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Because my father decided to choose my mother
my grandmother doesn't like my mom.
Because if you fall in “love”....someone will be sad.
Haha~ A club is like a family, you guys!
I'm Daddy, Kyoya's Mommy, you three
are our children and our senpais, cousins
We have to help the Newspaper Club.
A family always has the strongest bond!

-talked to Kyoya and Ciel are some of the things I said-
…What do you mean? Of course I like my daughter. What are you guys talking about?
You’re Mommy, Kyoya. You’re not her actual mother but the club is like a family!
-after being questioned, sits down, covering his face with his hands- I don’t understand…
I’m Daddy #2. -surprise wore down- You said we aren’t blood related, Ciel, but I’m like Daddy.
If the love I feel isn’t of a father’s, what is it?...A lover? -frowns- That’s disgusting.. (incest)
Kyoya. You asked me about Bossa Nova-kun and I know he has feelings for her.
It’s normal to not want to see your daughter go off and marry another man
and leave you/forget about you, her first man in her life. It’s irritating.
You asked me about Hikaru and Kaoru, if they got married. -holds up index finger-
We would always visit them because it will be really sad without them, but they’re ok!
I don’t understand why Haruhi’s different though. -rubs head- You’ve hit me 3 times now.
Special, Ciel? I guess Haruhi’s more special among my children, not to use favorites..

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I don’t get it... Wha- How rude!
Stop sighing to each other on the side!
And repeating ‘hopeless’ this and that.

…Connected to something deeper?

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I'm sorry...for being so hopeless. I'll try my best to understand.

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I don’t want to make anyone suffer.
That is the kind of person I am.

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[–confused and his friends’ questions aren’t making it any easier-
I'd like some Advil, but I think this is all mentally so Advil won’t help.
What am I supposed to do?User Image
Go crazy thinking...? -sighs-
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[This isn't just for roleplay. I'm confused.]

If you fall in “love”, would it bring the family to quarrel with one another…?