Fauxen Hellwraith
Celestial Angel/Being
Age unknown
Size: 5' 3"/90lbs/B34
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Aquamarine
Hair Length: Middle Back
Skin Tone: Pale

Fauxen's story.

Powers and Abilities:
Born with the power to control light in all of it's essences and forms. Control of her powers allow her to manifest light waves into a solid form, bending the waves until their particles and mass condense into a solid or semisolid form. Her capabilities surrounding light control involve her knowledge of the different forms of light; Solar, Lunar, Star, Common, Celestial, as well as Ethereal, Aetheric, and Netheric light.

Solar Light: Light based off of solar waves, grant heat and blinding light. Can cause fires and flash burning to occur. Used to also amplify the strength of light waves for destructive purposes. Projectiles made from Solar light often time can explode upon impact or can melt through things upon contact.

Lunar Light: Light based off of lunar waves, carry chilling winds and icy powers. Lunar light can be used to control water and wind currents within the path of light particles. By amplifying this powerful form of light, the capability to manipulate the light of the moon becomes a helpful skill as it allows for the formation of shields and various defensive structures. Lunar light has the unique property of flash freezing objects once the light waves have become solid or semisolid.

Star Light: Light from the cosmos, stars, galaxies, novas, even the remaining light from dying stars. This is Fauxen's most common form of light control that is used due to the simple fact that this particular form of light is always available no matter where Fauxen is. Stars simply become hidden by the light from the sun, but they are still there. This means that Fauxen can use the light waves from this form of light to attack or defend wherever she is and whenever she wants.

Common Light: This is just normal light that carries the common properties of light, though it is still powerful. This, coupled with celestial and star light, is what the ribbon that Fauxen carries is composed of, allowing her to travel at such high speeds without tearing herself apart.

Celestial Light: Divine light, this is light that is very powerful but still very rare. Celestial light is given off by angels and divine beings. The dress and ribbons that Fauxen wears carry this divine glow. She can only utilize this form of light under great focus and dire need. Too much use of this form of light could result in draining her of her powers and divine right as a Celestial Angel/Being.

Ethereal Light: Soul light, as it is also known, is a light given off by spirits and ethereal beings. This is not so much a light as it is an energy source that carries a light wave signature. This is a form of light that is beyond the known spectrum. This is a light of meta-physical properties allowing for the light to touch and influence beings or objects on a meta-physical level. Objects that can not be touched by physical means are in a state of existence that is beyond the laws of the natural world, as such, Ethereal Light is the governing light force that exists in that state. The light waves which give form to the ethereal being or object can be moved or controlled as to remove their image or damage it in some way.

Aetheric Light: - To be Explained later -

Netheric Light: - To be Explained later -


Light Ribbon: This is a large ribbon of condensed light that Fauxen carries on her person at all times. The ribbon is made up of pure light, including Common Light, Celestial Light, and Star Light. The ribbon serves as a form of solid ammunition and as a weapon, as well as a transportation system. She wraps herself in the ribbon like a blanket and it acts as a pod or a shuttle of sorts for her to move through space freely at the speed of light. The pod goes from one point of light to another, acting like a circuit and the pod is the charge, carrying Fauxen safely within itself. The size of the ribbon can vary with the amount of light that she puts into it, the average size of the ribbon, however is roughly around 6 feet in length and 3 feet in width.

Dream: Dream is a long bladed naginata weapon, the entire weapon is made out of celestial crystal. The light that Dream gives off is capable of being used by Fauxen in the form of waves of light and projectiles, as well as for creating shields and shells of intense condensed light. The light is more like sturdy glass when it is condensed.