I've been thinking and that instead of always explaining my character's story, how about I finally tell the tale of Hakkai Kisachi and Mitsuki Minami along with Jeannie Jeanson's tale as well. Oh wells, here's the summary I hope you like it.

Mitsuki Minami is your average high school girl who is smart, nice, kind, and a caring person with a little tempter on the side. But she only has one problem-Her hair, eyes, and jacket change color to whatever she's feeling (ex; dark blue sad, red angry, pink blushing, etc). And with that problem, she became the school's reject and major outcast that no one wants anything to do with her. But one day, a mysterious boy named Hakkai Kisachi moves into town and he became alienated from everyone else just like Mitsuki. But one night everything changes when she was walking home alone. It was very dark and eerie looking with a full moon that shone blood red, and she began to feel a little scared. So she ends up running as fast as she can to get home safely, but then she ends up hearing a familiar voice. So she follows it and hides behind a bush to see Hakkai performing some ritual from the underworld. So she leans in and figures out that Hakkai is actually a demon from the underworld. But she loses her balance and ends up falling in front of him, and Hakkai ends up snarling at Mitsuki, so she runs off scared not knowing what Hakkai would do to her. As she continues to run for her life, she ends up encountering an evil shadow demon that wants to take her soul. But then to her amazement, Hakkai ends up saving her. But as payment for saving her life, she must keep his dark secret from everyone and she must always remain by his side and give him her soul because he feels that there will be other creatures from the underworld out to get her. And if she disagrees, then he has no choice but to kill her. So with no other choice she gives up her soul to him and he ends up being Mitsuki's demon bodyguard, not aware that if any underworld creature get their hands on her soul, her soul can become the key to unleashing all hell on Earth. Now both their lives are turned upside down and with high school-that is the least of their worries.