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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 1.14 - The Tulmegian Tournament
( Tumelga Arena ) *At the tournaments, everyone was inside*

Ven: *He looked around cautiously, feeling the pressure*

Link: This is going to be pretty tough...

Ukitake: Good luck to you all. Melody, come with me. We'll find seats.

Melody: *She nodded to him, walking to Link and hugging him*

Link: Enjoy the show for me, alright? *smiles*

Melody: *She kissed his cheek*... be careful

Link: Right. *smiles*

*Laura and Zelos along with Lloyd and Colette come to greet Link, Shunsui and Ven*

Zelos: *Slaps Link on the back* You’re all my competition!? I have nothing to worry about! Hahahaha! *winks at Laura*

Laura: Be nice...

Ven: *He glanced at Zelos with a sharp glance*

Zelos: *Arrogant smirk* Whatever. This is going to be good, eh, Colette-chan?

Colette: *Bows to everyone* H-hello. Please, let's have a good game... *Smiles sweetly*

Lloyd: *Holds hand out to Link* I'm Lloyd, a pleasure! *smiles big*

Shunsui: Nice to meet you all. *Smiles*

Ven: *He began walking away from them, rolling his eyes*

Colette: *Looked over to him as he left, blushing* Good luck!

Laura: I think the games are about to begin. Let's do our best to represent Terresia.

Zelos: Yeah, yeah...

*In the background, there was a few men talking about Shade and how he was insanely good and he was champion multiple times*

Zelos: *Glared behind him, putting a hand to his waist* Hear that? Sounds like it's going to be fun after all. *He narrowed his eyes, arrogantly smirking* A tournament in a whole new country is exciting.

Link: *Concerned look on his face* ...

Lloyd: Let's keep our heads up.

Colette: I'm sure we'll be just fine... Believe in yourself Lloyd! And all of you, as well. *Smiled at Link*

Link: *Staring at Colette. She looked a lot like Melody to him*

Navi: *She glared at Zelos, flying around Link*

Shunsui: *Places a hand on his hat* Looks like, according to the chart up there. You’re against me, Zelos.

Zelos: Oh really? An old man like you?

Laura: Zelos! ugh... I'm sorry, Shunsui.

Shunsui: I'm sure he's just as excited as anyone else here Hahahaha!

Zelos: You can say that. Ahhh Laura-chan, let's go get ready!

Laura: *She shyly looked away from everyone* Well, see you all later. *smiles and follows him*

Link: *Looks up at the chart* Looks like I'm up first...

Lloyd: You’re going to do just fine.

Colette: *Shakes her fists up and down toward Link* You can do it! We'll be rooting for you!

Fighter: *A random guy approached him*

Link: *Turned to the random guy* Are you my opponent?

Fighter: *He shrugged* Are you Link?

Link: That's me. *Smiled and held a hand towards him*

Fighter: *He shook his hand*

Link: I think it's about time to get out on the arena, so let's go.


*On the arena, they were on opposite sides from one another*

Fighter: *He drew a sword, looking at him*

Link: *Pulls out sword*

Announcer: Welcome to the tournament! It's Link vs. Neal for the first round. Fight fair, and let's hope you make it to the final phase where you could possibly defeat Shade, our champion three years in a row! Ready? Fight!

Link: *Exchanges glares with Neal and charges. He starts to thrust his sword*

Fighter: *Slashes his sword away and swings a punch*

Link: *Stopped his punch with shield and kicked him down*

Fighter: *He attempted to slash at his legs after being struck down*

Link: *Stabbed sword into the ground to stop his sword, picked him up and pulled the sword out to his neck. He threw him to the air and charged a spin attack, when he fell into it he went flying and fell across the arena*

Announcer: Enough! The winner is Link!

Link: *Spun the sword in his hand before tossing it back into his sheathe* Heh, I did it! Good game.

Fighter: *He got up and left the arena*

Link: *Left the arena and looked to Shunsui* You’re up next... *Looked serious* You’re up against Zelos.

Shunsui: ...*Put a hand to his hat, sighing as he headed out*


*They stared at each other from across the arena*

Zelos: *Narrowed his eyes, smirking*

Shunsui: *Hand on hat, smiling*

Ukitake: Look, Melody. Now it's Shunsui up.

Melody: *She watched them*... I don't like the look of this

Ukitake: Hmmm...

Announcer: Round two, with Shunsui against Zelos! Good luck. Everyone get ready!

Shunsui: Let's have a good game, Zelos.

Zelos: *Pulls his dagger out, spinning it in his fingers before throwing it up in the air and catching it* Right, right...

Shunsui: *Began to walk toward him unsheathing swords*

Zelos: *Charged and suddenly jumped up from underneath Shunsui in a spiral* Light Spear!

Shunsui: *Eyes widen as he jumped back, with swords blocking the multiple slashes from the spiral uppercut. His hat fell to the floor.*

Zelos: *At his side, swings the sword* Keeping up with me old man?

Shunsui: *Jumped up away from the dagger. He slams his swords down on him* Hmm... Impressive!! *The ground under Zelos began to break from the impact*

Zelos: *Pushed away, back flipping a distance away* Heh...

Shunsui: *Ran past his side, spinning with his swords*

Zelos: Light Spear Cannon... *He did a spiral uppercut, ending with multiple thrusts in mid-air causing Shunsui's spinning to come to a stop and leave him wide open*

Shunsui: *Eyes widen*

Zelos: Hell's Pyre. *Slashed him in the air, the blade caused a flame that sent Shunsui crashing down on fire. He landed* Hahahaha...!

Shunsui: *On one knee, putting out the flames still smiling*

Melody: *She looked over at Ukitake*....

Zelos: Sonic Thrust! *A quick thrust that was hardly possible to dodge from*

Shunsui: *Caught his dagger between his two swords, trapping him as he jumped up and kicked Zelos in the face sending him flying*

Zelos: Ugh...! *Held out a hand to the ground to push him up to his feet before he hit the wall* ...

Shunsui: *Suddenly behind him, swinging his sword with his eyes narrowed and still smiling*

Zelos: What?! *Put his dagger to his face catching the sword, but getting pushed across the field* Ngh...!!

Shunsui: *Using his other sword he slashed upwards, causing the ground to come up and blind Zelos. Kicked his back and send him flying*

Zelos: Not the face man!! *Landed on one knee. Slowly getting up, covered in dirt* You got some things hiding yourself huh? If it wasn't for these damn rules you'd be...

Shunsui: *Slowly picked up his hat and cleaned it off, sighing* I feel the same but we need to do it this way...

Zelos: *Charges below Shunsui and quickly slashed*

Shunsui: *Moved out of the dagger's range and knee'd Zelos into the air, holding his swords up ready to slash him as he came down*

Zelos: Don't take me lightly! *Slammed dagger on his two swords*

Shunsui: Ngh...

Zelos: Hell's pyre!!

Shunsui: *Swung him away, both their swords/dagger was on fire*

Zelos: *Charges*

Shunsui: Sorry, but... *Ran his swords through his chest and slashed them out his side, his hat hiding his eyes as he frowned* I think it went long enough...

Zelos: *Eyes widen as his hair fell to his face* N-no.... dammit... *fell to the ground*

Announcer: And stop! The winner is Shunsui!

Shunsui: *Placed a hand to his hat, smiling at the crowd* I hope the reward for all this is nice sake....*Looked down at Zelos as medics came for him*

Zelos: *Looked up at him smirking* You’re something else...

Ukitake: Even without using his Shikai or Kido, Shunsui was able to best that man...it was to be expected.

Melody: *She sighed*

Shunsui: *Walked back to where everyone else was* How was that, Link?

Link: I knew you could do it!

Colette: *Looking at the arena gates. Her eyes were filled with sadness as she saw her friend being taken away, bangs falling over her face* Zelos...

Lloyd: *Put a hand to her shoulder and showed her thumbs up, smiling* You know Zelos, he'll be alright... you be careful too. You’re up next Colette. Be brave!

Colette: Lloyd... *Nodded before looking back out there* I...I'll do my best for you, Lloyd.

Lloyd: I wonder who your opponent is...

Man: *He approached her*

Colette: *Turned to him, her hand to her chest as her eyes shook slightly.* Are you...

Man: *He nodded, remaining silent*

Colette: *She nodded, accepting the challenge and looked to Lloyd before walking out*


*They stood across from each other.*

Colette: * She slowly took out her chakarams, holding a determined look upon her face. Gripped them tightly before sending over a weak smile to her opponent*

Man: *he just stood there, not moving*

Announcer: Third round! Prepare yourselves.

Colette: *Looked around at the people in the stands, feeling nervous* ... Good luck...

Announcer: Fight!

Man: *He just stood there.*

Colette: *She took a deep breath, throwing her chakram. It flew fast toward him*

Man: *He flipped away, suddenly charging at her at a fast speed*

Colette: *Waiting for her other chakram to come back, holding out her other in front of him in fear. When the other came back, it slit through his forearm and she caught it*

Man: *He fell over, not moving*

Colette: *Bows* I-I'm so sorry please forgive me! *She had her eyes closed, apologetic toward the fallen man. She slowly opened one eye*

Lloyd: *facepalm*

Announcer: Stop!

Man: Sorry, but I refuse to fight a woman.

Colette: *Staring at him* .... I-I see... I'm very sorry for hurting you... *She sighed in relief*

Lloyd: *scratching back of head* Eheh..

What ever.. *He said, leaving the arena*

Lloyd: Hey, you did... pretty good. Considering you couldn't use your angelic powers.

Colette: *Blushes* Thank you Lloyd.

Laura: *Puts her hair behind her ear before looking to the medical room* Zelos. I hope you’re alright, you idiot...

Shunsui: Laura, it looks like you’re up next against Ven.

Ven: *He was already out on the battlements, waiting for her*

Laura: *Looked out* He's there waiting. I should go...

Lloyd: Laura, good luck!

Laura: *Smile* Thank you.


Laura: *Stopped a distance away from him, pulling her sword out*

Ven: ( Ven's Battle Theme ) *He wielded his two swords that glimmered in the sun, both encrusted with Hylian symbols*

Laura: *A strange pendulum dangled from the hilt of her sword, wrapped around her arm as she closed her eyes and opened them to an odd dark, color* Let's begin.

Ven: You guys really are getting close to breaking rules.. *He mumbled, gripping his swords*

Announcer: Begin!

Laura: *Began to walk toward him unafraid*

Ven: *He stood there in a certain formation, waiting the right moment*

Laura: *Dragged the sword across the ground, she mumbled a small chant to herself to keep her calm*

Ven: *He charged directly at her, getting close to her. As he got close, he flipped around her, getting behind her.*

Laura: *Unresponsive* ...

Ven: *He slammed one of his swords into the ground, getting it stuck. He gripped his one blade with two hands, charging at her*

Laura: *Looked back emotionless, turning the hilt in her hand upside down, and raising it to block his sword. Her body didn't shake from the impact*

Ven: *He glared at her, feeling the rage that was casted upon him fill him. He slashed against her again.*

Laura: *stopped it again not moving her hand from her former position, sending him sliding away from her. She turned the hilt right side up again, raising her sword to the air. Swung sword downward towards him*

Ven: *He rolled out of the way, landing on his feet behind her again*

Laura: *Slashed down and up diagonally where he landed*

Ven: *He blocked with his blade, pushing against her after her final attack as the swords clashed*

Laura: *Released the sword from his, making his fall as she dodged and slammed it down with her foot out of his hand*

Ven: *He rotated his body, kicking her feet to knock herself over*

Laura: *As she fell she stabbed the ground and held the sword's handle to spin her back on her feet*

Ven: *He rolled over, grabbing both swords. He flipped up, twirling them in his hands*

Laura: *Jumped up at him and thrusted her sword towards him, the pendulum around the handle getting his swords tangled together. She made the pendulum pull him towards the point of her sword, stabbing him in the chest*

Ven: *He yelled in pain, feeling the blade enter him*

Laura: *Blood on her face, struggling to pull the sword out but her inner witch not allowing her to* ...

Melody: *She was hiding her face against Ukitake, afraid to look*

Ven: *He breathed hard, laying there on the ground*

Laura: *Finally pulled it out, jumping back. Blood dripped off her sword and making a puddle around her feet. Her eyes filled with sorrow, yet she said nothing. The pendulum, dangling also soaked in blood*

Announcer: Get him medics! *He yelled, medics running to him*

Ukitake: *A hand on Melody's head, also staring uncomfortable of the situation* To think such a sweet looking girl could do such damage...

Melody: I... need to heal him... he's going to die if I don't...

Ukitake: But you can't use magic... Let the medics take care of this...

Melody: *She looked up at him, tears streaming down her cheeks*

Ukitake: *Hugs her* Stay strong...

Laura: ...*Looking at the blood all over the place. Closed her eyes and opened them to her normal color* I did this...?

Ven: *He was carried away*

Laura: *Staring, eyes shaking* Ven... Why... why couldn't you just let me fight this once... *She said to herself*

Melody: *She hid her face against Ukitake, her tears drenching him a bit*

Ukitake: He'll be alright... don't concern yourself...

Navi: Link... is he going to be okay?

Link: I don't know... *Looks to Shunsui* Did you see that match, Shunsui...?

Shunsui: *Staring at Laura under his hat, narrowed eyes* Hmm.. I did. I wonder what she really posses...

Colette: Laura...

Navi: We shouldn't have let Melody watch.. poor thing probably lost some innocence here.

Shunsui: Well, nobody said these tournaments were going to be all flowers and candy...

Link: Who's next?

Shade: *He approached them wearing dark armor and a long cloak, his face covered. His voice was deep*She can get banned for that.

Link: *Staring at him* You must be that infamous Shade.

Shade: The rules state that no blood should be sheaded. IF there's a little fine, but a stab in the chest.

Link: I wonder why she did that... She seemed so nice....

Shunsui: *Staring at her shaking in the distance* Hm.

Shade: *He smirked, intentionally trying to get into Link's head* It's the innocent ones you have to look out for. They're usually the backstabbers. *He said, walking away*

Link: ......

Lloyd: He's wrong, Link. There's nothing wrong with Laura... she couldn't control herself. I can't say much but... *His eyes rolled to the side, sad*

Link: It's fine Lloyd. I think you’re fighting Shade next.

Shade: ( Vegetius - Future World Music ) *He waited in the battle arena*

Colette: Do your best, Lloyd...

Lloyd: You got it. *His face turned serious as he walked to the stage*

Melody: *She peeked out, feeling the sense.*...

Shade: *He rested a hand on his hilt, looking at his opponent*

Lloyd: *Slowly pulls swords out, a blue gem attached to his hand glowing faintly. He charged, crossing his swords together and jumped over Shade, when he swung them downward on him the ground under him shattered*

Shade: *He stood there, not moving as his armor took the impact. He drew his sword vertically, as he drew it he purposely slashed at him*

Lloyd: *Landed, crossing swords together and dashing to his side. * Beast!! *An incredible strong force from his body is transferred to his sword to blow away his opponent*

Shade: *He slammed his sword into the ground as he did his move, gripping onto the sword and moving barely. He stood up afterwards, walking towards him relaxed.*

Lloyd: *Jumped up* Rising Falcon! *From the air he aims downward with his swords and shoots himself like an arrow of flames* Beast!

Shade: *He laughed, slashing at him as he came at him.* Listen, calling out little moves like you're someone special won't help a damn thing.

Lloyd: *Back flips to his feet, smirking* Hey, I think it makes me look pretty cool. Twin.. *charges* Tiger Blade! *He continuously slashes up and down, looking as if he was floating in midair as he struck*

Shade: *He jumped out of the way as he struck.* If I didn't know any better, this would be magic

Lloyd: *Landed behind him* Let's try something stronger, than... *Held his swords up side by side* Psi Tempest...! *His body begins to spin vertically, slashing upwards like spinning blades, he moves past his shoulder and rises up, slashing his whole armor off his shoulder area* Magic? Don't even use it... *Lands* You don't even know who I am.

Shade: *He charged ahead at him, slashing at him with a hard slash*

Lloyd: *Gets sent flying and slides across the floor, quickly getting back up* Damn it...

Shade: Don't underestimate me kid. I won this thing three times. *He said, walking towards him fast*

Lloyd: *Looked behind him to see a wall, he ran towards it and up the wall, slamming down his swords as Nightshade got near* Like I said... you don't know who I am, either. *Slashed on him in midair to push himself into the air and lands* Sword rain alpha. *Multiple thrusts followed by an upward slash*

Shade: *He took the hits, falling but rolled, flipping up. He then charged at him, slashing at him and as he did he twirled his sword*

Lloyd: *Swinging swords to counter most of the twirling sword strikes, rolled to the side he wasn't holding the sword and aimed for an open area* Super Sonic Thrust. *A hard to avoid jab*

Shade: *He flipped out of the way, rolling on the ground and getting up.* You're quite annoying. *He charged forth*

Lloyd: *Narrowed his eyes as he prepared for him to come* I've fought stronger... Not that the tournament's rewards got me into this, I just wanted to see the players. I see they're worthy opponents. *Threw his sword across his cheek to stun him, spinning toward it to grab it and slam both on his sword in midair* Name's Lloyd. Lloyd Irving.

Shade: I don't give a damn about your name. *he growled, attempting to slash again*

Lloyd: Then that's too bad. *Jumped back, stopping his sword with one of his and thrusts his other to his neck, stopping it before it cut him*

Ukitake: This Lloyd character is something else...

Lloyd: I was thinking... of forfeiting anyway.

Shade: Why? Cowering out? *He slashed at him*

Lloyd: *Swung his sword away with his forcefully, nearly throwing Nightshade's sword out of his own grip* That's not it. There's something about this tourney that's uneasy, and I have a bad feeling about it. Why not slash me and I'll pretend you won? Sounds fair.

Shade: *He glanced at him* You're... strange.

Lloyd: I get that a lot, too. *Smiles* Well? What are you waiting for?

Shade: *He charged at him and slashed*

Lloyd: *Fell to the ground, holding wound* Heh...

Shade: Thanks. *He said, walking away*

Lloyd: No ..problem..

Announcer: Uh... that's... finished.

Ukitake: How odd. *Rubbing head*

Announcer: Everyone take a break!

Shunsui: *Places a hand on his hat* Well that was unexpected.

Link: Looked like he was winning, too.

Colette: Lloyd...

Melody: *She left the audience and headed towards where Link was*

Ukitake: *Followed her* You all are doing exceptionally well. Have any of you heard of Ven?

Link: Not yet...

Melody: *She hugged him*... I was worried

Link: I'm sorry to worry you... And it seems like the finals are going to be pretty tough.

Melody: *She held his hands*... You'll do fine

Link: *Smiles* Thank you...

Shunsui: I don't think they'll let us check on Ven yet, Ukitake. *Seeing him walk toward the medic center*

Ukitake: I know, but...

Melody: *She looked over*... I need to heal him.

Ukitake: Let's try to get to him then, Melody.


Laura: *Watching them enter the medic room, looking down with sad eyes* ...

Melody: *She followed Ukitake closely*

Ukitake: *Looking around, with a hand to his head* I can't seem to see him around anywhere.... He must be further ahead due to the grave injury inflicted on him.

Melody: We need to Ukitake...

Ukitake: *They went deeper on in and finally find him* Ven!

Ven: *He was breathing hard, laying there on the bed*

Melody: *She ran over.*

Ukitake: *Held a hand out toward her concerned* Wait a moment-people will see you!

Melody: *She looked over*... no one’s around... please.. I have to..

Ukitake: *Held his head looking sympathetic towards her* I... I suppose... make it quick, please.

Melody: *She moved a hand onto him and began to heal him.*

Ukitake: *Looking around for any people*

Melody: *She stopped, looking at Ukitake weakly as she fainted*

Ukitake: *Caught her* My guess would be that this power drained her energy in the process... *Picked her up*

Ven: *He sat up, looking at himself*

Ukitake: Ven...how are you feeling?

Ven: ....Amazing... what the hell...?

Ukitake: Melody insisted to heal your wounds and I accompanied her to make sure the room was cleared, though I see it wasn't as much trouble as I thought it would be.

Ven: *He slowly stood up*

Ukitake: I'm glad you’re alright; I was worried there for a second.

Ven: ...is she going to be okay?

Ukitake: Her spiritual power is drained, but not imbalanced. I think she'll be just fine.

Ven: ..What do we do?

Ukitake: *Shook his head* Nothing of the moment. She'll eventually recover within a short period of time, however I don't know where I should place her without causing suspicion for the employees here.

Ven: Perhaps... just take her back to the audience... no one will notice her

Ukitake: What of you? I can't seem to figure out who won that match, you or Laura. For such injuries inflicted upon you I've still yet to hear of disqualification.

Ven: *He shook her head* Let her win..

Ukitake: ...I see. I suppose it would have been strange if you went back anyway, seeing as your injury has healed completely. I should go then.

Ven: *He nodded* I'll meet you at the inn later

Ukitake: *Left the room, passing by Link*

Link: What happened to her...?

Ukitake: She healed Ven and this was the result, don't worry I'll watch over her. You should focus on your next match, it seems to be Shunsui.

Link: Dang...*An uneasy expression, nodding as Ukitake took her away*

Navi: You really care for her.

Link: I don't think that's a secret at this point. *Crosses arms* She's a dear friend to me.

Navi: I think it's more than that

Link: *Sighs* I don't really know... just give me time, alright?

Navi: You freak out when she's in danger, you’ve held her, you even let her sleep with you.

Link: Firstly, I didn't let her sleep with me. I just read to her and we woke up there. You’re a very persistent fairy you know that right?

Navi: and you're a Hylian who takes everything seriously

Link: *Ignored her as he walked to the waiting room*

Shunsui: *Leaning against the wall with his hat covering his face and his arms in his robes*

Link: Hey, Shunsui. Shunsui! Don't tell me you fell asleep. *Crossed arms, raising an eyebrow* Hellooo...

Shunsui: Pipe down will 'ya? I was resting my eyes. *He tilted his hat away from his face with his finger, smiling*

Link: You’re up against me next.

Shunsui: Is that so...well would you look at that.

Link: May the best man win!

Shunsui: *Places a hand on his hat* I hear 'ya.
*It was an epic battle between the two friends, and it lasted for quite some time. In the end, Link became victorious, allowing his courage to take over and prove to himself that he was capable of being a great warrior. The other battles continued and in the end, Link and Shade were the last two standing. The tournament took a break before the final battle was to begin.*


Link: (Urban Redemption (PostHaste Music) ) *Walks onto the stage, stopping a distance away from Shade to pull out his sword and shield*

Shade: *He drew out his own blade, watching him*

Announcer: The final battle is here! Begin!

Link: *Charges* Hah!!

Shade: *He walked towards him calmly* You’ve made it far.

Link: *Swings sword to his left and spins to swing it on to his right*

Shade: *He slashed at him as well, clashing swords with him* You surprise me.

Link: *Slid to his side and raised his sword to slash downward*

Shade: *He dodged his attack, swinging a punch at him*

Link: *Ducked and laid on his back to push at Shade's stomach with both his feet, flipping backwards to stand again*

Shade: *He took the blow, moving slightly back but used this to help momentum him forward into a slash*

Link: *Barely dodged it* Ah!

Shade: *He quickly swung another slash at him horizontally*

Melody: *She slowly opened her eyes, sensing the evil pulsating from his blade.*

Link: *His tunic slashed with him suffering a minor scratch across his chest, he back flipped away from danger to steady himself* You’re pretty skilled...

Melody: *She weakly looked up at Ukitake*...Uki.... Ukitake...

Shade: *He smirked, charging at him again.*

Link: *Eyes widened as he tried to keep up with his speed* Dammit! *He jumped to the side and the Master Sword glowed, he spun around with a highly charged spin attack*

Ukitake: *Observing the match feeling uneasy*

Shunsui: *In the distance also watching, hand on his hat*

Melody: *She stared up at him*.... It's.... *She felt too weak, knowing that healing too much drained her*

Shade: *He slashed against the Master Sword with his own, putting a stop to the spin attack.*

Link: *Hand nearly broke as the sword was forcefully pushed to the side leaving Link wide open, eyes widened as a cold sweat ran down his body*

Ukitake: *Faced Melody, confused of what she was trying to say*

Melody: ...him... *She said quietly*

Shade: *He smirked, punching Link with his free hand, grabbing his sword and slashing against his arm*

Ukitake: *Eyes widened as he stared back at the match. His eyes shook*

Link: *Fell to one knee, holding his bloody arm* ...

Shade: *He laughed to himself.* You are ignorant, Link. You couldn't even help your own princess. And now you expect to help a fallen one. Look at you..

Link: What... what are you talking about? *Eyes widened* Wait a minute... that laugh...

Nightshade: ( Nightshade's Torture to Melody ) *He closed his eyes, slowly transforming back into his normal self.* And you die tonight as a failure and a pathetic excuse to be known as the Hero of Time. *The crowds began to panic, running.*

Link: *Blood dripping down his arm as he struggled to stand, unable to use his sword so he had to use his other hand, dropping his shield as he began to back away* Nightshade... what are you doing in a place like this?!

Nightshade: I came here to claim what I want. *He teleported up towards Melody, slashing at Ukitake*

Ukitake: *Eyes widened as his blood was splattered all over* W-what.......*He coughed up a lot of blood*

Shunsui: *Eyes widened, filled with rage as he stared up in shock* UKITAKE!

Link: NO!!

Nightshade: *He grabbed Melody, putting a sword to her neck* You will not stop me this time.

Melody: *She reached out to the side, quickly forming her bow. She grabbed an arrow and slammed it into his side*

Nightshade: *He yelled in pain, growling as he threw her to the ground and slashed at her.*

Link: *Trying to run but was in pain* N-no... STOP! I'm your opponent, leave them alone!!

Shunsui: Flower wind rage and flower God roar!! Heavenly wind rage and heavenly demon sneer!! KATEN KYOKUTSO!! *A massive spiritual pressure is pressed down on everyone, feeling gravity pull down on them including Nightshade as Shunsui's anger felled the entire arena*

Link: *Eyes widened*

Nightshade: *He was pushed down due to that.* grr...

Shunsui: *Shunsui flashstepped behind Nightshade, his eyes angered and distressed, his hat covering his face as he bit his lip, the movement of his sword swinging down shattered the surroundings*

Ukitake: *Eyes widened as he stared up* Shunsui....

Nightshade: *He growled in pain, taking the hits*

Shunsui: Irooni...!! BLACK!

Nightshade: *Once he was struck, he vanished, dark particles flying everywhere into nothing*

Link: Where'd he go...

Shunsui: *Kneeled down* Ukitake...

Melody: *She laid there, bleeding on the ground next to them*

Shunsui: Doesn't look good for the both of you... I'm sorry I didn't notice Nightshade earlier...

Ukitake: *Coughed up more blood as he slowly turned to Melody*

Melody: (Melody's Heart ) *Her eyes were closed, but she laid there*... Ukitake... Link... come here... *she said weakly and in pain*

Link: *Made it there, staring at all the blood petrified. Ukitake and Link looked over to her* M-Melody...

Ukitake: *Stared at her*

Melody: I'll... be fine... *She said weakly* Please.. just... come beside me.

Link: *They slowly made their way to her on the ground* Melody?

Ukitake: *Closes his eyes* Don't do it... *Link turned to Ukitake confused* If you heal us in your condition...

Melody: *She moved her hands onto them, closing her eyes tightly as she began to heal them*

Link: *Eyes teary* Melody no! Stop! Stop it...

Ukitake: *coughing* No... you idiot...

Melody: *She finished healing them, their wounds now scars. She laid there*...you're... my friends.... *She said before passing out. Her butterfly flew down and rested on her cheek*

Link: *Looked at his arm healed, he held her up on his lap* MELODY!

Ukitake: *Staring at her, eyes full of sorrow as he placed a hand to his chest feeling the wound gone*

Shunsui: *Looking down, hat covering his face* Why'd she have to go and do something stupid like that to herself... I appreciate it but... this could have been avoided...

Ukitake: *Watching as Link hugged her crying* This is... something else... *Looked down* I left my guard down...

Ven: *He walked over* Let's take her back...

Shunsui: Good idea.

Ven: Someone needs to bandage her up.. look. *He pointed, showing that her own wound wasn't healed*

Link: *Not wanting to let go still crying as Ukitake stood up*

Ukitake: Link, stand up and carry her. Follow me to the arena's medical room, it's the best place to go for now... We'll make use of it.

Link: Help her Ukitake...


*They reach the medical room, Ukitake being surrounded by the others as he treated her*

Ukitake: *Wrapping bandages around her wound after treating it before hand, cutting off the extra bandage. Staring at her, he sighed* I'm afraid there's nothing more we can do at this point...

Shunsui: *Places hand on hat* She'll pull through. She has too. I need to thank her...

Link: Melody...

Ven: She's still breathing. *He sat down.* She fainted when she healed me as well. She's going to sleep good tonight at least.

Shunsui: That son of a b***h Nightshade is going to hear it from me the next time we cross each other.

Link: I just want her to recover...

Melody: *Her butterfly flew around them slightly*

Ukitake: *Looked back at everyone, smiling as he held a hand to his head to rub at a headache he had, still coughing a little* She'll be just fine... her spiritual power is still healthy and her physical wounds were treated, but it's best to bring her to a doctor around here if any to be certain.

Link: *Looked up at Ukitake* Thank you so much Ukitake..

Ven: *He leaned back, closing his eyes, trying to stay 'cool'. He didn't want to show them that he too felt horrible.* We better give her the night of her life during the outdoor ball..

Ukitake: Outdoor ball? *Looked at him puzzled*

Ven: I wandered the town once I was healed. The city is decorated for an outdoor ball that’s happening tomorrow.. well maybe it's in two days now.

Ukitake: That sounds like a good idea. The stress of the tournament and the early attack on us all is bearing down on us. *Coughing*

Shunsui: Sounds like a good way to relax...

Ven: *He looked down at her* I know she wants to go. The look in her eyes when she saw the decorations... they begged to go.

Link: Why not bring her to the hotel to rest for now and we can call a doctor over to check Ukitake's treatment on her.

Ukitake: A wonderful idea. *coughing more* Hmm..

Shunsui: The excitement that just happened is having a toll on you isn't it?

Ukitake: *He covered his mouth, realizing blood on his hand* Afraid so...

End of Chapter 1.14
Chapter 1.15

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