I was with my brother at my previous house. I was in his room and I was angry with him about something. I hit him in the face several times and then he said, "Sorry, but I have to do this." I closed my eyes as he was about to take the palm of his right hand and thrust it forward to hit my nose. I didn't allow this.

He then told me that I wouldn't be allowed to use his Game Boy Advance SP, nor the charger. I ended up going in my room because I wanted nothing to do with my brother. I went to bed and then woke up.

I was working on some project and I looked up "Halo 4" on Google Images. I found some image that was red. It had certain three-dimensional geometrical shapes, but they were all white contours.

Then I looked at some other images and I saw two that looked similar to each other. They were like square tiles or something, brass-colored with some decorations around them. One had two shadows across it, while the other didn't. I went with the one that didn't.

A friend named Nick showed up and I told him about this stuff, but I don't remember where he went after. I then looked up "Halo" on Google Images and found the same red image as before. I interacted with it somehow as if I was falling. I saw my hands apart from each other.

The shapes seemed to move toward me and away from me, spinning.

I noticed my parents dog entered my room and she was going to climb onto my bed. She used her hind legs and placed them on the edge of my brother's bed and then used her front legs to climb onto mine. I laughed and thought, "You never do this."

So she decided to lie down at the end of my bed and I petted her. I guess I fell asleep or something because I found myself waking up and still seeing her there. I almost knocked over my laptop as I was waking up, so I tried to be careful.

Then I was in some college or something. Some Asian kid in a blue polo shirt saw me walking and I dropped a thin board by accident, as I was carrying a lot of things. I wanted to ignore it, but I picked it up and then began to walk upstairs. I was glad that I picked up the board because I realized the Asian worked there.

I was dropping other things and had to pick them up. Then my board dropped and went down the stairs, rotating at each step by its side until it ended up at the end of the stairway. I was annoyed and left it there as I planned on returning to pick it up.

I entered a room and set my bag down. I was standing on a desk at this time and the Asian kid asked me a question, and I told him I made some poor choices. Then I left to get the board. As I did, a group of students were at the end of the stairway and I heard the word "propinquity".

They were testing each other's knowledge about words. I got onto the rail of the stair with my stomach pressed against it and began to slide down. I then said, "It's when you begin to like someone and they like you because you spend time with them."

Then I picked up my board, ran toward the stairway and jumped onto the fourth step of the stairs. Then I walked up the last two, feeling self-conscious on why I didn't just jump those two.

I found myself climbing these steps again with the group, but I was up to the third set of stairs. Some chubby kid mentioned the word "collectivity", but he pronounced it, "kul-lect-tivy". Then I said, "collective".

As we got to the end of the stairs, someone in the group said, "No, that's too vague", referring to the word "collectivity". I thought the idea of clarifying words would be great to do in Extended Discussion. Then I woke up, closed my eyes and thought I was writing in my notebook, but I realized I wasn't and woke up.

I was with my friend and my brother and we were driving around somewhere. My friend decided to stop at Carl's Jr. Once my friend parked, he got out and went into the restaurant to use the bathroom. My brother didn't know why he stopped at Carl's Jr. and said he thought we were going to Taco Bell.

I could see through the window and I saw a door that said, "Men's". I got out and went inside because I was going to look for my friend. I put my right finger on the handle of the door and turned it, then I tried to open it, but it felt heavy. I used my right foot to open the door and went inside.

I looked at the stalls and they all had blue. They were all closed, so I knelt down to see if I could see my friend's feet. I had a hard time doing this and thought my friend was going to come out of one of the stalls, so I quickly stood up. Then I began to walk back and noticed some of the stalls were open.

I went to the far end of stall and was going to try closing the door. I was wearing my gray hoodie and a McDonald's cap. I removed the cap because it seemed like it was obstructing my vision. Then I took off my hood, but my vision didn't seem to improve. I was incapable of seeing beneath me.

I put the cap back on and my hood back on, but it just seemed like nothing was working. I found the handle to the door and slid the lock. The entire stall was enclosed and I could feel just below my knees that I was pressing against the toilet seat. I felt dirty.

I managed to turn around and I was unbuckling my belt, but I didn't want to use my hand that I used to open the doors. I began to feel claustrophobic, so I got out. For some reason I saw workers cleaning the bathroom. There were a few females and one male.

One was lying down and cleaning underneath a sink. Another was scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush. The male there was like someone named Ishmael, who I used to work with. I thought about how often they might have to do this. Was it a week? Two weeks? A month? A year?

I thought if it was a year, it wouldn't be so bad. I saw some scribbling on the floor and some girl was trying to clean it off. I spoke to the person and told him the stalls were too small and that I didn't use the toilet because of it. He didn't seem to have a problem with it.

We began talking about tentacles and I don't quite remember what I said, but I thought of a Web site at that time. The male there told me it would be scary to be attacked by tentacles.

I was standing against the wall, but then I looked down and noticed there were stalls over here as well. The wall had become stalls. I saw dress shoes, one could be identified for a male, while the other for a female. Then I told the male there that I was leaving, so as I was leaving, the door said, "Avos". I opened the door and woke up.