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Name: Pete Colson
Super Name: Pulse

Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Marks: He has black *'s on his back, shoulders, and the back of each hand.
Uniform: Regular street clothes, but he can create this mask with his powers.

Who Am I: Minion
Theme: Da Funk/Daftendirekt

Pulse's backstory references an update I did for Crimson's
History: Pete came from a dysfunctional family and constantly acted out because of it. In his teenage years he became a delinquent and committed everything from shoplifting to mugging. When he discovered he could control electricity, he used his powers to hotwire his dad's car and ran away from home.

Pete easily survived on his own with the aid of his new found powers, since he could get all the money he needed simply by over loading an ATM. Pete managed to fly under the radar for most of his life. But some time after his 23rd birthday, the authorities finally caught wind of his crimes and chased him down. Pete had gotten severally injured in an altercation with the police and was barely able to lose them in a destroyed facility.

Most of the building didn't seem too old, and the blood stains and scorch marks on the walls looked less than a year old. Pete nearly bleed out when the professor of the facility found him. Seeing electricity surge off of Pete's body, the man was more than happy to tell him about the experiment that had nearly destroyed the facility, and how someone like Pete might be more compatible for such a treatment.

Pete gladly accepted the man's offer, on the conditions that the professor would treat his wounds and hide him from the police. Although the "accident" destroyed much of the facility, most of the professor's notes and tech were easily salvaged. After a few months of painful reconstruction, Pete's body was fused with a network of nano machines that followed his command. These machines allowed Pete to better harness and manipulate his electrical powers and in addition Pete gained the ability to hack and control other machines through his nanobots.

Seeing how much greater a success this project was compared his prior attempts, The professor went behind Pete's back and sought government funding. The government gladly accepted the man's offer and even went as far as to cover up his previous mistake, with great precision. The Professor planed to hold Pete against his will in order to carry out further experiments. But after catching wind of these plans, Pete quickly killed the man and fled the facility.

Despite Pete's new found freedom, the professor had the last laugh. Before he was killed, the Professor programmed a fail-safe into Pete's nano machines that causes the machines to attack Pete's body on a cellular level. So now Pete's only hope to correct the problems in his nano machines is to track down the Professor's first guinea pig and take his, even if it means killing him in the process.

Powers: Electrical Manipulation (Lightning bolts etc.), He can literally look into and analyze machines and computers, And he can create small machines such as gauntlets or armor by using his nano machines. (Just nothing with small moving parts like a gun.)

Likes: Driving, stealing cars/motorcycles, hacking into machines.
Dislikes: Water, Authority, Waiting (for just about anything)
Other: Pete never got an actual license, but years of grand theft auto (the crime, not the game lol) have tuned his driving skills.


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