Fauxen Hellwraith

The sky was dark and the stars seemed to be shining brighter than normal as a large blue moon hung in the air above the silent world. Suddenly, a flash, a star flickered into darkness, but soon returned growing brighter and larger second by second. The star soon exploded into a brilliant nova as a light was released from the explosion. This light shot through space at speeds exceeding that of light as it headed straight for earth. As it entered the atmosphere of Earth, it seemed to slow down as ribbons of light, similar to those of the Aurora Borealis, wrapped around the falling light creating the image of flowing waves of light woven into ribbons which flashed and cracked as the light then crashed into a mountain side. The impact was so intense, the side of the mountain caved in creating a huge crater in the side where the impact occurred, from the crater flowed out brilliant ribbons of light in every color of the spectrum imaginable as well as a few colors that were simply indescribable.

From the crater, a small girl lay curled up, pure white hair, long ears, flowing dress of untainted white, and skin as fair as fresh snowfall. She was found by a being of the name Hellwraith and upon finding her within the crater, her presence was made known by cascading waves of light ribbons which seemed to have been woven by the same light that gave the stars their shine. As the being lifted the girl into his arms, the cascading light seemed to turn its flow backwards and wrapped its waves around her forming into a large blanket to keep her safe and warm. The Hellwraith carried her back to the place he called home and laid her down in the bed that once belonged to his own daughter. The girl slept for days, stirring restlessly the whole time as if she was reliving moments of great pain and sadness that seemed to tear at her like some ravenous beast with claws of pure agony.

After days of her torment, the girl finally awoke, her eyes were clear and white, her gaze shifted from place to place, her heart was racing, she curled up with her knees to her chest and her blanket wrapped securely around her body like a shield. The man stepped into the room and saw her curled up, scared, her blank eyes shot to his figure as he took notice of her ears and the way that the blanket seemed to move around her constantly like it was alive. Her eyes began to shine slightly as the man approached her, she seemed frightened of his appearance more than him being there. The man removed his weapons and armor, laying them upon the ground behind him as he took slow steps towards her. His soft eyes showed compassion and comfort, her mind began to rest itself of alarm, the pace of her heart relaxed as her body shook slightly. He offered her his hand with a warm smile, the tiny girl placed her hand in the man’s palm and was gently lifted into his arms, she was a rather light creature, no more than 30 pounds, if that.

She was accepted into her new family, the Hellwraith, and when asked of her name, she simply canted her head to the side and looked to the man she saw as her father. He gave her the name of Fauxen Hellwraith. The man’s name was NeoVanyx Hellwraith, the leader of the Main Family of the Hellwraith. Fauxen’s name meant “False Blood” meaning she was part of his family like one of his bloodline, but was not of his own blood. She had an incredible capacity for learning, quickly mastering the skills of Writing, Reading, and Critical Thinking. She was able to learn about chemistry, physics, mechanics, quantum mechanics and physics, psychology, biology, geometry, etc. from the Scyla Family. One area she seemed to excel in drastically was Astronomy and Astrology. She had an innate understanding of the way the stars, suns, moons, planets, and the universes worked. Her understanding of light and time was phenomenal.

She had difficulty with speaking, despite her incredible learning capabilities. It seemed as if her words were being held back by something deep within herself. She did not stop learning though, she soon became interested in styles of combat; hand to hand combat, armed combat, magic based combat. Then it became clear that she had more than just an incredible learning capacity, all she seemed to do was learn, she learned more and more, without signs of fatigue or memory loss from excessive learning. She was truly amazing, she had the potential to learn everything and then create her own understandings from what she had learned to form new possibilities and new ideas and theories.

Everything went very well, she even gained a close friend who she saw as an older sister to her, Mairus. But one day, everything became clear as to what she was capable of and gave the answers to many questions that had been held about her. A group had come into the Hellwraith home, the beings were not normal creatures, they were known as Reapers. There were four of them, three wore simple hooded robes and carried unique weapons as well as an insignia that was burning the air in front of their chests. They were simple Reapers with no real standing, but the Fourth Reaper was the one that would bring about the events which would change Fauxen’s life. The fourth Reaper was a Judge, an extremely powerful Reaper of the Nexus of Sin, a Ring sat upon the right hand of the Judge with the sigil of Aries glowing within the stone. The eyes of this Judge were cold and hollow, they were deep crimson like blood, and they came to rest upon the figure of Fauxen.

A mask upon his face prevented others from knowing what he looked like, but upon seeing Fauxen, he laughed slightly and turned his gaze to the Queen of the Hellwraith whose soul they had come to free. A hundred well-trained Hellwraith took place between the Reapers and the Queen, the three younger Reapers moved to dispatch them but were stopped by the Judge’s arm extending outwards. The Hellwraith all began to unleash their most powerful techniques to strike down the Judge. With a slight glance towards Fauxen, the Judge placed his extended hand across his waist and took hold of the hilt of his blade which was clicked away from the edge of the sheathe very slightly, and in the blink of an eye, the Judge had re-sheathed the blade and stood before the Queen. As the blade clicked back into the sheathe, the hundred well trained Hellwraith guards were suddenly eviscerated and cut down in a spray of their blood, each one collapsing to the ground, dead.

The Judge gave a slight bow to the Queen after she had made her own statement to him, following this, he reached up and pulled off his mask to reveal his face. As the mask was removed, the entire area was rocked by a monstrous quake of pure, raw power. The Judge placed a hand upon the Queen’s left hand, and lifted it to his lips to place a kiss upon the soft skin, her soul then was unbound and released from her body. The Queen then fell cold and lifeless into the arms of the Judge who muttered something under his breath and placed the Queen’s body onto her bed for her eternal rest. Turning about, the Judge was about to call out to the three others who had accompanied him, only to find all three had been struck down by what looked like spears made from pure condensed light. His eyes shot to the side as he launched himself forwards, barely dodging the spears that impaled the ground he had just left.

Fauxen was crying, her mind was broken, she had never before experienced death such as what she had just seen. She was hell-bent on avenging the Queen and the Fallen Hellwraith...

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