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OC's & Stories All the information for my role playing or sharing my latest chapters in my story I've been creating.

Eriale Maru
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Sacred Rose, Chapter 3: The Journey
The next day came and Laeril was awoken by her parents, Kevin and some other knights. Laeril sat up in her bed and looked at everyone around her, then had said, "Morning." Everyone responded saying, "Morning Laeril." The knights and Laeril's father went out of the room and talked outside of the closed door. Laeril got out of bed and Shaaria help ready her for the day. Laeril was cleaned, dressed well and had her things already packed in the horse carriage. Laeril looked around her house one last time and joined everyone at the dinning table.

Everyone was rather quiet with some whispers as everyone ate. Laeril looked up and saw Kevin there looking back at her. Kevin started a conversation with Laeril by saying," How do you feel about all this?" Laeril sighed and had said,"I'm not sure, but I hope things will be alright." Kevin nodded and continued, "Do you believe in us? In me?" Laeril looked around then looked back at him. "Yes,yes I do, especially with you.", Laeril said blushing a bit. Kevin smiled and then finished eating.

When everyone finished, the knights filed out and went around the Barastls as Laeril was being escorted out. As they reached the carriage, Shaar and Shaaria gave their last goodbyes. Shaar placed a necklace around Laeril's neck. The necklace was a rose locket with her parents picture in it. Kevin took Laeril's hand and helped her get inside then closed and locked the door. Kevin and four other knights sat in front and in the back of the carriage.

Laeril's stuff were inside with her, while everything else needed for the journey was tied on the top of the carriage. Everyone waved goodbye and the driver started the horses as they made their way to the first point,"Alcai Village".

The knights chatted, you could hear the clack of the horses feet, while Laeril drew and colored sitting inside the carriage. Daylight started fading and they were just a few moments away from the village. The carriage stopped for a moment and Kevin checked on Laeril. Laeril had fallen asleep with her art notebook on the side of her. Kevin looked at the artwork within the notebook and was amazed by all the artwork. He found one drawing that seem familiar to him, a drawing of both knight and princess had kissed under the moonlight. He studied it then closed it and placed it back where it was before.

Kevin closed the carriage door carefully to not awake Laeril and sat in the back with the others. The carriage moved on and finally they reached Alcai Village. The villagers greeted them and questioned their reason for being here. One of the knights by the name of Shawn Alazar, had spoken to the village that they will rest for a day or two, then continue to move on. The villagers understood and one lead them to an inn.

The knights started bringing in things to their rooms; Kevin however, had opened the carriage door and Laeril was still fast asleep. Kevin took Laeril's things carefully without waking her, and took it to the room she would be in. As Kevin went back to the carriage, Laeril awoke, rubbed her eyes, then looked around. Laeril was stepping out as Kevin stood before her. Laeril looked up at Kevin and questioned him, "Where are we?" Kevin bowed before Laeril then looked back at her then said,"Alcai Village,we will be here for a day or two so don't get too comfortable,milady." Laeril was a bit confused and asked,"Where are we heading to next?" Kevin thought for a moment and replied. "I do believe we will be heading to Eldorn Camp, there we can restock and be there for three days." Kevin paused and said,"We should go inside, it's late and about to rain,milady." Laeril nodded and followed Kevin inside the inn.

Once the knights and Laeril were settled with their rooms, they all sat and ate in the dinning room. Everyone was chatting as Kevin and Laeril talked quietly about the journey. "What is the real reason we are on this journey?" said Laeril. Kevin paused and thought for a long time. "Well?" questioned Laeril. "You will found out when we get to the final goal." said Kevin. Laeril sighed then said, "Are you sure about that?" Kevin nodded and they both finished eating. The other knights went to their rooms as Kevin followed Laeril to her room.

Laeril went to her room and let Kevin come in, closing the door behind him. Laeril turned to him and looked down. Kevin looked at her and asked,"Something wrong, milady?" Laeril looked at him and fell into his arms hugging him. "I just don't know what to do...", cried Laeril as she hugged him tightly. Kevin hugged back Laeril and gently stroke her hair and then held her face. Laeril opened her eyes looking at him; Kevin wiped her tears carefully to the side. Laeril felt nervous and not sure what was going to happen, She felt some rush go through her; this feeling was love. Kevin held Laeril closed and said calmly. "I.." Kevin paused then said it. "I love you, Laeril.", Kevin said as if he knew how Laeril felt. "I love you too, Kevin.", Laeril said blushing looking in his eyes.

Kevin smiled and kissed her, Laeril still blushed but felt happy. Laeril moved her lips from his then turned around looking down. Kevin went behind her and placed his arms around her. "What do you feel?" questioned Kevin. Laeril thought for awhile then spoke, "Something I never had all my life." Laeril paused and spoke again turning and looking in his eyes. "Kevin, what does it seem like I've known you before?" Kevin looked to the side and then looked at her saying, "I'm sure you will know all these mysteries at the end of this journey, milady." "Why can't you tell me?" Laeril said as she was confused. "Because you will learn and know as we move on." Kevin replied. "Are you being truthful to me?" questioned Laeril. "Yes milady, of course, I swore to be loyal and trustworthy and I was taught to be as well." said Kevin.

Laeril sighed and then hugged Kevin again. Kevin hugged her back and went to her door. Laeril went to her bed and Kevin opened the door. "Good Night Laeril.", said Kevin as he closed the door behind him. "Good Night Kevin." Laeril said sleepily. Kevin went to his room and went to bed. Laeril turned off her lights, changed her clothes and went to bed.

The sun rose up and Laeril slowly woke up, rubbing her eyes. Laeril looked around her room and got out of bed. She went and washed herself then she dried her hair and looked through her clothes to figure out what to wear. She pulled out a black and purple dress with a beautiful design that matched her eyes and hair. Once she was dressed she brushed her hair carefully and then when she went to her door she had heard a knock."Who is it?" said Laeril. "Kevin.", said the person behind the door ."Come in." said Laeril. Kevin opened up the door and looked up at Laeril with her stunning beauty. "Are we moving on?" questioned Laeril. Kevin nodded,"Indeed we are milady,it's a long way and we will need to move along after breakfast." Laeril put away her stuff and Kevin took her things and went to put it inside the carriage.

Everyone went to breakfast and ate then ready to leave the village. Kevin went inside the carriage with Laeril this time to ensure her safety. The other knights signal the driver and the carriage moved on to "Eldorn Camp". As the carriage was making half way to the second place, Laeril and Kevin had discussed things. "I wonder why I've been so alone, and now I'm here where I am, fallen for you." said Laeril. "Things happen for a reason.." said Kevin. "Indeed, but I wonder for why I fall for you even though I never really knew you and yet now I feel I do know you, like I have all my life." Laeril said looking at him.

Kevin thought for a moment, he felt guilty for the fact he can't tell her yet. "There are things that must wait to be revealed; patience is the key to the lock of mystery.", Kevin said looking back at her. Laeril slightly blushed then looked out the window of the carriage. Kevin laughed to himself and thought to himself," I love how I get her to blush." He smiled looking out the window from his side of the carriage.

The night had appeared and they could see Eldorn Camp just ahead. Animals were prowling,crawling,moving in the shadows. Suddenly, something startled the horses and the carriage moved faster toward the camp. Things came out from the sides and then the carriage moved left and right. Everything was still in tact in all this movement.

Laeril fell on Kevin from where she was inside. She blushed looking up at him. "You alright,milady?",said Kevin holding her carefully,smiling. "I'm alright, I just got shifted here by all the movement.", Laeril said still blushing. The carriage finally steady and finally made it to the camp. Kevin let go of Laeril and she sat where she was before.

Shawn had gotten off the carriage and spoke with the generals at the camp. Moments later he came back informing us that we can only stay for the night cause they are moving the camp. Laeril sighed and just sat in the carriage as everyone else were loading up and unloading things from the carriage.

Laeril just slept in the carriage so Kevin sat inside with her and kept a lookout with Shawn keeping an eye on the carriage. Moments later Laeril woke up suddenly and started crying. Kevin turned to Laeril and wondered what happen. Laeril continued to cry, covering her face. Kevin sat next to her and place his arm around her and held her close. "What's wrong Laeril?",said Kevin feeling concerned. Laeril looked up at him and then looked down. "I had a nightmare..",Laeril said as she cried on his shoulder. "What was it about?" ask Kevin. "I really don't know...All I know is I was trapped and all was dark.",said Laeril wiping away her tears. "Want me to stay here?" said Kevin. "Yes." said Laeril quietly.

Kevin placed his sword to the side and hugged Laeril, keeping her in his arms. Laeril held onto his arms and placed her head on his shoulder. "Being held in his arms, I feel so safe,what is he how is..." Laeril thought as she fell back asleep,still holding onto Kevin. "She may not know til we get to Zulma Sanctuary, but there everything will be explained to her." "She won't be just a princess once she knows her true self." Kevin thought as he kept Laeril close and safe. Shawn from the distance of the carriage went to sleep.

Morning came and Kevin woke Laeril up and they went to where everyone else were. Everyone was chattering and loading a few more things to the carriage. Finally, the carriage,horses and everyone was ready to go to "Dalranna's Tower". Once again Kevin sat inside the carriage with Laeril; then everyone else got on the carriage and we went on.

It just became the afternoon and it started pouring rain. The wind was blowing hard so Laeril and Kevin had to cover the carriage windows. Unfortunately, it was still freezing cold and Laeril was shivering. Kevin noticed her being cold and covered her with a blanket that was off the side on her luggage. Laeril placed her head on his shoulder and Kevin held her close and she stopped shivering. "Are you going to be alright,milady?",said Kevin feeling worried about her. "I would hope so...", said Laeril looking at him.

Time went by while Laeril was fast asleep with Kevin holding her still. The carriage started going over a rocky path getting half way to Dalranna's Tower; the carriage shook but stayed steady. Kevin looked at Laeril sleeping and then heard thunder and lightning starting. The horses were startled and the carriage moved faster and faster.

Soon all the knights outside on the carriage spotted the tower's light and about an hour later we finally got there. The knights rushed inside with their things inside the tower and Shawn spoke to the soldiers. Luckily, they said they can stay for however long they need to, considering the storm occurring. Shawn went to the carriage and opened the door. Kevin looked up at Shawn and questioned him; "We can go inside?" "Yes, we need to get a move on before the storm really gets us.",replied Shawn getting Laeril's things. 'I suppose I'll bring Laeril in considering she's asleep." said Kevin. Shawn nodded and said, "I'll take her things in, then the driver can take care of carriage and horses. "Alright, let's move it like you said before." said Kevin.

Shawn was swift and took care of Laeril's luggage. Kevin carefully lifted Laeril up and carried her inside.

Once everyone was inside, Kevin carefully set Laeril down on a bed and sat down beside her bed. Everyone else chatted and enjoyed a good meal. Laeril slowly opened her eyes then sat up and looked around. Kevin laughed a bit and Laeril looked at him feeling confuse. "You sleep well?", Kevin asked with a laugh and smile. "Of course I did.",replied Laeril blushing a bit. "Good to know.",said Kevin still smiling. "Where are we?" asked Laeril. "Dalranna's Tower, the weather sped the horses up and so we got here before the real storm began." said Kevin. "You carried me in?" wondered Laeril. Kevin nodded his head and took Laeril's hand. "I promised you,milady, that I will protect you with all I can and be at your side always.", said Kevin as he then kissed her hand. Laeril blushed and had said "My knight, you are my main mystery;however you are not my enemy and I've truly fallen for you." Laeril paused then said, "The question is though... Are you willing to always catch me?" Kevin nodded his head. "Of course milady, it's not because I'm just your knight." Kevin paused to think and had said, "Your more than just a pretty face to me, more than the world itself could give me." Laeril blushed and was flattered.

Kevin leaned over and kissed her to prove his words. Laeril moved from him and still was blushing looking down. "I love you,my dear knight." said Laeril looking up at Kevin. "I love you too,my princess." said Kevin looking back at her with a smile. It was really dark and everyone else was asleep but Laeril and Kevin. Laeril laid back down in the bed and went to sleep. Kevin took the bed behind where he sat and fell asleep.

Morning now and it was clear outside. Everyone woke up, washed themselves and dressed in fresh new clothes. When they were done they ate breakfast and loaded the carriage with their things. Once everything was in the carriage and the horses were refreshed, the knights sat behind and in front of the carriage, while Laeril and Kevin sat inside. Everyone got settled in and the carriage move on to our final destination,"Zulma Sanctuary".

Day turned night and night turned day, with everyone in good condition, we still continued on. They were just a few hours away now and it was nighttime. Laeril was asleep while the knights kept a lookout as we got closer and closer. Laeril started shivering then was moving around then stop,Kevin turned and watched her carefully. Suddenly he spotted claw marks forming on Laeril and Laeril woke up almost screaming when Kevin covered her mouth. Laeril looked up at Kevin and looked at her arms bleeding she was in up-roaring pain.

Kevin moved his hand from her mouth and moved quickly to signal the others. Laeril ached in pain and laid back down on the seat. The carriage stopped and Shawn handed Kevin the first aid kit. Laeril was crying and Kevin got back to her swiftly and wrapped her wounds. As her arms bled words appeared through the bandages. Kevin looked shocked and called the others over. Laeril was still crying,biting her lip to not scream. Kevin sat next to Laeril and then the guys had looked at her arms and the words written were: "You will die.. You can't escape me." "I'm coming for... you."

Kevin held Laeril close and tried to calm her down. Laeril stopped crying and held onto Kevin despite her condition. The knights quickly went back to their seats and the carriage moved faster and faster to Zulma Sanctuary. Finally, they made it and as they went through the magic force field the darkness were shocked to death before they could make their move. The carriage moved to the hospital and Laeril was taken care of there. Kevin stayed by her side and was relieved that she will be alright.

The other knights went back to Scarlet Roses and continued their duty there. Kevin and Laeril stayed at the Sanctuary. This is where everything be told to Laeril, but what lies ahead of her; she's never experienced of known before...

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