Main Information

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MS Uniform: User Image

Character Name: Allister Takame

Aliases: The Crimson Killer

Genetic Type: Newtype (SEED)

Age: 25

Date Of Birth: September 6th

Height: 6'4

Weight: 210 lbs

Blood Type: AB

Personal Belongings:
-A pair of black and red gloves with the number 15 on them.
-A sword carved out of the same material as his mobile suit that his father made handcrafted for him.

Allegiance: United Earth Defense Force (U.E.D.F.)

Rank: Gundam Pilot

Biography: Allister is only nice to his little brother and is quick to attack any Space Colony lackies. Allister has no remorse for the people who killed his parents and this remorselessness is what drives him to destroy anyone who gets in his way. Allister grew up having to fend for himself and for his little brother and always carried a hatred that he have towards people. He sometimes shows this hatred in battle and believes that even though Earth is what he is protecting, the people on it is fickle and is undeserving of such a beautiful planet. Thus, Allister fights to make a better home for him as his little brother and a better world without undeserving people living on what he calls his "beautiful home."

Brother: Maxxus Takame

Mobile Suit Information

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MA Mode: User Image

Model Number And Name: OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon

Unit Type: Close Combat/Quarters Mobile Suit

Overall Height:17.4 meters

Standard Weight: 8.5 metric tons

Power-Plant: Ultracompact Fusion Reactor

Accommodation: Pilot Only, Cockpit in Torso

Armor: Gundanium Alloy

-Beam Sword
-2x Epyon Claws
-Heat Rod

Special Equipments and Features:
-Epyon System
-Search Eye

Optional Equipments:

Backup MS Information

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Model Number And Name:

Unit Type:

Overall Height:

Standard Weight:





Special Equipments and Features:

Optional Equipments:


Variable Beam battle Lance
6x VSBR (Variable Speed Beam Rifle) Bits:Chaos Bits
6x VBS (Variable Beam Saber) Bits:Order Bits
2x Arm mounted beam cannons10/10
Beam Tail Whip
2x arm mounted Beam Shields
8x Light-wave barrier bits: Guardian Bits