Interesting dream this time.

I dreamt I stumbled upon a room Joanna was playing video games in. I sat down and joined her. There was a knock at the door and Jordan was there, her hair back in a bun of sorts. So we all started playing video games. There was another lighter knock at the door. I got up and checked who it was. It was Angela, who I haven't seen in over a year. I smiled and told her to come on in, but she told me come out, there was something she wanted to tell me. She told me she no longer wanted to see me in person. That there was nothing wrong, just she didn't want to be around me in person. I walked back in the room, the other girls asked if she'd be joining us, and I had to tell them no.

Partially a new dream. I went to the kitchen to go get some food. I was cooking and my mom looked over at me and asked how everything was going. I told her fine. But then she asked what Angela wanted and it kinda broke me inside.

New Dream. I was in a school and talking to all the kids around me. There was suddenly an emergency so everyone had to leave for the shelter. We all sat in it and waited. Apparently a few people had been slain and they were all starting to blame me for it. I had brought my lunch with me. I offered my pudding cup to the guy in front of me, who dug right in with his hand. Picking up up the pudding through his fingers. It was pretty weird.

NOTE: Lets see how long until she either tells me this in person or lets me know later online.