Hmm, let's see... Wednesday we got a bunch of friends together and went tubing down the river. We played chicken again, and I carried my friend on my shoulders and just walked down the river for what seemed like FOREVER! It wasn't too bad, actually, but now my shoulders are way sore. When we got to the beach, where we were getting out, we had sloppy joes and beef dip. That night eight of us girls stayed overnight at a friends place, and at like, 1:30 in the morning we were up trying on her brother's clothes. We put on his hoodies and two of them put on his hoodies, hats, sunglasses, jeans, and shoes. We looked so gangsta! When we pulled our hair up (well, they did, mine's too short), and put on the hats and pulled the hood up, you couldn't even tell we were girls, it was so fun. Apparently we were being too loud, though. We didn't even notice, until the landlady came downstairs and knocked on the door. We all froze, and then the girl who lived there answered the door and rest of us, for some reason, booked it into the bathroom XD. There were seven of us squished into her tiny bathroom. We heard them talking and then she opened the door an she was like, "She wants you guys to leave." And we were like, "....." and she was like, "I don't think she knows your minors and don't live around here and can't just walk around in the middle of the night. So if we're really quiet she won't know you're still here." So then we went back into the living and we were all super quiet. One of us coughed an the rest of us were like "SSSHHHHH" Haha, it was so fun. Then in the morning we went hiking up this creek thing, in bare feet, and there were like, huge boulders and stuffs we had to climb over. I loved it so much.