How many of you can say you've almost stepped on an intestine! Not many, I bet. I can! So, I went down to the river today with my friend's dog. Went down to the water, let her off the leash, stepped in. It was so nice. Then I noticed, 'hey, that's a LOT of minnows.' Seriously, they were everywhere. Huge school of them. Then I looked down and voila! Animal innards strewn all over. Well, okay, not really all over, but, you know, they were spread out in the area. It was sooooo gross. Do you want details? No? Well, too bad for you! Not that I can give all that many, but still. That's beside's the point. So there was the intestine in front of me, at least, what I think was an intestine. I mean, it looked pretty intestine-like. Then there was something that might have been a liver or something, I don't know, and there was some other unidentifiable piece of innards. Unidentifiable because by this point I was pretty much focused on getting myself and the dog out of the water.