S.i.d.e S.c.r.o.l.l.er.

Game Structure

This game consists of multiple stages. The first three being just basic stages that progress you through the level. In these "stages" you will face obstacles and fight monsters, collecting exp and loot. The fourth stage is the boss stage. Where you will compete against a boss, its life bar will be lit up and so will its attack gauge. Properly blocking during the attack can result in less damage, sometimes.

At random a special encounter or a bonus stage can occur. These can be skipped but the reward of each one is worth the effort.

Stage structure

As the name suggests this is a side scrolling type of place. The width of the stage is about 40ft wide and you can see a background in the distance. A barrier cuts off the main stage from the background. It is possible to go through the barrier as it has some give, but it is not a wise decision. Monsters can be thrown out of the barrier for quick kills but less exp and loot are given.


To pass each stage without perishing. Secret passages can be found to skip stages or even pass whole games with extra look and exp. Keep your eyes out and use that imagination.