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Name: Leon Talbot

Guild Nickname: Zeus

Guild Ranking: A-Class

Age: Twenty-Four

Gender: Male

Magic Type: Lost Magic

Specialty: Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic

Personality: Leon is a lonewolf of sorts, he is relatively quiet. Extremely shy towards women and is alittle over confident towards his guildmates. Cocky and rash can be a way of explaining him when he fights, usually leads to him getting injured. He shows great respect towards the guild master. He is hard to get along with but if you manage to befriend him he will be someone who would die to save a friend in danger.

Sexuality: Straight

Rival: None yet, probably other Dragon Slayers

Crush: None/Too Shy to talk to girls

Most Compatible With: Not sure we will see how the rp goes

Guild Tattoo Location: On the back of his right fist

Puppeteer: Jiraiya Uzumaki IV