~Basic Information~
Name: The Jester aka Elliot Sanders
Age: 27
Gender: male
Race: human
-Skilled Hand to hand combat
-explosives expert
-poison maker
-quick temper

~Arch Nemesis~

- Together for Never by Zorosgirl11


Villain mode: ART REFRENCES x
Human: His hair is blonde and his eyes are honey brown. He prefers to wear stylish clothes when he's out of costume. He'll often be seen with sunglasses on his head as well.

~Fun Facts~
- the bells at the end of his hat are actually weighted so that when he spins he can try and hit an enemy and cause damage.

Because of his background, he's not a happy person. He is quick to anger. However, he is kind and loving to animals and small children. Despite his hard outer shell, he's a romantic at heart.


Born into a lowerclass family, Elliot's parents could barely put food on the table. When Elliot was 6, his mother became very ill and soon died. Elliot's father became depressed and angry at losing his wife. He started spending all their money on alcohol, and Elliot often went without dinner. Without his mother's income, and with his dad's new bad habit, the bills couldn't be paid. His dad soon turned to others for money, the lowlifes of Gotham. His debts grew higher and higher until they were drowning in them, So he found a solution. Right before Elliot turned 7, his father sold him to an under ground criminal gang that forced children into cage fights to the death, where others would place bets on the children. It was there that Elliot learned to fight and kill to survive. For three years he lived like that, and then he escaped when a rival gang attacked. He fled to the safety of The League of Assassins, where he furthered his skills in fighting. He stayed with them for many years before fleeing again when he realized the League wasn't for him. He tried to adapt to a normal life with a job as a designer, but found that boring. It was then he sought out the Joker as a way to entertain himself, and thus became The Jester.


When Jester isn't causing mischief with Joker, he's at all the hot spots of Gotham showing off his wealth and beauty. This was how he met the first love of his life. At the most popular night club, he saw a dark haired beauty sitting by himself nursing a drink. It was love at first sight. Hesitant at first, Jester, in his secret identity as Elliot Sanders, waited for over an hour before approaching his new found crush. Unlike his usual suave and sexy self, his words came out jumbled and he acted like a klutz. The dark hair man only laughed and then invited him to sit. They carried on talking all night. It was as if God had sent Elliot his own angel in the form of Nikolai Wolfe. His heart beat like crazy all night, and just a simple hand brush sent a red flush to his face. He loved it. This was what he had been missing all his life. After that night, the two met often. Eventually things got more serious. They dated, and made love to eachother. It was perfect, or so Elliot thought. He was out as Jester late one night when he saw his beloved Nikolai (Nikki). Bored with what he was doing, he followed his love, without him knowing since Nikki knew nothing of him being The Jester. That's when he saw it. His precious Nikolai transformed. His black hair turned snow white and his already blue eyes turned such a vibrant blue they practically glowed. He changed into a blue wet suite and put fin-shaped ear covers on. The love of his life was his worst enemy, Flood the sea-witch. Elliot was devastated. He came out from his hiding spot to confront Flood, and as such, revealed who he really was. The couple fought and both left with tears in their eyes, though neither shed them. Elliot's perfect love had come to an end.

Being apart from Nikolai caused Elliot to become deeply depressed. Continuously he was forced to see and fight the man who had stolen his heart, but he could not embraces the sea-witch as he wished to. Then one night, he had the worse dream possible. He dreamed that Nikolai had perished in a fight. Waking up in a cold sweat, Elliot swore off evil forever and swore he would do anything to get back his precious Nikolai.