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"The price of your head, ha! Don't make me laugh!"

"Swords are like dance partners, while one leads, the other follows effortlessly to complete the job."

"Call me a Half-breed, I dare you, because no matter what blood flows through my veins; your already dead, you just don't know it yet."

~ Ajani Kai ~

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Ajani Kai: Toxic Mercy
{Part 4}

The rains finally stopped, it was nearing winter so the air was chilled and the trees looked like haunted spikes sticking nakedly in the sky. Sunset was quickly approaching as Ajani stopped her horse and listened. She'd been on the trail of a murderer since the beginning of Fall. But the little snake had eluded her so far. She listened to the woods around her, her half breed status giving her the ability to hear things at greater distance than the average human.

Birds chattered in the branches of the naked trees, squirrels scurried on the ground seeking refuge and peace from the intruders. All of these different noises, Ajani heard one other sound. Faint, but still not a usual forest sound. Footsteps. Her horse shivered under her, making her attention fall back to her current location and current standing. She had to hide the horse. But where?

With deft movements, Ajani made the least amount of noise as she slid off the saddle and took the lead. Leading the horse through the leaves and muck on the forest floor, careful not to step to heavily on anything that would give away more than she dared to. However, the horse she lead, did not care so much. With each step leaves crunched loudly under his hooves. Ajani could only hope, that whoever was following them, thought that it was some large beast of the forest that made such a ruckus.

As she reached a tighter grove of trees she quickly tied the horse to one and moved away from him. There was enough leaves for him to munch on while she hid behind another set of trees. Why would anyone think to follow me? She thought as she watched from behind her hiding spot. The footsteps drew closer, apparently whoever it was had not been fooled. She watched as a strange man approached her horse and began patting it down. She didn't move. What could he possibly want?Is he just a common thief? Before she could stop him, he pulled back his hood and pulled out a paper with her photograph on it.

Wanted: Ajani Kai - Mercenary
Crime: Murder of the Blacksmith of Galant City
Wanted Alive
"Armed and dangerous. Kills with efficiency and quickly. Be careful when approaching!"
Reward: 1.6 Million Denaria

Ajani smirked, So, they've blamed me for my friends death?! That's got to be someone in political standing that I've apparently made an enemy. I like my reward though, tempting... But I can't have some ameture get my head! With practiced skill, Ajani slid her swords from their sheaths on her back and stepped out of the shadows. "Looking for me?" The look on the man's face made her almost laugh. Apparently she had guessed right, he was nothing but a lowlife ameture after her reward money. Foolish. Her green eyes pierced through the shadows that were growing as the sun started it's slow decent on the horizon.

"Y-yes I was!" The man pulled out a rapier and stood calmly as he looked at her. Ajani smirked, "Seems to me your a bit over your head with the task, are you not? You can't be more than a small pathetic youth out for a quick buck." She hesitated. She wasn't a kid killer. This man looked more like a youth than she had first noticed. He can't be more than his tweens. Now their sending children after me?! I'm insulted... Ajani looked at the man before her and the rapier in which he carried. "My age and occupation is none of your concern! Now, if you come quietly-" Before he could finish, Ajani had her sword to his throat. "As I said, your nothing but an ameture. Now, do you really think I'm going to give myself up to you? A lowlife common thief?" Her voice and tone could chill a summer day.

The young man dropped his rapier and trembled, his eyes filled with fear and his knees shaking. "A-are y-you going t-to k-kill m-me?" His shaking voice matched his shaking knees. Ajani didn't move a muscle. She could kill him, be done with him. She didn't need a child on her tail, nor did she need companionship. She glared at him. "I should. Hell, you came after me, I should take your head and add it to my collection." But with a sigh, she lowered her sword. Replacing it back into the sheath, she turned her back and went her horse; untying him, she turned back towards the stunned man.

"I don't kill children." She said as she started to walk away, then looking over her shoulder her voice became deadpan and very serious. "But if I see you on my trail again, or even feel like your on my trail again, I'll make an exception." She watched the young man nod before she turned away again.

The young man stood there for a moment, before picking up his rapier and putting it away. Pulling out the paper that had the "Wanted" words on it, he tore it up and tossed on the ground. With a glance all around himself, he took off after Ajani Kai, only this time, he wasn't out to get her reward, he wanted to join her.

Ajani stopped and looked into the sky, the stars were starting to show up in the sky something she always enjoyed and found peace in the stars. But the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she quickly whirled around, swords out and aimed at whoever was behind her. But she quickly stopped after seeing who it was. Does this kid have a death wish? She thought as she stood waiting for him to breath again after seeing her movement so quick and almost slicing him into a headless bloody heap.

"Didn't I tell you to stop following me? Do you want to die?" Her voice was hard and cold, when he held up a hand he sighed out a final breath and smiled. "I want to join you, not kill you or hunt you! I have no where to go, no one at home..." His voice trailed off as a sad look overtook his features. "No." Ajani resheathed her swords and climbed onto her horse. She sat ready to go, but the youth grabbed her saddle. "I can't kill, but I can cook! I can hunt, I'm excellent with a bow! I also know how to make potions for wounds or sores that may happen! Please, Ajani, please..." He was near tears as he looked at her.

Ajani Kai, cold blooded killer without mercy, felt pity for him. She saw herself in the young man's face. She glared at him, but her tone was softer. "If you get my way, I'll kill you." She nodded her head towards the back of the saddle and watched as he smiled and climbed quickly behind her. "You wont regret this! I'll make you the best squirrel stew you've ever had! Or better yet --" His excitement seemed to grow as they took off towards the center of the forest. He pointed out herbs and tree roots that would be helpful and aiding in any kind of illness.
Ajani sighed, finally they reached a clearing where they could make camp. "We'll camp here for tonight. Tomorrow we'll reach Lastner City. Do you know it?" She asked with a coldness that belied her exhaustion. She'd been traveling three days without rest. She was beginning to grow tired. Also, tonight was a full moon, she was not only tired, but weak with hunger. The young man hardly noticed as he prepared the camp. "Yes I know it. It's the hell hole of all of Deniara. Thugs of all kinds live there. Each with a million or more Denaria on their heads." He suddenly looked at Ajani and gulped. "You mean we're going there?!" She nodded but head her eyes. For they had turned from their green to blood thirsty red.

"Yes, now get some sleep... I'll go get some food." Ajani said as she stood up ready to leave, the young man shrugged, but then held up two rabbits he'd caught while hunting her. "I've got food here, no need to stress yourself..." He mumbled. Ajani growled low in her throat, "Do you know what I am? If you've been hunting me, you should know. Unless your still dimwitted and stupid like all the rest of the people of this country." Her voice was deeper, she stood in the shadows her eyes shielded as she looked at him.

He shook his head slowly. "I'm a half-breed, I require certain things on certain nights. Tonight is a full moon, I must have blood." By the fear in his eyes, she could tell he thought she was going to take blood from him. "I don't drink blood from humans unless I have no choice. That is why I said I will go get some food, now, will you be alright by yourself?" As soon as the words left her mouth she regretted it. The young man stood up and smiled. Boy did he have a smile! She thought as she watched him poke the fire with a stick. "Yes I'll be fine. Thank you. By the way, my name is Les." Ajani barely heard him as she took off into the darkness to feed...

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For those of you who have been following the story of Ajani Kai and my other character stories, thank you for your patience. I have been away from Gaia for some time, I apologize. However, I am back now and would like to continue writing my stories for my characters as I have been doing in the past.
Also, if you would like me too, I also write back-stories for other people's characters and such. If you happen to need a story for your characters history, let me know I'll be glad to give you one. Anyway, please enjoy the return of the ruthless, loveable and completely cool mercenary, Ajani Kai! Enjoy!

~ KittyGiggles