Helios and his group enter the dome. Helios saw that he was facing Lixaju again. Helios was about to step up when Lily step in front of him. "Lily what are you doing?" "I want to face her master." "Are you sure." "Yes I'm sure master." "Ok Lily she's all yours." Helios step back and allowed Lily to step up.

"So you’re the one that I will have the pleasure of pleasing." "Yes but that will come after I beat you. I remember when you shot me during our last encounter I want a little payback for that shot." "Oh, well let's see if you can do that." Lily then brought out her bamboo staff and charged at Lixaju. Lixaju was able to dodge and came back at Lily with her giant needle. Lily blocks it with her staff and pushed her back. Lixaju then reached into her back pocket and pulled out a vial and threw it at Lily except it went a little long and was heading towards Helios. "Master look out!" but the warning came a little too late. The vial hit Helios dead center; soon he was covered in smoke. When the smoke cleared Helios wasn't a he anymore but a she.

"What was in that vial?" "It was supposed to be some knock out gas but it looks like I tossed one of the experimental potions that I was looking for. I didn't think it would have this affect." "What are you guys talking about...Wait a minute why does my voice sounds a little high?" "Um master you might find this hard to believe but well just touch your chest." "What do you mean just touch my...why do I have breast don't tell me that potion change me into a girl!" "Yes that's what happens master or should I say mistress?" "Why do things like this always happen to me? Oh well it's not like it hasn't happen before." Lixaju looked at Helios slack jawed and said. "This happen to you before?" "Ya I know a witch who constantly change people’s gender. It's just that it has been a while since something like this happen to me."

"Well I must say that you do look nice as a girl." "I have to agree and I know how to take advantage of this." Lily then released her Lust Dust affecting Lixaju and Helios to his surprise. Soon the dome was felled with moans. Hours later Lixaju was on the arena floor out like a light with a smile. Helios was barely standing considering it was his or should I say her first time doing something like that with Lily holding her up. "Ok that was different but I have to admit it was fun." "We going to have more fun later on mistress and continue to do so." "I'm ok with that Lily but I do need to find a way to change back to my normal self.