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▬㊊㊋㊌㊍㊎㊏ ㊐㊑㊒㊓㊔㊕㊖ ||| All About Me.....

Full Name: Allister Uzumaki (Will apply to clan after profile approval)
Nickname: Al

Age: 16
Birthdate: September 6
Gender: Male

Height: 187.96, 6'2"
Weight: 99.79, 220lbs

Village: Uzushiogakure no sato (Whirlpool)
Rank: D
Position: Genin
Primary Class: Ninjutsu
Secondary Class: Kenjutsu

Nindo: "People who are the most loud, are the most scared. People who are the most quiet, are the ones to look out for...Therefore, I speak louder with my actions than my words!!"

Personality: Calm, cool, and collected. Allister is always observant. He made friends easily but always been a little anti-social. He trains vigorously and focuses on improving not only his physicality but his mind as well. In combat, Allister is resourceful and studies the battlefield and his opponent before attacking.

History: As a kid, Allister always was observant of everything and everyone around him. He was taught by his parents that revenge is never an option and if anything happens to his parents he would not avenge their death negatively. He made friends easily but never really had a connection to them or anyone except his parents. As an only child, Allister had everything he wanted, plus his parents cherished him like a prince. But one day coming home from the academy, he was told that his parents was ambushed and killed by rogue ninja while on a mission. With no family and no one to love, Allister vowed to live by what his parents taught him, and become a great shinobi.

Allister learned early on how cruel the world can be; however, he didn't let what happen to his parents slow him down on his path to greatness. Allister began reading scrolls on how the world is outside of his village and how many different jutsus and techniques there are in the shinobi world. At that point in his life, Allister decided that he will become powerful and travel the world in an attempt to gain knowledge and power through any means necessary.

▬㊊㊋㊌㊍㊎㊏ ㊐㊑㊒㊓㊔㊕㊖ ||| My Fire Power.....

Chakra Pool: 65 (50 Base+10 Clan+5 Class)
Health Pool: 105 (100 Base+5
Primary Chakra Element: Suiton (Water)
Secondary Chakra Element: Raiton (Lightning)(Only for A Rank & above)

• (A min of 3, please include elemental strength as well based main jutsu element, (See HERE for details)

• (A min of 3, please include elemental weakness as well based on main justu element, (See HERE for details)

Class Attributes:
• (These may be mixed and match, to your whim.)
• (A minimum of 2, a maximum of 3, see HERE)

▬㊊㊋㊌㊍㊎㊏ ㊐㊑㊒㊓㊔㊕㊖ ||| All The Things I Have Done.....

Ryo: 0 両
EXP Points: 0

Completed Missions:
D Rank :: 0
C Rank :: 0
B Rank :: 0
A Rank :: 0
S Rank :: 0

▬㊊㊋㊌㊍㊎㊏ ㊐㊑㊒㊓㊔㊕㊖ ||| All About Me.....

Weapon Type: {katana, kunai, naginata, suriken, ono, fukiya, suntestu, or kyoketsu-shoge. None other allowed.}
Weapon Range: {1-10 meters}
Weapon Weight: {1-10 kgs}
Weapon Location: {body area and mode of attachment: strapped, sheath, etc.}

• x20 shuriken
• x10 kunai
• x 5 explosive tags
{For additional weapons, please request approval HERE Only Chuunin and above may request additional weapons}

▬㊊㊋㊌㊍㊎㊏ ㊐㊑㊒㊓㊔㊕㊖ ||| Jutsus.....

User Image Ninjutsu
Null Release:
• Henge no Jutsu [ Transformation Technique ]
• Kawarimi no Jutsu [ Substitution Technique ]
• Genso Bushin no Jutsu [ Illusion Clone Technique ]
• Suimen Hokou no Waza [ Act of Water Surface Walking ]
• Kinobori no Waza [ Act of Tree Climbing ]
• Kai [ Release ]

{Primary Element Jutsus: Douton (Earth), Katon (Fire), Suiton (Water), Raiton (Lightning), or Fuuton (Wind), pick one}

{Secondary Element Jutsus: Douton, Katon, Suiton, Raiton, or Fuuton, pick one}
• {Only for A Rank and above}

User Image Genjutsu

User Image Taijutsu

User Image Ninjutsu

User Image Kenjutsu

User Image Fuuinjutsu

User Image Kekkei Genkai

User Image Summonings
Summoning Animal: {Dog, Snake, Slug, Toad, Eagle, Weasel, Salamander, Spider, Clam, Monkey, Tortoise, Rhino, Shark, Piranha, or Ram, none other allowed.}
Name of Summons: