Chapter 7- The blank river
As we walk iIremember that one of the hideouts is near the Yellowrock lake, nect to The River of Blood, thats what the nickname was because of the war. Now it's the first stop of our mission, Lyan was walking in a fast pase, ahead of ours. "LYAN STAY IN FORMATION! WE DONT KNOW WHATS BEYOND THIS AREA NOW!" I said, he didnt respond. "LYAN YOUR BEING A FOOL" said Tyl. "LISTEN TO THE LEADER" Jim said.
"IF YOU WANT TO COMPLEAT THIS MISSION THEN LET ME TAKE LEAD!!!" Lyan said finaly, like he's all of a sudden the leader.
On his right leg, a bomb exploded. "LYAN!!!!" said Jim and Tyl. I looked up and i say a strange figure in the trees, was that him?