These are two new characters i have created for post apocalypse role plays

Name: Micheal Kings
Age: 25
Race: White
Career:Marine Sniper
marital status: Single
Bio: Parents died in service when micheal was young so he wanted to honor their memory by enlisting there he met his best friend whom might as well be his brother Larry. Micheal and Larry where selected for Black ops assignments when they showed above average skills with long distance weapons. He lost his sister in the service when she was only 19 and he was still in high school so he has nothing to lose and will do anything to complete his objective even if he had to cut off his own arm to do so. When he feels he must do something he will do it whether hell or high water and he will also go out of his way to help any woman or child as he remembers how hard his life was and doesn't want anyone else to suffer like he did
Description: 6'2'' short brown hair, and blue eyes, average and fit build.
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Name: Larry Burton
Age: 27
Career: Marine Corp Sniper Spotter
Marital Status: Single
Bio: Larry is a scruffy man, who doesn't take his job lightly he always puts work first and himself second, on the field he never fails always taking his sights down to the nearest tenth of a meter. Micheal is the only person Larry feels a connection too seeing as they both lost their families at young ages, Larry feels like Micheal is his baby brother and would kill to keep him safe. He is far from trusting someone he has just met and is overly cautious. He doesn't always approve of Micheal's rash and spontanious decisions but he would follow the man to hell and back for what ever it is Micheal wants for he himself has nothing to protect or to really live for other than the corp. He was hoping to find himself a wife after his discharge.
Description: Tall 5'11'' buzz cut black hair, gray eyes, firm jaw and build, sculpted muscles
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Here is a opening sample for these two characters

It was 0300 hours and Micheal steadied his rifle against the cold and dewy grass. The crisp chill pierced through his clothing making him shudder under his heavy gear. His spotter Larry prepared his sight directing Micheal to zoom his scope in on the western target of 750kilometers away. "Wind, 3 km west north west," Larry sighed "Rotate right 4 klicks and south 2. Micheal did as he was told, Larry might not be polite or even friendly but he was the best and Mike knew he could count on Larry covering him as he prepared his shot. The sun was beging to rise in the distant east and hints of light raced through the clouds. Micheal readied his rifle, placing one shell into the rifle and locking it in. Micheal let out a deep sigh, this was his 6th assassination this month, luckly he had Larry and Hawkeye. Hawkeye was his trusted rifle a custom bolt action Springfield 1919. Micheal closed his left eye and peared through his sight, his target coming into veiw, "Hold for 3" Larry muttered quietly as micheal let out another brief sigh before he steadied his trigger finger. "Beers on me after this?" Micheal mutters as he pulls the trigger crisp and cleanly and the target falls with a nickel sized hole in his forehead. They jump up like protocol says and pack their gear up and bug out, back up the mountain side hopefull to the lz that was 15klicks south west of their current position. Their target was now dead and they where on their way back to base and it was only 0430

Name:Jason "C.O." Spearehead
Bio:C.O. is a very mysterious and shady individual tho he has never crossed one of his agents, very few people actually believe they can trust him. He favors Agents Micheal Kings and Larry Burton as he believes they are two of the best, He has more knowledge about the virus then he tells people, for he knows where it even came from and how to treat it early on. Tho the only people he told this method too are Mike and Larry. Its a simple antibiotic spray and gunpowder applied to the skin then ignited. C.O. Has a special connection too his secratery/ second in command. She is like a daughter too him. He never lets anyone too close to either him or her.
Description: Tall 6'7'' Bulky but not fat, intimidating and very very quiet.

Name: Jenny Samson
Age: 23
Bio:Jenny is a special operative trained in black ops and guirella warfare, when asked to be second in command to Omega Six, she couldn't refuse, Although she may not be able to brag about her important job seeing as Omega Six doesn't officially exist. She knows she does more good in a day than most people do in a year. She looks up to C.O. like he is her late father. She has mixed emotions towards micheal as his joking attitude sometimes aggitates her. She hopes one day to find peace but it doesn't seem likely anymore.