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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 1.13 - Relaxing in Tumelga
Link: Morning Melody!

Melody: *She was cuddled into her bed, sleeping quietly*

Link: C'mon it's morning...! *Shakes her* Everyone's waiting outside.

Melody: *She slowly opened her eyes, looking up at him*

Link: The others are outside, let's go. *Smiles at her and walks out*

Melody: *She slowly got up, rubbing her eyes.*


Ukitake: *Turned to Melody* Sleep well?

Melody: *She shook her head slowly, looking away from them*

Ukitake: *Looked at her sadly* That's too bad...

Shunsui: So, I heard I was clouding your sunny day yesterday. I want to apologize and thank you for coming to get me outta there. *He smiled at them, tilting his hat down and nodding to show appreciation*

Link: We've gotten used to it. More or less. It's what friends are for...*smiled at him*

Melody: *She moved close to Link, holding his hand as she remained quiet*

Ven: We should get going... but where?

Shunsui: Well I wouldn't have a clue. I'm worried about Zelda, but the Inner Power is top priority.

Ukitake: I'm sure it's fine to not rush into things, Shunsui. We've still yet to know Nightshade's true intention.

Melody: *She sighed quietly*

Ukitake: Why not investigate the area around the Forgotten Woods?

Shunsui: Well our journey might lead us there anyway so I don't see why gathering information around the place is such a bad idea. Gossip around the place should get our gears working too, to help us travel Grandilia more confidentially.

Link: *Nods in agreement*

Melody: *She looked at them nervously, hoping that they wouldn't agree to go there again*

Link: Let's listen to gossip around Velusia for now.

*Ukitake and Shunsui head their own way to see what they can find out, Link, Ven and Melody go another way*

Link: I'm sure there should be rumors going around...

Melody: *She sighed* I don't feel like this is right...

Link: Well we have to find out what kind of things are taking place right now. *Looks at her* Espically for us who are new here.


Shunsui: *Flashsteps to Link and the others with Ukitake* Heard anything?

Link: There seems to be a Tournament going on... *Looked a them confused*

Melody: *She nodded* It's in Tumelga.. they host tournaments monthly.

Ukitake: *Places a hand on his chin to ponder at the same time looking to Shunsui* A fighting tournament... This could help us measure our skills in combat.

Shunsui: If we can't use our Shikai's it'll be quite a challenge.

Melody: *She looked around*... there's... something important though

Ukitake: *Looked to Melody* Don't worry. As Shunsui just mentioned, we can't use our Shikai. Shikai is what we call those sword transformations we use after saying an incantation. Kido shouldn't be used, either.

Melody: No... there's... more to it

Link: More?

Melody: *She nodded slightly* I'll explain when we leave the town..

Link: Good idea. Everyone, we got everything we wanted from here right? I got my supplies.

Ukitake: Yes I have medication and first aid, as well as some teas for myself and anyone that wants them.

Shunsui: Got drinks and some souveniers. I'm good.

Link: Let's go then. *He nodded, following Melody* This place is kinda big... can you lead us out? *He scratched the back of his head laughing*

Melody: *She looked away, leading them to the gates of Velusia again*


Link: So... what's this 'other thing' you want to tell us about? *He said quietly*

Melody: *She sighed* You guys can't use magic... nothing...

Link: Magic? Alright, so i can't use Farore's wind, Din's fire and Nayru's love...

Ukitake: No kido either.

Melody: You can't use anything... abnormal.. no one believes in magic anymore in Grandilia.. *She said quietly and slightly painfully*

Shunsui: *Holds hat* That's pretty reasonable. But what about flashstep?

Link: That's just you guys moving fast, isn't it?

Melody: *She shook her head* Please.. they'll ban you from Grandilia.. or even sentence you to death.

Shunsui: Not even flashstep, huh? This is going to be quite the challenge, Ukitake. You sure you wanna join?

Ukitake: Even so, it should show how good we are with our sword skills, which is more than enough in a simple tournament.

Link: I'll be fine with it. But Shunsui and Ukitake have been downgraded. *He said, laughing at them*

Shunsui: *Looked at him* You'd be surprised what we're still capable of.

Melody: *She closed her eyes, feeling sorrow once again.*

Shunsui: *Looked at her* Don't worry about it. We're not wanting to freak people out. We'll obey the rules.

Link: Where did you guys learn how to do all that stuff anyway?

Ukitake: I'm afraid that's classified. You see, we grew up in a strange place. Our swords are called Zanpaktou. They were made to vanquish evil spirits.

Link: Zanpaktou, huh? *He looked at their swords in admiration*

Shunsui: Zanpaktou has two release forms. One called Shikai, where they turn into a different shape to harness one's spiritual power within. And the other...

Ukitake: ...It's called Bankai.

Melody: *She sighed softly to herself, looking up and not paying attention to them*

Link: Why don't you use this Bankai against Nightshade?

Shunsui: Bankai is too powerful, and with too much allies around, it can be quite difficult to handle.

Ukitake: At any rate we've wasted enough time... Let's head to Tumelga...

Link: Yeah.


( Picture of Tumelga - Too big for the chapter.)
( Tumelga ) *They walked for a while until they could see the gates for the city. It was decorated fancy and flowery. The sound of gentle music was inside of the town in the distance, and it was definitely a more peaceful, gentle town.*

Shunsui: *Looked over to the flowers and smiled, holding his hat* Beautiful...

Melody: *She walked into the town with the others. It was being decorated for another future event, which got her more curious. She looked around. Beautiful houses were aligned along with little shops, inns and cafes. There was a giant library off to the side, which she had always wanted to adventure in. Ahead in the far distance there was the sight of the giant arena gates*

Shunsui: This place sure makes you feel at home, eh Ukitake?

Ukitake: That library over there looks splendid.

Link: It makes me feel sleepy here. *Looking around, the arena gates capturing his eye*

Melody: *She reached over and held his hand*

Link: *Looks at her* You sure like to hold hands. *He smiled at her, sweatdropping*

Melody: *She looked away, letting go as she blushed. She wasn't sure how to take that*

Link: *Holds her hand again* Oh I don't mind. I guess you feel safe with everyone. *Smiles at her and looks to the distance* Are those the arena areas? Should we sign up?

Melody: I-If.... you want to.. *She said hesitantly, unsure if they should.*

Link: *They go to sign up* So who's participating? Melody, I don't think your able to, the way you fight. You can just watch everyone.

Ukitake: I'm afraid if my condition starts to act up during the fights, they may consider it the other opponent's win. *He said weakly, holding his head*

Link: *Looks at him* You're right...

Shunsui: Since we're holding back, it may have gone against Ukitake since his condition would make it even more risky.

Ukitake: It's quite frustrating...

Melody: *She looked over at him sympathetically*

Shunsui: I kinda wanna measure up my strength taking up the challenge of not releasing shikai and kido, so sign me up. *Places a hand on his hat smiling*

Link: I think I'll sign myself up too. What about you Ven?

Ven: While you guys were chatting, I already signed up.

Shunsui: *Slaps Ven on the back* Ah hahahaha! I like this kid, I really do.

Link: Well someone has to...*Sweatdrops*

Ven: *He glared at Link, rolling his eyes*

Ukitake: *Coughs* Excuse me. So, when is the day of the tournament? Tomorrow?

Guard: *The guard looked over* Two days from now.

Shunsui: I see, so I suppose we'll have to stick around until then.

Link: Waiting has got me anxious...

Ukitake: I'm sure we can find things to occupy ourselves with.

Melody: *She looked over at Shunsui* Should we try and find Laura and Zelos...?

Shunsui: Sounds like a good idea.

Ukitake: Well then, while you two do that the rest of us will find a nice hotel to stay for a few days.

Melody: *She nodded, leaving with Shunsui*

Shunsui: It shouldn't take us too long if they're already here. This place is rather small afterall. *He held on to his hat as he looked over to the different areas* At least, smaller than where we've been lately. *Looked past her* Actually I think I just saw them....

Melody: *She looked at him, then looked up ahead*

Zelos: *Hands behind his head* This place looks so... peaceful. Kinda boring, not like Velusia at all. At least they bother to have tournaments...

Laura: *Moves her hair behind her ear* Oh, stop complaining...

Melody: *She looked over at them, seeing them up ahead.*

Shunsui: Finally found 'em. Let's go meet and greet.

Melody: *She walked ahead with him*

Zelos: *See's them* Whoa look! Shunsui and the uh... the kid... Mellow. YO MELLOW!!

Laura: MELODY. Geez...

Melody: *She blinked, looking away as she heard Zelos*

Laura: *Walks up to them* We finally get to meet here... Wow, you guys look well.

Shunsui: We've got a couple of other friends with us here, too. You guys doing alright?

Laura: *Tilts head smiling* We are. We've entered the tournaments here, too.

Zelos: Gonna kick some a**. Can't use our magic though..

Laura: Shh someone will hear you...!

Shunsui: You guys know about that too, huh?

Laura: Well, we kinda figured. How are you Melody?

Melody: *She looked over at them* I'm... okay.. *She said quietly*

Laura: That's good...*smiles sweetly at her*

Zelos: *Smiles* Well, we should probably go and book a hotel. You'll probably see us again during the tournament, hopefully we don't fight against any of you but if we do, hey.

Melody: *She sighed to herself, looking away.*

Shunsui: *Places a hand on his hat, tilting it over his face* We'll see what happens... Good luck out there.

Laura: You too. *Nodded and smiled before the two walked off*

Melody: *She watched Laura walk off, slightly sad. She wanted to talk to her more, but she said nothing*

Shunsui: We'll see those two again shortly. *Smiles at her* Laura is a nice girl, isn't she?

Melody: *She nodded slightly, looking over to Shunsui* I like her...

Shunsui: *Places a hand on his hat as he started to lead Melody back to the others* Same here. That Zelos too, but he's on the odd side. Hahahaha.

Melody: *She shook her head, disagreeing with him. She didn't like him at all.*

Shunsui: *They reach the hotel* I think this is the one they went to. Hmm. Why don't you go on in and check? I'm going sightseeing.

Melody: *She nodded slightly, entering the hotel as she looked around*

Ukitake Ah... Melody. *He was across the room, putting flowers in a vase he bought*

Melody: *She looked over* What are you doing?

Ukitake: Oh... *Smiled as he looked down at the different flowers* I'm just going to place a few decours in our rooms, since they've been booked for quite a few days. What of you and Shunsui? Did you find your friends?

Melody: *She nodded slightly* we did... they're entering the tournament

Ukitake: Oh, are they? ...Link is upstairs, by the way. His room is right on your left after your up. *Smiles warm-heartedly towards her before turning to work on another decorative piece*

Melody: *She nodded* Thanks.. *She went upstairs*

Link: *In his room, putting his things down*

Melody: *She walked up to him and hugged him from behind*

Link: *Surprised at the sudden hug* H-huh? ...Melody? Oh, did you find your friends?

Melody: *She nodded* We did..

Link: That's good, I'm glad... Like how I set up my room? They're all souvenirs from my journeys... These masks, and these maps...

Melody: *She looked over* We're only staying here for a few days...

Link: It's still nice to place some things around. Did you see your room yet?

Melody: *She shook her head as she looked down* I... don't want to stay alone... I don't want my own room..

Link: *Scratches head* Why don't you like having your own room?

Melody: *She looked down gently* I... don't feel safe... he could come back.. I'd feel comfortable being in the same room as you.

Link: But even if he did, I wasn't able to protect you last time... Why choose me?

Melody: *She looked over*... I trust you the most here

Link: *Looks at her with a sad expression* What about the others? They protect you, some better than me... Is that really something you should say?

Melody: *She shook her head, hugging him tightly* It's how I feel Link... I don't mean to outcast them... I know their intentions are good... but... *She looked at him*

Link: *Looks down* ...I see. *Hugs her back*

Melody: *She rested her head against him*... You're... my best friend..

Link: *Smiles* I think we are, too. I'm glad you feel that way. *Looks at her* I guess the next time we book into a hotel we need to make a room that has two beds for us, but for now... it's kinda impossible unless I sleep on the floor.

Melody: *She shook her head*... We... could share

Link: *Blushes a bright red* Share? Uh... I don't think that's such a good idea... It's a little embarrassing...

Melody: We... sort of did it before

Link: Y-yeah, don't get me wrong. But that was Shunsui's idea of a 'joke'... Please, I couldn't handle something like that again...*sweatdrops*

Melody: *She looked at him, then looked away*

Link: "It seems obvious she likes me but doesn't know for herself... How am I suppose to deal with this kinda situation?" Eheheh... heheh...

Melody: *She sighed quietly, closing her eyes.* I'm sorry...

Link: N-no.. you don't need to apologize for it... It kinda makes me feel bad. You didn't do anything wrong, really...

Melody: I just.... feel safe with you

Link: Y-yes... that's understandable. But you should try to open your heart more with the others, as well. They mean well. I don't want to be your only source of safety...because to be honest, I don't know if I have the strength to protect you all the time... People always had to come to the rescue...

Melody: Link.. I never said it was just you...

Link: Well... it kinda seemed that way. *Looked down, sad* Please don't depend on me, if I lose you, I feel like it's all my fault... We're all in this together, and we all have to protect each other. I couldn't bare to lose you or anyone else here...

Melody: I don't.. depend on just you. *She said shyly.* I just.. mean that I feel more of a connection with you. *She looked up at him with sorrowful eyes*

Link: A connection...? Hmm... *Looks into her eyes* A lot of people tell me we have that, epically Navi. *He blushed* I don't really understand completely... But you make me feel a strong connection too lately.

Melody: *She shyly hugged him again*

Link: Goodnight Melody...*Smiles with the blush still on his face*


Link: Hey, does anyone want to come with me to see the library?

Melody: *She nodded* I would love to..

Ukitake: I too would like to accompany you. *Looked over to Shunsui and Ven* What things will the two of you be doing?

Shunsui: *Places a hand on his hat, getting up from his chair* I think I'll go for a walk...

Ven: I'm going with you... You gotta stay away from booze.

Shunsui: *Looks over to him while laughing to himself* Whatever moves you, Ven. Come and enjoy the flowers with me then. *Walked out the door*

Link: I think he rhymed on purpose...

Ukitake: *Rubbed head, smiling* Well, off we go.


*The group enter the library*

Melody: *She looked around in awe* This is beautiful..

Link: Look at all the books... wooow!

Ukitake: Well, this is a library afterall. *Looked around* The architecture in here is stunning.

Link: *Walks with Melody holding her hand through the isles* I wonder if there are any cool books to read... Do you like reading Melody?

Melody: *She nodded* I love reading..

Link: If I remember right, you were reading as a child too. All alone in the grass.

Melody: *She nodded as she looked down.* I did it whenever I could...

Link: Maybe we can read a book together... The library is big but I'm sure we can find Ukitake later. *They hear coughing in the distance* There we go, see?

Melody: *She held his hand tighter* Let's go then..

Link: *Looking through the bookshelf* Hmmm... hey, what about this one? *Pulls it out and it's a romantic novel* *Stares at it and blushes* Oh...

Melody: *She looked over at it* Let's... read that one

Link: W-what? But- uh..*heavy sigh* Oh... oh fine, let's go sit down... *sweatdrop* Here looks like a good spot... *They sit down, noticing Ukitake across the room reading a children's book to a group of kids sitting on the floor around him*

Ukitake: *Points to a picture laughing with them*

Link: *Facepalm*

Melody: *She sat down with him, leaning on him*

Link: *Opens up the first page and begins reading to her softly*

Melody: *She nuzzled into him without realizing it, listening to his words.*

Link: *Smiling, enjoying the moment as he read on to the next page. He pointed to a picture and laughed quietly as he leaned his head onto hers*

Melody: *She moved her finger across the page softly, admiring it.*

Link: *He turned the page, blushing on what was next. He laughed as he tried to look away awkwardly reading what was there*


*Later, the book was finished and the sun was already setting*

Ukitake: *Walked up to them sleeping on each other against the table, the book half open. He held a hand to his lips, laughing at the amount of cuteness that presented itself* They're such an interesting couple...

Melody: *She cuddled against him, breathing softly*

Navi: Wake them up..

Ukitake: Must I? I feel bad to wake such a lovely setting... *Looks at the large clock in the distance* The library will close soon, however. It can't be helped. *Ukitake gently placed his hands on their shoulder and shook them lightly*

Link: *Slowly opened his eyes to the window's sun coming down onto his face. He flinched before feeling Melody on him* Whuh....*yawns*

Navi: Good morning, hero.

Link: What...we slept through the whole day... *Looked at the book* hey Melody...let's go home now...*yawns*

Melody: *She was still asleep against him, breathing softly*

Ukitake: She seems to be fast asleep... Shall I carry her?

Link: I...can manage. *rubbing his eye*

Ukitake: *Rubbing head, slightly amused* If you say so..

Navi: *She flew around him* You're right. They are a cute couple.

Ukitake: Hehe, aren't they though?

Link: *Picks her up but nearly falls from his drowsiness*

Ukitake: *He caught him until he held himself back up* Easy now... you just woke up yourself.

Link: Haha.. didn't see the step there...


*They walk into the hotel to see Shunsui and Ven*

Link: *Looks at them half asleep*

Ukitake: Oh, Shunsui and Ven. How faired your day?

Shunsui: He didn't let me do anything fun... It was horrible.

Ven: *He rolled his eyes* It was for your own good. You would have drained the tavern here.

Ukitake: Ven, *he walked over to him* thank you for keeping Shunsui out of trouble I really appreciate it. *He put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a warm hearted smile*

Ven: *He smiled back* Hey. He's gotta learn the hard way, eventually.

Ukitake: Hehe. That's for certain. Now I think we could all agree we have quite the day tomorrow, so we should rest as much as we can.

Shunsui: *Places a hand on his hat and grinned up at Ukitake* I'm going to put on quite the show.

Link: *Smiled* I hope I don't go up against Shunsui...I should put Melody in bed... goodnight everyone.

Shunsui: Hahaha. Nightynight.

Ven: *He watched them.*

Navi: *She flew around Link as he walked*

Shunsui: Ukitake, rest up. You don't look so well.

Ukitake: *Held a hand to head, looking at Shunsui with a smile* I suppose I read one to many books to the children... If you'll exuse me... *He stared at Ven before leaving, staring at him and noticing he stared at Link and Melody*

Shunsui: ...Right. *Placed a hand on his hat* So...Ven.

Ven: *He looked over, blinking* Hm?

Shunsui: Ya joined us to help look for Melody that one time, am I right? Well, you haven't left us since we escaped Nightshade. Is there another purpose for you to stay?

Ven: No, Melody won my heart.

Shunsui: *Moved his hat away from his eyes with his finger* ...Oh?

Ven: *He stared at him.* What's so wrong about that?

Shunsui: You must see what's going on. Does it not bother you at all? I mean...*He glared into his eyes under his hat, with a concerned look*

Ven: I think he's an a** and she doesn't deserve that.

Shunsui: *Looks down* As I thought... your not taking it very well.

Ven: *He rolled his eyes.* He needs to learn.

Shunsui: *Holds his hand up to the edge of his hat to bring it down over his eyes, smiling* Ven... let's just see how it unfolds. No one can decide her heart.

Ven: And you can't decide my decision.

Shunsui: That's not what I'm doing here, bud... If you really feel strongly about the subject, than show us in the tournaments. That should be your time...to shine. *He stood up, glaring down at him with the same smile*

Ven: *He rolled his eyes and left to his room, clearly frustrated*

Shunsui: *Stares as he went off, narrowing his eyes and sighing*


Melody: *She slowly opened her eyes as they went into his room*

Link: *Looked down* Oh are you awake? We fell asleep in the library apparently.

Melody: *She blushed, looking up at him* ...sorry

Link: What are you sorry about? I did too. *Smiles at her* You shouldn't apologize so often, you know.

Melody: *She looked away shyly* I feel like I should be..

Link: For sleeping? *He put her on his bed* You can sleep here for now since we've already walked all the way here.

Melody: *She looked over*... tonight?

Link: *Nods, smiling at her* Sure.

Melody: *She blushed* Link... thank you

Link: Hahaha don't mention it, I'm going to be at my desk arranging my items to prepare for tomorrow. *He walked over to the desk and sat down*

Melody: *She walked over and watched him*

Link: *Looked at her* I hope I impress you out there tomorrow. I want to best Ven as well, espically Shunsui. Then I'll know for sure I can protect you.

Melody: *She hugged him* Link... you need to stop worrying about that

Link: *Looked down* But there were so many times I felt degraded in fights... All of them did so much better.

Melody: what about the first time Link... you saved me from Nightshade... *She looked at him* Please... believe in yourself more

Link: *His eyes narrowed in sorrow* I'll try...*Placed a hand over her arm she had around him and weakly smiled*

Melody: *She laid her head on his shoulder for a moment* I trust you ... please try for me

Link: I will. *Smiled*

Melody: *She nodded, then looked over at his stuff*

Link: So no magic, but what about other items? Like this bow?

Melody: No.. it's swords only... or at least for this one.

Link: Do you think I can win against Ven?

Melody: *She nodded again, leaning in and kissing his cheek*

Link: *Looked down* And Shunsui?

Melody: Link, I believe you can beat anyone..

Link: Hehe *He blushed feeling confident* I'll do my best tomorrow...

Melody: *She blushed, looking away* I wish we.. took that book out... We didn't finish it

Link: Actually... *Shows her the book* Ukitake took it out for us.

Melody: *She looked at him shyly.* Can we... finish it?

Link: Sure, let's read it on the bed where it's more comfortable.

Melody: *She nodded, taking his hand and going over to the bed*

Link: Now let's see... we left of... here.


*In the morning, in Ven's room, there was a knock that woke him up*

Ven: *He slowly opens his eyes, sitting up* Who is it...?

Ukitake: Ven, are you awake? I'm sorry for intruding, but the tournaments will begin soon.

Ven: *He rubbed his eyes* I'll be there in a minute...

Ukitake: We'll be waiting, and good luck out there. *He walked out*

Ven: *He rubbed his eyes and got himself ready*

Nightshades: *He appeared in the shadows, throwing a spell against him*

Ven: Nng! *he was hit, falling onto the ground*

Shunsui: *Walked by his room, hearing the thud* Everything alright in there?

Ven: *He sat up slowly, looking around.* What... hit me...?

Shunsui: *Opens his door and see's him on the floor.* You fall out of bed?

Ven: I'm fine! *He snapped out of no where.*

Shunsui: *Places a hand on his hat* Hahaha no need to feel embarssed, happened to me a couple of times.

Ven: *He glared, getting up. He grabbed his swords and walked out, butting shoulders with him*

Shunsui: Always a charmer, that one. *He smiled, closing the door to his room. He went over to Link's room and opened the door to Link's room* Hey Link wa- *See's them in the bed, eyes widen as he frowned and quickly closed the door* Kids...*Walked off all innocent*

Link: *Woke up from the sound of the door, and sat up holding head* Ugh..... Today's... the tournament... Hey, Melody get up.

End of Chapter 1.13
Chapter 1.14

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