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Avatar 001: The Librarian.

The Librarian is a student and voluntary librarian apparently named "Miss" or "Excuse me, hey, you with the glasses". An unassuming wallflower type who wishes to be more like the characters in the books she reads and often compares herself to them. She has an especial love for manga and can sometimes relate to at least one character's situation or characteristics.

On one particularly uninteresting day, she "surprised" herself when she found that she could take the form of any character, be they hero, villain or a supporting role, by touching an image of that character and saying what they are most known or likely to say.

For example, if she were to become Sailor Moon, she could touch an image of Sailor Moon and speak her transformation words. To become Naru, Usagi's friend, the Librarian would have to say something Molly has or would be likely to say if she were real.

As well as taking their form, she takes on the personality they were intended to have and were given by their original creator.

So that she would no longer have to become a complete stranger to herself, despite knowing those characters for so long, they were not completely personal to her and she began designing her own personas.

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