I dreamt of Mando again.

I had to go to his place for something important. His mother treated me with the same respect and kindness she had in the first visit. She and I chatted a bit before Mando came in. He sat next to me at the table. We barely said anything to each other. His entirety had changed. His hair was no longer well kept and looked dirty. He looked like he lost a lot of weight. I tried to stay quiet because I didn't want to force him to talk to me. I know he doesn't want to talk to me. But his mom is still talking to both of us. She brings out a box and says "This is a special treat picked out by someone who knows their stuff." Inside of the box is nothing but delicious looking cakes (Like japanese style cake). I get really excited.

I then received a text from Joanna asking how the place is. I walk away from the table so I don't end up causing a ruckus. When I return a lot of old people are sitting there. I have to sit even closer to Mando. It made me feel uncomfortable. He seemed fine with it though. only a few cakes were left on the table by the time I got back and I felt really awkward taking anything. The old people tried to pawn off a half eaten burger meat and cheese biscuit on me. It was so disgusting that I woke up.

I do wonder what this means...