Three AM updates? ******** yes. How long has it been since one of those? Too long, I should think.

I'm extremely tired however so I don't plan on writing anything overtly elaborate.

To sum up my life as of late... I got a full-time job as a representative of NCS, which is a department connected to Bell whom assist dealers in making changes to accounts when their own software is malfunctioning or they simply do not have the capability. We also answer any inquires they or customers might have, track phones, and activate prepaid phones. It's an alright job, certainly much better then any I'd had before, and the pay isn't entirely bad. My coworkers are pretty neat and our employers treat us well to boot. I plan on sticking around until I traipse off to University to get my Law career plans underway.

In conjunction with that new bit of information, I've also moved out of my mother's house and into a two bedroom apartment with Azzy and Aaron. I get my own room and everything great, and got to bring my cat along with me. My only gripe is that rent is a bit pricy since me and Aaron split 50/50, but I agreed to that initially so nothing to do about that. Things are pretty swell all-in-all over here - it's wonderful to have company nearly whenever I like, I no longer have to listen to my brother being a colossal a*****e, and I get to do absolutely anything I want because s**t son it's my house. It's a good feeling to have.

Speaking of good feelings, a new relationship has been sparked up in my life very recently. Recently being just the other day, the 23rd of December marking it. I've finally gotten together with someone I've been pining after for a long time... but I was worried that it may never go anywhere, because he was incredibly avoidant of my advances and quite difficult to read otherwise. I suspected it was either disinterest or utter shyness, and it turned out to be the latter... thankfully for me! I usually don't fare so fortunately in love. He makes me feel so very... fuzzy inside. As though I'm fresh and new, experiencing things for the first time. I suppose it's because in his case that's true - I'm his first girlfriend. His reactions are indescribably adorable to me. My heart just melts right in my chest. I do truly believe I adore his shyness and the sincerity of his actions. He has a certain expressed affection I've been craving in a relationship, that men who are more ... ahem, experienced, seem to lack. Even though he doesn't live here, it doesn't matter to me, as long as I can see him every once in a while. Although I'll miss him so very much in between those times, and even now I miss him though he left only shortly ago, and so I dwell wistfully on our last encounter. Sigh.

I think he's worth it 100% though. He's the person I most want to be with, I know this for a fact. Well... let's not discuss Miles Edgeworth, since he's not a real person. Ha ha ha... Cough. I really really do like you, Matt. I have high hopes in this relationship's blossom.

I think that's enough gushing, but it was warranted in my opinion (which is the only opinion that matters in this journal.) Now I think I'll go to bed, because tomorrow I'm doing a Christmas thing with my father. I'm excited to give him the Armandi silk tie and cufflinks I bought him. My mother loved her necklace... money well spent, even though I was flat broke until I got Christmas money from relatives.

Until next I write.