First we have Marinsa, the bitchy, sarcastic leader.

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Name: Unumei Marinsa
Age: 793, looks 23
Race: Half wolf demon, quarter human, quarter fire demon
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Relatives: half brothers: Kamotsu and Dante, half sisters: Taneka and Sora, brother: Bukaru
Quotes: “s**t happens.” “Leave me alone.”
Clothing Style: Mature, comfortable. If it's around the house it's usually something simple, a tank top and jeans, something like that. When going out, it's very nice and clean. If she wears skirts they're usually long. However she loves schoolgirl plaid skirts. Those ore often a little shorter. She tries to be decently conservative. Will show cleavage and a little stomach, but not very much.
Physical Description: Tall, very curvy. Muscular build. Broad shoulders. Small feet. Long black hair, two bunches part in the middle of her bangs and hang on each side of her face. She has medium sized eyes with long lashes. Large bottom lip, feminine jaw. She has a small deep red curved scar under her left eye. She always wears a beaded necklace with a wolf's tooth on it. There is an X tattoo running around her upper left arm.
Mental Description: Sarcastic, easily annoyed. She’s a very cynical person. It takes a lot to get her to like you. She’s usually in a very serene mood, but it’s not hard to annoy her and set her off.
Must Draws: Necklace with a wolf's tooth and some pearl-like jewels. You can mess with the necklace a little, but make sure it has at least five jewels and only one tooth. Small curved scar under her left eye. Two crossing lines that wraps around her left arm.

Relationships With Other Characters:
Bukaru: Her brother. She cares about him greatly, and more than anything she wants to save him, but deep down knows she can't. He is uncontrolabley in love with her. He wants to protect her and care for her, but is afraid of what else he might do. He hates himself for it, too.
Hiro: They were once a couple, a happy one. But Hiro broke up with her so now it's a little akward between them. The reason Hiro broke up with her, is becuase he has the ability to see the future. He saw that she would one day meet Shadow, and he wanted her to be with him instead.
Shadow: They are currently a couple. They are really perfect for each other. Marinsa loves him with everything she has. She can really be herself around him. Shadow cares deeply for Marinsa, but makes sure she has her freedom. He doesn't seem very preotective, but it's mainly because he knows she can take care of herself.
Ryoko: Marinsa secretly looks up to Ryoko. the two are very good friends and talk about everything. They often play chess and read together. Ryoko is one of Marinsa's best friends.
Sora: Marinsa's half sister. As much as she annoys Marinsa and Marinsa attempts to kill her, she is very protective of Sora. She almost views Sora as her daughter. Sora looks up to Marins even more than she looks up to Kamotsu. She bugs her so much to see Marinsa's reactions because she wants to be just like her one day, except nice.
Willow: Never really has been able to like her. She accepts her because Sora really likes her, but she has no respect at all for Willow. Willow, Ryoko, Sora and Marinsa are good friends however, and spend a lot of time together. Willow doesn't much care for Marinsa either. So it's a mutual annoyance.
Taneka: The newest member of the family. Marinsa recently found her, and honestly is a little scared of her, but loves to listen when Taneka goes on one of her rants. Taneka likes Marinsa, but thinks she's too serious.
Dante: They have a great relationship. They joke around and train together. And just generally love eachothers company. She cherishes his friendship and love for her, though they fight a lot. Dante wants to protect Marinsa so much. She helped him get revenge for his Master, and now all he wants is for her to be happy. He is very protective of her.
Oni: Hatred. She absolutely despises him. She wants to do everything she can to kill him without killing Bukaru. Oni loves Marinsa in the sickest way imaginable. He loves causeing her pain and hearbreak and does everything he can to do so. He does however deeply love her does not want her to die. He just wants her all for himself.
Kamotsu: A lot like her relationship with Ryoko. They debate together and read together. A very intelligent relationship. She usually goes to him when she needs comforting. He taught her a lot of her training techniques. Kamotsu respects Marinsa more than anyone else, because of everything she's gone through, and what a strong person she still is.
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Now, we have , the spectacular muscleman, Kamotsu.

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Name: Kamotsu Tulanu
Age: 827, looks 20
Race: human turned angel
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 260 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Relatives: half brothers: Bukaru and Dante, half sisters: Taneka and Marinsa, sister: Sora
Quotes: “It’s okay.” “Things are so good.”
Clothing Style: Simple, comfortable. Usually a sleevless shirt and jeans. Almost always sandles. Just make sure it's simple, easy-going.
Physical Description: Tall, very muscular. Bulging muscles! He has a long dragon tattoo wrapping around his torso and chest. Two long jagged scars wrap over his shoulders on each side. He usually wears sleeveless colored shirts. Baggy pants or shorts and thong sandals. His hair is short but thick. He has rough bangs with two short messy bunches covering his ears.
Mental Description: Very kind and optimistic. He’s always smiling and happy. Even with the horrible injustices in his life he is still a very kind open person. He seems naïve but is actually the most mature one of the group.
Must Draw: Large Dragon tattoo wrapping around his stomach and chest(Does not have to be detailed, an outline is fine). Two large. thick scars starting from the shoulder blade and going around over the shoulder and ending above the armpit. They're from getting wings ripped out of him from the front.

Relationships With Other Characters:
Bukaru: Kamotsu isn't sure if he trusts Bukaru or not. If he's around, which isn't very often becuase Oni is usually in control, he stands very close to Marinsa in cause Buakru reverts back to Oni. Bukaru actually looks up to Kamotsu, and wishes he could be as good of a brother.
Hiro: Kamotsu and Hiro get along very well. They're often found training together or sitting by a waterfall and talking. They have a lot in common and enjoy eachother's company. Secretly Hito has been trying to get the angels that took away Kamotsu's wings to give them back, because he was falsely accused.
Shadow: Kamotsu really likes Shadow. He thinks he's one of the few men that have been after Marinsa that aren't fake. He respects him and gives him lots of advice, which Shadow doesn't really need but acts thankful anyway. Shadow thinks Kamotsu is a little annoying, but respects him as a fighter. They have learned a lot from eachother.
Ryoko: Secretly Kamotsu actually has a thing for Ryoko. He'll get a little nervous around her and tries to impress her a lot. She notices but says nothing because she's so shy. She actually has a crush on him as well. They play shogi and Go a lot.
Sora: He absolutely adores his little sister and she adores him right back. She respects him so much and loves him even more. He's her hero and she was devastated when he died. But when she died a year later and met up with him, she couldn't be happier. He was unhappy. His little sister had died a child. He was very dissapointed, but was glad to be with her. And still is. He takes good care of him and she tried to take care of him back.
Willow: He's not a fan of Willow's. She has a huge crush on him and is constantly trying to get in his pants. He's very good at avoiding her. The main reason she wants him is because he wants Ryoko.
Taneka: He's still unsure about Taneka. Even though she's his half-sister he's kind of suspicious of her. Taneka senses this and likes to mess with him using it.
Dante: Kamotsu and Dante are great friends. They go on explorations and little adventures together all the time. They often take Tonu, a large pny-sized Wol friend with them. The three of them are together a lot.
Oni: Kamotsu hates Oni so much he wouldn't mind killing Bukaru to kill Oni. Oni uses Kamotsu against Marinsa all the time. He once tried to control Kamotsu and have him hurt Marinsa, but Kamotsu was too strong for him.
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Next is Sora, the spunky, crazy kid.

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Name:Sora Tulanu
Age: 814, looks 8
Race: human turned angel
Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 124 lbs
Hair Color: Reddish Orange
Eye Color: Green
Relatives: half brothers: Bukaru and Dante, half sisters: Taneka and Marinsa, brother: Kamotsu
Quotes: “Let’s play!” “Yippee!”
Clothing style: Wild, pink, fun. She wears strange outfits. Mulptiple bright colors, lots of layers. Just whatever she feels like. She can look really slutty(because of advice from Willow) or very mature(becuase of advice from Marinsa). SO just go for it. Her usual outfit are jeans and a t-shirt.
Physical Description: Short. Feminine build. Large butt and very large breasts even though she’s only eight. Her hair is long and thick. It’s held back in two small ponies on either side of her face, but only some of it is held back. She has two small wing tattoos on her shoulder blades.
Mental Description: Very cheerful and playful. She always wants to move and play. She can’t stand being in one place for a long period of time. She likes to change things around a lot. She loves getting on Marinsa’s nerves.
Must Draw: Two cartoony angel wing tattoos on either shoulder blade.

Relationships With Other Characters:
Bukaru: Sora really like Bukaru. She doesn't exactly understand that the love he has for Marinsa is worng. Or maybe she doesn't want to. Whenver Bukaru is actually around they play together. Bukaru like Sora because she doesn't judge him. She never has any fear or sadness in her eyes when she's around him.
Hiro: They don't really notice eachother much. But Sora will bug him when she's really bored. She never gets a reaction so she leaves him alone most of the time.
Shadow: Very similar to her relationship with Hiro. Except when she bugs Shadow he leaves. Never says anything, just drops his things and leaves. Sora annoys him. A lot.
Ryoko: Sora babbles a lot and Ryoko is one of the only people that actually listens. When Ryoko is cooking Sora will follow her around talking about everything that runs through her mind. Ryoko enjoys these sessions because it gives her something to think about. Ryoko views Sora as the little sister that Willow was supposed to be.
Willow: Sora and Willow are great friends. They talk all the time and dress up together. The main reason Willow likes Sora is becuase Sora likes her. Not very many other people do.
Taneka: Sora gets along well with Taneka. They play and laugh and actually have a lot in common.
Dante: Sora and Dante watch a lot of T.V. together. And they'll go for walks together, but they don't talk much. Dante looks a little bit like the boy she once loved. When she's being senimental she'll follow him around. She told him about the boy once and now he lets her do whatever she wants.
Oni: Sora doesn't really understand who or what Oni is. He uses her a lot to torture Marinsa. But, Sora just though he was another bad man that they have to defeat.
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And now, Dante, our brazen hero... Well, we let him think that.

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Name: Dante
Age: 805, looks 18
Race: half wolf demon, quarter human, quarter fire demon
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 215 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Relatives: half brother: Kamotsu, half sisters: Sora, brother: Bukaru sister: Marinsa
Quotes: “Very cool.” “Alright!”
Clothing Style: Cut-off sleeves, baggy pants, very rugged looking.
Physical Description: Tall, very muscular. Shaggy hair. Large jagged X-shaped scar on left arm. Cutoff sleeveless short kimono. Cutoff shorts. Carries a katana and a huge specialized sword.
Mental Description: Kind and easy going. He’s pretty simple, but is very friendly. He is angered easily, but can control himself. He’s very protective of Marinsa.
Must Draw: X-shaped scar of right shoulder.

Relationships With Other Characters:
Bukaru: Hates Bukaru, even though he knows Bukaru isn't a bad person. He just keeps thinking that if it weren't for Bukaru, Marinsa wouldn't be so hurt in the first place. He acts like he like Bukaru and wants to save him, but really he just wants Marinsa happy. Bukaru is very jealous of Dante. He wishes that he could love his sister like Dante does.
Hiro: Dante and Hiro are best friends. They started out as rivals, and in a way still are. But they also love eachother very much. They train together and go on adventures, they even hit on girls together. They are the definition of best friends.
Shadow: Dante and Shadow usually get along very well. They mainly just go out and train and teach eachother new techniques. Tehy don't do much talking. But they respect each other very much.
Ryoko: Dante always had a thing for Ryoko, but he knew that he wasn't good enough for her and he knew Kamotsu liked her, too. Instead they are just good friends and spend hours just talking.
Willow: Willow has a thing for Dante. And it's more than just because he likes Ryoko. Dante doesn't like Willow. At all.
Taneka: Dante doesn't know what to think of Taneka. They're both still getting used to one another. He thinks it's kind of freaky how much she looks like Marinsa.
Oni: Dante hates Oni even more than he hates the people who tortured and killed his master. He hadn't even met Oni and he hated him. DAnte wants to single-handedly kill Oni, but knows he isn't strong enough. Oni is acutally slightly afraid of Dante. They've gone at it so many times and come to a draw so many times, that he isn't sure he can beat him.
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After him is Taneka, the bipolar newbie.

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Name: Taneka Unumei
Age: 785, looks 18
Race: half fire demon, half human
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Relatives: half brother: Kamotsu, half sister: Sora, brother: Bukaru sister: Marinsa
Quotes: “Howdy!” “I’m gonna scream!!!”
Clothing Style: Anything. Seriously.
Physical Description: Slender. Very girly body. Not too big of hips, small breasts, small feet. Rarely wears similar clothing. She has the same X tattoo as Marinsa. She has short, shaggy hair that parts slightly in the middle. Her eyes are wide, yet seem to always be schemeing something. She has very pink lips, and tan skin with rosy shoulders, elbows, knees and cheeks.
Mental Description: She's kind, usually pretty quiet. She likes to impersonate others and play tricks. However the slightest event or object can trigger a sudden change. She has bi-polar tendencies. They usually result in her running around screaming and hitting objects.
Must Draw: Two crossing lines that wrap around her right arm.

Relationships With Other Characters:
Bukaru: Never met, but Taneka hears about him a lot. She's actually thinking about going to find him on her own.
Hiro: Taneka has a slight crush on Hiro, but is too afraid to tell anyone. She likes how calm he is all the time, but still a good guy. She wants balance like that in her life.
Shadow: Same as with Sora. When Taneka starts bugging him he leaves,
Ryoko: Taneka wants to be just like Ryoko and often imitates her. As flattered as Ryoko is, she hates cleaning up the messes Taneka makes when trying to cook.
Willow: They get along very well. Willow will dress her up and take her out and Taneka loves the attention.
Oni: Never met, but Taneka hears about him a lot. She's actually thinking about going to find him on her own...
More References:
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Now, onto Bukaru, the meek little big brother.

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Name: Bukaru Unumei
Age: 798, looks 18
Race: Half fire demon, Half human
Height: 6'2"
Wieght: 175 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light Blue
Relatives: half brothers: Kamotsu and Dante, half sister: Sora, sisters: Marinsa and Taneka
Quotes: “Soon enough..." "Don't be afraid." "I'll take care of you"
Clothing Style: Button-up shirts, sweaters or t-shirts, and jeans or slacks. Pretty simple, but very nice.
Physical Description: Tall, slender. Slightly defined muscle tone. When human has two small diagonal lines going around his upper left arm that cross, like Marinsa's. Usually wears t-shirts and button up shirts with tight jeans, or kimono and hakama. Can have either short neat hair with large fluffy bangs and small tufts of hair in front of each ear(human form only), or long wavy thick hair with large fluffy bangs with two long tufts of hair in front of each ear, usually pulled back into a loose ponytail if long.
Mental Description: He is ruled by his split personality Oni. Like MArinsa the blood caused one to form, but unlike Marinsa he only got one. He has little to no control over it and it has one purpose, to make AMrinsa his. Both he and Oni are in love with Marinsa. It tortures Bukaru becuase he knows it's wrong, but Oni is fueled by it. Bukaru is a decent, shy boy. He only wants to help and be needed. His love for Marinsa is stronger than anything else in his life. When it's really dangerous he's usually able to stop Oni and get away.
Must Draw: Two crossing lines that wrap around his right arm.

Relationships With Other Characters:
Hiro: Never really got to know eachother, Hiro's kind of afraid of him.
Shadow: Shadow tries not to talk to, or about Bukaru.Truthfully he wishes he would just go away. Never show up again. And Bukaru can tell. He's petrified of Shadow.
Ryoko: Ryoko feels very sorry for Bukaru, but never says anything to him. The few times they've met he's mentioned he respects her and thanks her for taking care of Marinsa, but that's the extent of conversation.
Willow: Doesn't know much about her because Marinsa never talks about her. Willow doesn't know much about Bukaru becuase she doesn't care.
Oni: Absolute fear and hatred. He always does whatever Oni tells him to., except when it comes to Marinsa. Oni wishes he could get rid of Bukaru, but knows he needs him.
More References:
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And, next, is Oni, the villan. Well, that's not actually a strong enough word, but whatever.

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Name: Oni Unumei
Age: 798, looks 18
Race: Half fire demon, Half human
Height: 6'2"
Wieght: 175 lbs
Hair Color: Black w/ grey streaks
Eye Color: Silver
Relatives: half brothers: Kamotsu and Dante, half sister: Sora, sisters: Marinsa and Taneka
Quotes: "Hello, Dear Sister." "Don't you dare turn away from me!" "Coward!"
Clothing Style: Black Kimono, casual suit or button-up shirt and jeans.
Physical Description: Tall, slender. Slightly defined muscle tone. Long wavy thick hair with large fluffy bangs. Two thin wavy bits of hair and either side of face. Always has either a scowl or devilish grin on his face.
Mental Description: Bukaru's split-personality, he controls Bukaru most of the time unlike Marinsa's personalities. He is in love with MArinsa in the most sadistic and nasty way. He tortures Bukaru becuase Bukaru knows it's wrong, while Oni is fueled by it. He only wants to cause Marinsa pain. He wants to be able to control and imprsion her.
Must Draw: Grey streaks in his hair. No tattoo.

Relationships With Other Characters:
Hiro: Oni has no opinion toward Hiro. Hiro despises Oni, just like everyone else.
Ryoko: Oni once abducted Ryoko. He actually enjoyed her company and doesn't mind Ryoko. He usually leaves her alone now. Ryoko has used his liking her against him a few times to help Marinsa escape. She hides the fact that she thinks Oni could become a good person, at the same time as hating herself for thinking it.
Willow: No opinion either way.
Shadow: Oni wants to kill Shadow. And vice versa. Shadow wants to do everything in his power to torture Oni. To make him feel what he's made Marinsa feel. But he knows Marinsa needs to figure out things for herself.
More References:
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After that, is Shadow, the quiet loner.

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Name: Shadow
Age: 554, looks 25
Race: Human
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Quote: "Mhhm."
Clothing Style: T-shirts button up shirts and jeans. Dark colors. Trench Coat Jackets.
Physical Description: Tall, skinny, but well defined. He wears a long black trench coat, jeans, t-shirt and black tennis shoes. He has short shaggy black hair that is usually covered by a backwards baseball hat or a fedora. He wears sleek red pair of sunglasses, if someone were to see his eyes their heart would immediately stop.
Mental Description: Quiet, serious. He doesn’t talk much, but always has a smirk on his face. He is very content with his life. He isn’t angered easily, but also isn’t afraid to voice his opinion. He’s is very patient and likes to help out a lot. He and Marinsa are a couple if you wanna draw couple art.
Must Draw: Try to draw the hat but if you can't oh well, but he always has to be wearing sunglasses. If you need a reference look at Oakly Halfjackets.

Relationships With Other Characters:
Hiro: They hang out together and he's taught Hiro a few knife fighting techniques but that's about the end of it.
Ryoko: Ryoko is another of the few people that Shadow likes. The only thing that he doesn't like about ehr is how naive she always seems. But somehow he understands that she isn't naive. She just acts that way. He taugh her almost everything he knows about knife fighting. She's very good at it, mainly because she's also a cook.
Willow: He taught her knife fighting along with Ryoko. He finds her gross and annoying, but likes the fact she doesn't lie about herself and is a very honest and open person. Willow wants to bang him, mainly to piss Marinsa off.
More References:
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Lesse, then who? Oh, yes, Hiro, the all around nice guy.

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Name: Hiro
Age: 764, looks 18
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 214 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Quotes: "Whoo, we're having fun now!"
Clothing Style: Tshirts and jeans or shorts. Pretty simple.
Physical Description: Tall, muscualar. He has very short brown hair. Big beautiful green eyes. A long scar estends from the left side of his forehead to the right side of his chin, across his nose. He wears plain white t-shirts, and baggy jeans. Normally he walks around barefoot.
Mental Description: He's simple. Very simple. He's kind and loving. A bit of a doofus. He's definitly the comic relief. He's always trying to make people laugh and smile. He talks a lot and has a slightly high pitched voice. He's very strong and likes to show off. He and Marinsa used to have a relationship.
Must Draw: Long scar from the left side of his forhead to the right side of his chin, right across his nose.

Relationships With Other Characters:
Ryoko: He thinks Ryoko is a very kind nice woman, but she's just a little to boring for his tastes. Ryoko has taught him a little bit about cooking and now he helps her with her chores. They're good friends.
Willow: He actually likes Willow. He loves her free spirit, and her frankness. And he loves staring at her butt and chest. He's also a legs guy. Willow really like Hiro. But she likes him for him, not for some hidden reason. This kind of scares her.

And, now we have Ryoko, like a mother to all.

User Image

Name: Ryoko
Age: 660, looks 20
Race: Half Elf, Half Fairy
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Relatives: sister: Willow
Quotes: "Oh, my!" "Marinsa, please stop trying to kill your sister."
Clothing Style: Almost always dresses, and they have to be at least knee length. She hates short skirts. If she wears pants at all they'll be capris. Usually spaghetti strap shirts or dresses.
Physical Description: Medium height, frail, slender figure. Hourglass shape. Shoulder length hair. Bangs with two bunches of hair in front of each ear. She has broad pointed ears, not much longer than a normal human ear. Wears knee length spaghetti starp dresses with aprons. Slip on shoes. Squarish beautiful eyes. Small gentle face. Always smiling.
Mental Description: She's the kindest, most selfless one of the group. She often acts as a mother figure, even for those older than her. She does most of the cooking and cleaning. She also spends a lot of time keeping Marinsa and Sora from killing eachother. She will sometimes bring in stray or injured animals and care for them until they can take care of themselves, which annoys Marinsa. She is liked by everyone but her sister, Willow.
Must Draw: Multiple slash-like scars covering her upperback.

Relationships With Other Characters:
Willow: She still holds a grudge for all the things Willow did to her, but since she's her little sister she takes care of her. She tells Hiro lots of nice things about her becuase she thinks if Willow and Hiro get together, Willow will become a better person.
More References:
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And last, but not... no, wait, least, we have Willow, the sassy, b***h.

User Image

Name: Willow
Age: 655, looks 20
Race: Fairy
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Brownish red
Eye Color: Brown
Relatives: sister: Ryoko
Quotes: "Hey, there..." "You can be almost as pretty as me." "Oh, COME ON!"
Clothing Style: Short skirts/shorts, or tight pants. She loves boots. Low cut shirts. Always dresses birghtly.
Physical Description: She's tall and skinny. Has broad shoulders and wide hips. Long slender legs. Her hair is a little past her shoulders. Slight wave at the tips. Two thin segements frame her face. She wears very revealing outfits. Mainly mini skirts with sleeveless shirts and high heels or boots. However she changes her style often. The only thing that stays constant is the fact that she shows off her legs. She has thing eyes with long eye lashes. She wears a lot of makeup, emphasizing her lips, which are very thin, but dark.
Mental Description: She's a mean selfish person. But only to people she doesn't like. She can be rude, and bossy. She thinks she is the most attractive, beautiful person in the world. She and Sora hang out together a lot. She tries to give Sora style tips, which just angers Marinsa, who says Willow is corrupting her. Willow doesn't get along well with anyone in the house but Sora and Taneka. Mainly because they are so naive. Marinsa and Ryoko will be nice to Willow, but only if she's been good.
Must Draw: Nothing specific.
More References:
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