~Basic Information~
Name: Flood aka Nikolai Wolfe
Age: 26
Gender: male
Race: sea witch
-Water manipulation. (water, ice, mist ect.)
-can control a person body through the water in it ( but he doesn't do that often because he finds it cowardly)
-can heal himself with clean water (polluted just hurts his injuries more)
-can make water from the moisture in the air
-can look in the future sometimes
-can take on a human form
-extreme heat (like where no water can exist)
-easily embarrassed

~Fun Facts~
-his fins are actually ear covers that show his royal status in the sea witch world. They detach to show regular human like ears.

~Arch Nemesis~

-Together for Never by Zorosgirl11


x- X - x
Human: same as his hero but with no markings and his hair is black. He'll wear almost anything except bright colors.

He's mostly a quiet guy and would rather use actions than words. Mostly he'll use facial expressions to tell you things (eye brow raise, head shake, ect.) He's a good guy down at heart and will do anything to protect those he lets get close to him, even sacrificing himself in the process.

Born thousands of years ago, Flood was born a sea witch with a dragon marking on his chest and neck, signaling that he'd grow up to be extremely powerful. He lead a peaceful life as the second son of the sea witch king. Around puberty, his great grandmother, a dragon sea witch as well, attacked his home and killed all of the sea witch species, including his betrothed. Flood was terrified of dying and by briefly tapping into his inner power, Flood was able to escape his grandmother while also wounding her. Receiving his own wounds, he slept until present day, awakened by disturbances in the world. At first, he nearly flooded several cities at his anger from being awakened. Then he met the Justice League. Now he's trying to assimilate into modern society by taking on the name Nikolai Wolfe and has taken up residence in Gotham, to stay close to his certain batty crush.


Flood had fallen for the cold yet kind being that was Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. He settled himself in Gotham to stay close to his crush, but eventually realized the dark knight would barely give him the time of day, let alone look at him as a potential lover. Flood became depressed at the realization of his one-sided love. Nightwing saw the witch's change in mood and suggested he do the common human custom of 'clubbing'. Having nothing to lose, he followed the younger man's directions and entered the club as his human persona of Nikolai Wolfe. Not long after he received his first drink, a flamboyant, good-looking, stylish young blond entered the club. Pretending not to notice, Nikolai nursed his same drink while knowing that the young man was watching him. Eventually, the young man approached him, and Nikolai could see how flustered he became in his presence. Amused by the human, Nikolai invited him to sit. The young man, Elliot Sanders, turned out to be, at Nikolai's surprise, a very pleasant person who had much in common with himself. Elliot was easily embarrassed by any amount of contact, a beautiful blush painted his cheeks. The more Nikolai got to know Elliot, the more he craved to posses the man as his. After that first night they met often, eventually turning from a casual friend to a serious relationship. He had to admit it, Nikolai was in love for the first time. But, with his terrible luck, his relationship came to an end. Elliot learned he was the hero, Flood, while he in turn was the villain, The Jester. The enemy was his beloved. They fought, but only with words. Even if they were enemies, they couldn't bring themselves to attack physically. They left each other, a dread in their hearts and their throats chocked with grief.