Helios and his group had been traveling from town to town for a while. Helios had heard about a martial arts tournament that was being held up in the next town. When he had gotten there he had found out that it was a team tournament and that he needed one more person to compete in the tournament.

Feeling that he had gone there for nothing he decided to hit the bar for a drink. When he got to the bar though he could hear a commotion happening. He went inside and found that a couple of people were ganging up on a person he couldn't tell who it was because of the large mass of people.

He decided to go help the person out rushing over to the spot he did a split kick knocking two of the opponents out. He saw that in the middle of the fight was his friend Ada. “Ada what did you do to get these guys pissed at you?” “I did absolutely nothing they got pissed because I beat all of them in an arm wrestling match and called all of them wusses.” “Figured it would be something like that.”

Helios, Ada and Lily fought off the group. Ada had ended up putting one of the guys head through the wooden wall. Helios breaking one table from throwing a guy onto it and Lily breaking a chair over a guy back. It was safe to say the bartender was not happy and kicked everybody out of the bar.

Helios realized that Ada would be a good partner for the tournament. “Say Ada do you feel like entering a martial arts tournament with my group?” Ada smiled and said “Sure that sounds like a lot of fun.” So the group went and entered the tournament. The fighters in the tournament were all good, there were a few rookies but overall it was going to be a good tournament. As the fights went on Helios, Lily and Ada won fight after fight. Though the group came close to losing in a few of their fights they were able to make it to the finals.

Helios was the first one up for his team. He was facing off against a kick boxer who was very skilled. The two shake hands and the fight started. The kick boxer went for a side kick but Helios was able to avoid it. Helios in return went for a leg swipe. His opponent jump over it and sent a kick towards his head. Barely able to get the block up in time Helios was able to block it but was sent off balance. Seeing that his opponent was off balance the kick boxer went for an ax kick. Helios saw his opponent coming and jumped towards his opponent catching him in the middle of the kick and taking him to the ground. Helios then put his opponent in a leg lock. The man tried to get out of the submission but was unable to and gave up. Helios helps his opponent up and went to his side to watch the match between Lily and her opponent.

Lily was up against a judo type fighter. She knew that this type of fighter would mostly rely on throwing techniques. Still she felt that she could win. The fight started and Lily rushed her opponent launching a wave of punches at the guy. The judo fighter was able to dodge most of Lily’s punches but got caught by a few of them. He eventually grab Lily’s arm and put her in an arm bar. Lily knew how to get out of such a submission but every time she was out of one submission the guy ended up putting her into another type of submission. Eventually Lily was stuck in a triangle choke the guy had it in tight too. Lily was starting to lose and had to give up.

The last match would decide the winner. Ada step into the ring drinking a little bit of her liquor she was up against a man that used the iron fist style. Ada got into the drunken monkey stance and went on the attack. Her opponent had a hard time trying to predicting Ada’s moves. She attacks him at different kinds of angles. He had went for a kick and she and fallen down and appeared to be sleeping. He knew that this was some sort of trick by the drunken master but didn’t know what to expect. Ada suddenly moved her legs knocking her opponent off his feet. Ada then did a flip which landed on her opponent’s stomach knocking him out.

The tournament was over and they had won. It turned out that the prize was a lot of money and a trophy. “Come guys let’s celebrate!” Ada then dragged Helios and Lily to a bar were all three ended drinking into the night.