Stage Structure

Each VS! stage is ten feet wide and a hundred feet in length. A barrier sections off the stage and is very solid. Different backgrounds will be provided for each VS! stage. In certain stages parts of barrier will look different. A weird distortion or color. These pieces can be broken and a character can be thrown through them for extra damage and a new stage.

Character Structure

Floating above each character is a teal colored bar that indicates the characters health status. No matter how low the Health Bar is your character will stay in peak condition until it empties out, which will result in a K.O.! Damage will be seen on characters but it is only superficial.

Floating below each character near the barrier will be SP bubbles. Each turn(post) a character will receive two bubbles. As it fills up your character can unleash a Super Attack(five bubbles), Ultra Attack(eight bubbles) or amp up(two bubbles) normal attacks for extra damage which results in the character shining during the combo. A character starts the round with zero bubbles.

One Super Attack and Ultra Attack can be picked from their personal Skill Book.


To win more rounds then your opponent by the time the round counter is up.