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OC's & Stories All the information for my role playing or sharing my latest chapters in my story I've been creating.

Eriale Maru
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Sacred Rose, Chapter 4: Zulma's Sanctuary
In the hospital, Laeril was sleeping as Kevin came in to check on her. He was still rather worried but remain calm and took a seat next to her. Laeril woke up and looked around. She noticed Kevin and questioned him.

"Where.. Are we?" "Zulma Sanctuary, milady" said Kevin. "Isn't this where I?" Laeril said. "Yes, you will know the things that been kept from you, until you came here." replied Kevin. Laeril sighed and laid back down. "What happened to me?", said Laeril as she looked at her arms.

"The darkness, their leader is after you and you will know more when your better." answered Kevin. Laeril nodded her head and went back to sleep.

Laeril was in the hospital for two days and Kevin took her outside and turned to her."What shall we do first?" said Kevin. "I really want to know what all of what I gone through was for?" said Laeril. Kevin thought for a moment a then whistled for his horse. He got on his horse and helped Laeril up. Laeril held onto Kevin and Kevin got the horde going to the golden castle up ahead.

This castle was ruled by Queen Zulma herself. She has quite a history with this world for she is a true ancient and goddess. Kevin and Laeril got to the gate and Kevin signaled the knight in the tower to open the gate. Laeril looked around amazed by all the scenery and kept her hold on Kevin as the gates opened up. They got up to the golden castle with jewels and so forth shining brightly. The knights at the door let us through and Kevin helped Laeril off the horse as they walked up to the queen sitting upon her grand throne.

Kevin knelt before the queen and Laeril bowed down gracefully. Zulma looked up and bowed her head back. "You may stand knight and speak." said Zulma. "Queen Zulma, I have an important message from the Barastls." "Laeril, their daughter, is in your presence with me." replied Kevin. Zulma looked at him confused then looked at Laeril and smiled. "Bring forth the letter, knight." said Zulma. Kevin took the note out of his pocket and handed it to her and then stood back next to Laeril. Zulma looked over the message and nodded her head. "Laeril come forth please." said Zulma. Laeril was nervous but Kevin told her it will be alright. Laeril walked up to Queen Zulma and stood before her.

"Your a real pretty one aren't you?" said Zulma smiling. Laeril nodded her head but looked down at her arms. Zulma looked at Laeril's arms and was shocked. "What happened to you?!" exclaimed Zulma. "Let me see your arms closer, dear." said Zulma. Laeril raised her arms up and Zulma saw the words scarred in her arms and rushed her to a well. Kevin felt concern and followed behind them.

Zulma then placed the light well water over Laeril's arms and Laeril was aching with pain. Kevin held Laeril and the words disappeared. Lareil fell back but Kevin still help keep her up on her feet. "What did you do?," said Laeril regaining her strength. "I got rid of those cursed scars, you could have really died having those there." said Zulma. "Well thank you." said Laeril, feeling a bit happier.

Zulma looked at the knight, studying him for awhile. "What would your name be, knight?" said Zulma. Kevin bowed before the queen and said, "Kevin Night, that is my name, madam." "Your very charming and noble, Kevin." said Zulma. "I do my best." said Kevin looking at Laeril. Zulma laughed and Laeril giggled, blushing a bit. Zulma lead them to a conversation room and closed the door behind the two. "Have a seat, we have much to talk about." said Zulma, as she locked the door and sat down. Laeril sat down in front of Zulma and Kevin sat next to Laeril. Zulma looked at the two in front of her and turned her eyes to Laeril. "So, I'm sure your wondering why you came here, correct?" said Zulma. Laeril nodded her head and said, "Yes, I do."

Zulma chuckled a bit then placed a sound barrier around the room to ensure no one else could hear. Laeril was shocked but looked back at Zulma. Zulma then spoke the story of a legend saving the world, she had a savior and protector that be her life and love. How the story ends no one knows, whoever fits the part has to choose that destiny end. When Zulma was finished she then turned to Kevin. "I assume you know the story and your duty, right?" said Zulma. "Yes ma'am, I'm well aware of it all." Kevin paused then looked at Laeril. "I'm rather glad I don't have to hide anything from her.", continued Kevin smiling at Laeril.

Laeril blushed then the two looked back at Zulma. "There is only one way to find out if she is the right one we've been looking for." said Zulma. Kevin laughed and Laeril seem confused. Zulma looked at Laeril and studied her. "Let's get you trained before you get a major change." said Zulma. Laeril was still confused. "What do you mean?" said Laeril. "You could be the legend foretold." said Zulma and Kevin. Laeril surprised and looked at them shocked. "Me?!?" said Laeril. They both nodded, Laeril sighed then Zulma asked, "Are you up for it?" Laeril thought for awhile then spoke. "I'll do it, I did not come all the way here for nothing." said Laeril. Bother Zulma and Kevin smiled and then said in unison. "Let the training begin."

Zulma transformed the room into a training field with multiple obstacles and at the sides were battlefields. Laeril was amazed and then followed Zulma and Kevin to the beginner course. This course consists of testing strength and speed. Kevin went to where the endng of the course was and waited to watch Laeril. Zulma looked at Laeril with her still in a gown, she thought for a moment and with the snap of her fingers Laeril's gown changed into shorts and tank top. "There, that should help with your speed." said Zulma. Laeril got ready and studied the course carefully, Zulma blew the whistle and Laeril dashed off. Laeril jumped over the huge pond and flipped landing on her feet, she quickly moved quicker across. She jump over the huge boulders to not hurt herself. Target dummies randomly appeared but Laeril acted quickly and knocked them all out; she then finally crossed the finish line and was slightly out of breath.

Laeril took a deep breath and got on her feet to see Kevin slightly dropping his jaw. Laeril laughed and said, "What? Couldn't think I do it?" Kevin shook out of dazed and said, "Actually I did, but not like how you did that." Laeril laughed and winked at him. Kevin slightly blushed and Queen Zulma came over shocked herself. "That was impressive!" said Zulma clapping excitedly. "Let's begin the second round, the intermediate course, testing you stealth and silence." "You can see it as being a spy." continued Queen Zulma.

Laeril sighed then watched herself and Zulma port to the next course, while Kevin easily walked over to it. Once again Laeril analyzed the course and when Zulma blew the whistle, off went Laeril. She hid behind a box and watched the movement of the guard. After memorizing the steps she carefully went under the box and move swiftly but quietly by. Once she reached a wall barrier, she got out of the box and looked over the wall, she spotted three targets moving and one stationary. Laeril looked to the side of her and saw a bow and arrows. She got ready to shoot then suddenly guards popped out of no where; Laeril freaked but quickly went back around the wall.

Laeril took a deep breath silently and shot all the targets without hitting the guards then she got on top of the wall and jumped over the guards to the finish line. Laeril landed on her feet but almost fell over. Kevin caught her and hugged her. "Your pretty amazing Laeril." said Kevin smiling. Laeril giggled and said, "Since when was I not to you?" They kissed each other then stood next to each other as Zulma appeared. "Well done." "Only one course left and you will be granted something grand." said Zulma.

Once again Zulma ported her and Laeril to the beginning of the advanced course and Zulma explained the course while Kevin waited at the end. "This course consists of balance and flexibility, this will really prove that you can be this legend foretold." said Zulma. Laeril nodded and watched the course carefully. Zulma blew the whistle for the last time and Laeril sprinted up to the first obstacle. Laeril watched the turning platforms and move carefully across, then she got safely to the other side. She saw a rope up ahead, she carefully and steadily went across and went through the jungle-cage.

Finally, she could see Kevin in front of her, she went through some tight areas without issues and crossed the finish line almost falling over. Kevin caught her and questioned, "Are you alright milady?" Laeril caught her breath and said, "Of course, my knight." Laeril giggled and stood up with Kevin's help. Zulma came over and was so excited. "Wonderful!" "Wonderful job Laeril!" said Zulma. Laeril smiled, "Thank you, Queen Zulma." "Just call me Zulma, you have passed the tests for this." said Zulma. Zulma pulled out a purple and black cross, she studied Laeril and saw her locket. "May I see your locket?" said Zulma. Laeril looked down and took off her silver rose locket. "It was given to me by my parents, what are you going to do?" said Laeril. "Just watch, it won't change much." said Zulma smiling. Laeril nodded her head and watched Zulma. Zulma opened the cross and placed the locket as the key for the lock in the middle. She closed her eyes and spoke a spell. "Rose has success the duties of the legend foretold. Let the power of the ancients seep into this I hold and let the light conquer the darkness!," said Zulma channeling her power.

The cross changed into a star charm and in the middle was the shape of Laeril's locket as the key to the lock. Zulma pulled out Laeril's necklace with her locket still normal. She then handed them to Laeril, Laeril was stunned. "What is this?!?" said Laeril studying the charm. "You are the leader, you are Amethyst Serenity foretold legend, Kevin here is your Onyx Knight." "That is why it is purple and black." said Zulma. Laeril was shocked and looked at Kevin. "Is this why we know each other and so forth?!?" said Laeril surprised. Kevin nodded his head and Laeril felt upset, Zulma changed back to her palace and looked at them. "I'll be right back" said Zulma, as she left the room, closing the door behind her.

Laeril started crying and looked away from Kevin. Kevin tried to her but she pushed him off. "What's wrong?" said Kevin. Laeril turned and looked at him, then looked away again. "Do you love me just because I'm the one foretold?" said Laeril, still crying. "No, not at all, dear Laeril, I never would love someone for something like that." said Kevin. Kevin turned Laeril to him and held her face near his and told her, "I'm serious, I love you for you, not because your a princess not even if your a legend." "I never would want anyone else but you." Laeril looked into his eyes, he wiped away her tears then she spoke, "Is that the truth?"

"Of course it is Laeril, I wouldn't lie or deceive you." said Kevin. Laeril still didn't believe him and looked away. Kevin held her hand and pulled her back into his arms. Laeril looked at him and questioned him, "Why me?" Kevin thought and spoke softly to her, "You have always been on my mind, I never thought I see you again." "I never wanted anyone as much as I did and still do for you." Kevin stopped slightly crying.Laeril wiped his tears and kissed him with passion then stopped and said to him, "Don't cry, I understand you love for me is real and true." "I've felt the same, just was confused." Kevin blushed and hugged her. "I love you Laeril." said Kevin. "I love you too Kevin.", hugging him back. Zulma came to the door and knocked.

Kevin went to open the door, while Laeril sat down still playing with her charm. Zulma walked through the door and sat down in front of Laeril; Kevin closed the door and sat with them. "Everything alright?" said Zulma, feeling a bit concern. "Yes,everything is fine." said Laeril with a smile. Kevin laughed and Zulma spoke again. "I'm assuming you'll need a place to stay and rest?" "After all, you came a long way." questioned Zulma. "I suppose we could, if you don't mind." answered Kevin.Laeril nodded her head in agreement with Kevin. Zulma looked at Laeril and remembered about giving her a more appropriate outfit.

"Kevin." question Zulma. "Yes Zulma?" said Kevin. "Mind stepping out for a moment?" said Zulma. "Not at all, I'll step out." said Kevin. He hugged Laeril and left the room.

Laeril looked at Zulma confused, "What do you want now?" said Laeril still confused. Zulma laughed and ported them to her dressing room. Laeril looked around in amazement. "They are gorgeous!" exclaimed Laeril in excitement. Zulma laughed again and said, "Go ahead choose an outfit, I'm having a grand ball soon and I like you to come." "Really?" said Laeril. "Yes, Kevin will be apart of it as well so don't worry about him." Laeril giggled and looked through all the colorful dresses, shoes and jewelery, then something caught her eye. The dress was amethyst colored with red roses designed on it and she picked it up, showing it to Zulma. Zulma looked at it and smiled. "Go, go put it on." said Zulma, gesturing to shooing her off.

Laeril was thrilled and very contented moments later, coming out moving her flowy dress back and forth. Zulma laughed and applaud; as Laeril went up to her turning. "It suits you well." said Zulma smiling. Laeril giggled and found shoes that matched, along with a tiara and earrings. When Laeril had all she wanted on, Zulma was rather happy with her and then Zulma changed into something rather stunning; then ported them back to the conversation room. Zulma turned to Laeril and asked her, "Do you know how to use the charm?" Laeril looked at the charm and then back at Zulma. "Do I use my locket as a key to the lock on it and transform?" wondered Laeril. Zulma nodded her head, "Yes, that's the idea." Zulma paused then added, "Make sure to keep it safe."

Laeril placed the charm on the ribbon of her dress and locked into it's place there. "Will this work?" question Laeril. "Yes it will, hardly notice it actually comes off." said Zulma. Kevin was curious and knocked on the door. Zulma opened the door and laughed. "Ah, Kevin, did you think we forgot you?" said Zulma still laughing. Kevin looked at Zulma then looked to the side. "No..." Kevin paused to think then said, "Maybe..." Laeril giggled as she came up to the door next to Zulma. Kevin looked at Laeril shocked; Laeril looked back at Kevin and giggled again. "What?" "I know I'm beautiful, don't need to be surprised about it." said Laeril smiling. Kevin shook his head and said, "Sorry, your just stunning to me." Laeril giggled again and Zulma laughed as Kevin slightly blushed with a look of embarrassment. Zulma changed the room into a dressing room for Kevin as Laeril went outside. Kevin went inside; Zulma closed the door behind him. "What is this all about?" question Kevin. "I'm having a grand ball soon and I wanted you and Laeril to come." answered Zulma smiling.

"You wanted me... as well?" stuttered Kevin in surprise. "Of course!" exclaimed Zulma, "After all you two are a couple and this ball is for celebrating the achievement of getting the foretold legend." said Zulma happily. "I suppose I will go then..." said Kevin, still thinking about his choice. "Great!" said Zulma, "Feel free to look around." finished Zulma. "By the way, I have something for you." said Zulma, as she pulled an onyx encrusted blade charm from her pocket. Zulma handed it to Kevin and Kevin stuck it somewhere safe in his pocket. "I assume you know what that's for?" wonder Zulma. "Yes I do." said Kevin. Kevin fitted himself in a tux with a rose in the front pocket. He felt awkward but came out to show Zulma. Zulma clapped happily, 'Your so handsome!" exclaimed Zulma. Kevin felt embarrassed by Zulma's words; he blushed lightly and then mumbled under his breath, "Thanks."

Zulma ported them back to the conversation room and opened the door for Laeril. Laeril giggled by Zulma's smiling then turned to Kevin and blushed brightly with another giggle. Zulma's knights called for her and off went Zulma; closing the door behind her. Laeril went up and hugged Kevin, Kevin hugged back and then kissed her forehead. Laeril blushed as she looked up at Kevin, she gently kiss his lips. Kevin had blushed a bit and kissed her back. Laeril giggled and smiled. "I love you, no matter what you look like, your still my lover.", Laeril said sweetly and softly to Kevin. "So do i my dear, your everything to me just the way you are." said Kevin smiling. Laeril blushed and Kevin leaned in to kiss Laeril but then Zulma knocked and Kevin went to open the door. Laeril giggled a bit and went near the door. Kevin opened the door and Zulma spoke to them. "Are we ready to go?" said Zulma with great excitement. Kevin and Laeril both nodded in reply. "Great!" "Let's get going then!" said Zulma cheerfully.

Zulma took Laeril's hand and led her to the top of the stairs of the ballroom and had her wait there. Zulma came back and motioned Kevin to follow her. Zulma made Kevin stand to the side of the stairs. Zulma then had mention to Kevin, to take Laeril's hand as she comes down the stairs to you. Kevin understood and waited patiently. Zulma went upstairs to Laeril again and then the guests started coming in with their lavishing dresses and dashing suits. Names after royal names were called and then the doors close once the last guest came. Kevin gazed at all the luxury items, decorations and all the fancy wear. Laeril was waiting behind the doors up top of the stairs with Zulma, for their grand entrance.

Everyone was chattering and discussing things then suddenly music played and the doors opened up, upon the stairs. Laeril and Zulma came out and stood near the edge of the stairs, while everyone awed and clapped with amazement. Zulma raised her hand up and spoke loud but gentle.

"Welcome all to my Grand Jewel Ball." "I would hope you enjoy your stay and help yourself to the drinks and appetizers on the sides." "Feel free to marvel and observe the art and things all around.", Zulma paused as they all applaud then stopped as Zulma continued. "This maiden you see next to me is Princess Laeril Anabell Barastl." "She is the legend foretold for so I think." "She is here on my behalf of enjoying her presence." "Let's celebrate her making it here from Scarlet Roses, and to her strength and power of Amethyst Serenitys!" Zulma and Laeril bowed and everyone cheered, clapped with joy. Music played again and everyone went to the side or dance in the middle. Zulma went to the left to sit in her grand seat and Laeril went to the right and turned to Kevin. Kevin took Laeril's hand and they walked over to a table of two off to the side. Kevin took the chair and Laeril would in and help seat herself. Kevin then sat across from Laeril and gazed at her beauty.

Laeril looked at Kevin and blushed noticing him looking at her. "Why am I that beautiful to you?," Laeril said looking off the side. Kevin laughed and replied, "My love, you may be a princess and legend but your beauty..." Kevin paused and took Laeril's hand that was on the table, then continued; "Your beauty is not just what the eyes see, it's what you are as yourself." "I don't love for fame or for wealth, my love for you is true and real; never would that change." Kevin kissed her hand and looked up at her. Laeril turned and blushed brightly at him. "Oh Kevin, your words so sweet, your love so true, how did I ever meet you like this." Laeril paused, giggling a bit and continued; "Your my world, my life and dream." "How we were meant to be seemed non-existing, but it is not a dram and I'm rather glad to have you here." Kevin slightly blushed but smiled brightly; Laeril giggled again and smiled back at him. "I love you Laeril." said Kevin softly to her. "I love you too Kevin, always and forever." replied Laeril sweetly back.

Everyone was having a wonderful time in the ball and Kevin finally dance with Laeril. Laeril and Kevin were smiling and so happy along with everyone else. Sadly, with every light there is the dark. Suddenly, the lights went out and what happened next was not expected.

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