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Name: Cyan Nykyrian

Age: 992 (or 16 in human years)

Species: Demon/Sprite

Element Affinity: Nature/Earth

Personality Traits: Calm, Intelligent, slightly Naive and careless at times, Loyal to a fault, Inquisitive, Compassionate, Slow to Anger.

Small Background History:
Cyan was about 100 years old when her father was killed by other demons. She was merely a child by Demon standards. In her anger and wrath she destroyed cities and leveled forests with devastation all around the world. She was born of Nature and a Demon (her father) making her a Demon Sprite. Since her father's death she has kept hidden in her Dark Forest for centuries. Hidden away with only her Animal friends to keep her company she honed her healing skills, nature skills and other abilities. Protecting the Dark Forest from intruders or pillagers she created a forest of trees that would create labyrinths for any who would dare enter her woods in search of wealth, power or greed...

Yep, I've done it again, another character for you to enjoy! This character currently plays in a RolePlay in one of my guilds, but her story is going here!

I'm going to tell you how I created her for this section of the entry. Yay! 3nodding

About 2007 I decided I need another character that would be bound to one of my others because of her abilities. Thus, Cyan was born! *baby whines in the background* Anyway, after she had done a few Role Play's with that other character, I had decided she was a keeper.
By 2009 Cyan began to take on a different role, she was a Human but with strange abilities (powers, etc.) So I just left her as a Human - this didn't always work... Also, I had started to pull away from the characters I had first created (aside from Jerak/Jero at the time) Cyan had become a main Role Playing character! *cheers*
At around 2011 Cyan began to change again, I was tired of the Human role she had, plus others were too. Her humanity died late in the year and she became a Demon. Since her character person had changed, her entire story had to be altered and changed.
Early 2012 Cyan's Nykyrian's Story was born! *more baby's crying in the background* Anyway, she became a star instantly! Due to her characterism and endearing good looks (plus a little bit of story building on my part), all together she became who she is now...

Cyan has always been a character of great interest to me. From Human slave to Demon of Nature, her transition had been a decently easy one. Though I still play her as a Human slave to one of my other characters on occasion and when it calls for it, but I keep that to a minimum now. Cyan is, permanently now, a Demon of Nature.
Below you can read her story as I write it in parts, or sections, as I do in the others. I hope you enjoy her story as you have enjoyed the other character stories I have written, thank you and Farewell!



A hard truth: Part 1

"Azul, don't go that far!" Cyan whispered harshly, her four foot six inch height made it easy to stand on the boughs of the trees where she could see a tiny little humming bird a few yards away. Her voice wavered when she saw Azul had left the forest's protective outline. "Azul!" She tried to remain calm, but fear for her friend had grown more and more.
Azul was a Humming Bird, his azure feathers looked shiny and strong as he beat his wings fervently, much like normal humming birds do. However, he was not a normal humming bird, he was a Spirit in the form of this guise. He flew quickly through the gardens of several strange homes that had begun to crop up near the edge of the Dark Forest where he lived with Cyan.

Cyan sank to the tree's limb. her knees pulled to her chest. Whispering a silent spell to protect her friend, Oh why did I have to be so curious! Why?! She punished herself mentally until she ran out of thoughts to call herself. With each second that passed, her anxiety grew.
The reason she had sent Azul beyond the forest was to find out news of the outside world. It had been several centuries since she had been beyond the forest's edge to view the booming world she lived just outside of. Azul, please be careful... Cyan pleaded silently in her thoughts.

She couldn't bring herself to leave the forest, Azul had volunteered to visit the world beyond the Forest's edge. Almost too eager to see the world as it had now become filled with new people, lands and other strange things they had only heard about from the Spirit within the Tree's themselves.
Cyan looked around her, she was already further out of the Forest's dark center than she really wanted to be. She rarely came to the Edge of the Dark Forest. Here, she was vulnerable. Here, she could not hide from hunters seeking wealth, power, or other evil intentions. Here, she wasn't a myth...

Cyan had remembered her father's stories about Demons, Elementals and Humans. How all of them needed each other to survive, to live and have a perfect life. Cyan smiled at the memory. Her father had been a Healing Demon, her mother, Nature, had given him that power turning him into a Demon of Healing because he wanted to heal the world of it's pain. But when war between demons, elemental's and human's had broken out centuries ago, her father had been killed just because he wouldn't give his powers to any one side. He had tried to bring peace back to the world in that time, but failed. Peace would not come until centuries later when Human's and Elemental's became friends, facing the Demon's and forcing the Demons into hiding.

Cyan had only heard of these things through Azul and the Trees. She had once sought other Demons of her kind, but found none. When the Tree Spirit, Ary, visited her one summer's eve, she found that she was the last Demon of Nature in the world. It had been a crushing blow, one that spoke volumes to her. Her power was in demand because of wars, death and hatred. Her kind had been hunted to the point of near extinction. Cyan shook her head from her wandering memories... Never, will I allow someone to capture me again... ever!
She waved her hand over the tree limb she rested on, flowers bloomed creating a shield that protected her from undesired attention. "I'll wait for Azul, then I'm never leaving my home again!" She mumbled to herself as she drifted off to sleep...

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