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missing in action

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Sometimes I sit here in bed on my laptop and I type a long journal entry about my life as of late. Then I decide that it's all dumb and I erase all of it and type something else, if at all.

I had another 'on the run' dream. Don't mind the terrible writing.

A girl meets up with two brothers, who are like family to her, at a motel in the middle of nowhere. The motel is almost devoid of guests with a few cars parked in the parking lot. It's dry and dusty and the land the motel is on is on a small hill. It's late at night when she gets there and the first thing she does is fall asleep on one of the beds with all her clothes on.

The next morning she wakes up and the brothers are out somewhere. She wanders out into the hallway in search of a vending machine because she hasn't eaten much in the past few days. Her phone rings, it's the eldest, Gabe.

"Where are you?" he hisses into the phone.

"In the hallway outside of the room." She looks around. It's eerily quiet and empty and noticing that makes her uncomfortable.

"We need to go. Come downstairs and make sure you stay out of sight." The call clicks off and she stuffs the phone back into her pants. She locates the stairs and at the bottom she fins Gabe and Jake crouched down peering around the corner. Sirens sound in the distance.

"********," One of the swears under his breath.

Various vans and cop cars begin driving up the road kicking up all sorts of dirt and debris. She looks across the empty field and spies some trees in the distance. It's the only way.

"We have to run." She announces. Gabe's truck wasn't an option. The cops would be blocking the only entrance anyways. Even the field was a stretch but a head start was better than nothing.


The break out into a sprint. They couldn't go to prison, they had cut the last time too close. The girl hears shouting behind them. Could they make it? The trees seemed just as far away.

Before she knows it, she's on the ground with the wind knocked out of her. She can barely bring herself to yell out in warning or pain. "Gotcha," a voice says in her ear as she feels warm metal clamp around her wrists.

Suddenly she's on her feet again and looks up just in time to see someone's fist connect with Jake's face. Gabe is asking for something much worse the way he's fighting the too men on either side of him.

The girl is led away to a nearby van and is shoved inside and falls to the floor. Without the use of her hands it takes her a second to get back up and face the sneer of her captor. He pushes her down onto one of the benches and secures her handcuffs to a bar below before he sits down across from her.

Jake is practically thrown into the van and his head hits the metal of the bench with a dull thud. Instinctively the girl reaches out towards him to help him but it stopped by the metal digging into her skin. Gabe appears in the door to the van immediately after. Someone secures Jake next to me and he moves close enough so that our thighs our touching. The gesture brings a small smile to my face.

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