Walking though these hallways has always made me sick. All of these snickers and glares that I get from all of these snotty teens just because I stand out...a little too much. "Hey Mitsu Freak!" I heard a yell from across the hall, but I just toned it out with my music. It was the most annoying voice I ever heard. She had the brightest hair of blonds, those golden eyes of hers that don't level up to her heart and not to mention that girly style of hers that makes me sick to my stomach. "Hey Mitsuki! Listen to me when I'm talking to you!" she snapped in my face as I opened my locker door. "What do you want Jeannie?" I asked her in a rude tone. "I just wanted to see my best friend, is that so bad?" She answered back in a shy school girl tone. I started to clinch my fist as I rolled my eyes."Do you honestly think that you give a crap about me?" She paused for a moment and then she gave me a wicked smile. "You're right, why would I be friends with a reject? I mean look at you, you have hair as long and as blue as the ocean, those deep blue eyes, and you always wear that stripped blue sweater, also the fact that those three items I just listed, they change into the color of your mood! You are such a freak!!" I stood there for a moment as I faded into a dark blue and looked back into my locker as she strolled past me as everyone laughed. I grabbed my books and my diary as I slowly closed the locker door as I headed to my first class of the day.