigued by the potential uses for Marcus's abilities, that he stopped trying to cure him altogether and began experimenting on how to push Marcus's body to the fullest.

After a year of referencing the notes from his weapons project, Marco discovered that the radioactive power source that killed his other test subjects, could be replaced with Marcus's excess body heat alone. While this did keep Marcus's powers under control, the process of fusing the nanotech with his body, mainly his blood stream, was a tortuously painful experience that required an entire year of fine tuning.

The Professor managed to program the machines in Marcus's body, so that Marcus could manipulated his blood into various forms and even convert it into a crimson metal-like substance. But The Professor, blinded by the his success, ignored whatever pain his experiments caused Marcus. Tired of the pain and insanity of the Professor's experiments, Marcus escaped, killing anyone who tried to stop him in a blind rage.

Professor Marco could only cower in fear, as Marcus tore his way out of the facility. As Marcus disappeared into the night, Marco couldn't help but think about how close he was to perfecting his vision.

Of course I'll have to run my idea by Emenoh first.

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