Inspired by a competition for which you were required to create 100 avatars from the contents of your inventory. Considering that my inventory is forever growing and that I often roleplay as the avatar displayed I have decided that from this point on, I will make a journal entry for each avatar/character I create.

The Lady Djin is not a corporeal being, she is only ever so when she is manifest in a body via a form of "rebirth" in which she inhabits a body of a person when they are near death or just after dying. The Lady Djin's intentions and behaviour is usually dictated by the past actions of the original host and is intensified by her own true power. Why she allows this, we do not know.

The Lady Djin is not exempt from the power and control of the All Mother. If the All Mother thinks it necessary she will "process" the Lady Djin so that she is truly reborn from birth and lives a full life never knowing of what she is. This may continue for as long as the All Mother sees fit.

I hope that any readers will enjoy the stories and creations.
Until next time,

Sláinte agus saol fada.