There are two main stories to The Key Of Life, The Beginning, and the Marinsa Project.

Long ago, a priestess of distant world learned of an incredible power she possessed. A power that could save the world…or destroy it. This priestess was a seer. She had the ability to see into the future. She knew that her world would one day destroy itself. The humans upon it would use up it’s resources, and war over the few that remained. And, this good priestess attempted to tell the leaders of this ‘technologically advanced world’. But, society had all but abolished religion. They did not believe her. They thought she was insane.
But, the priestess yearned to use her power for good. If she could learn to control it, she could stop the war that had overwhelmed her world. She could make the evil rulers of the land turn good again, and remember the Old Ways. Remember how they helped, not controlled. The Old Ways let the people of the world decide their own fates. There were no computers, no kings. But, power and money do awful things to humans.
So, the priestess made a special key. She made a key capable of holding all her power. If the key had the powers that she did it could unlock a new world. A clean, untarnished world. And, though she would no longer have the power, she would be the holder of the key. She would allow only the good men of the world through the door. And they would create a new, better home.
After the key and the door were made the priestess prepared to put her power into this key. But instead of just the power she put in her soul as well. As her immobilized body crumpled to the floor, the key was dropped. She reached her frail, tired hand toward the key. Stretched her fingers, desperately reaching for it. If the wrong person found it, they would hold the power to create anything they wanted. They could…have anything they wanted.
But the key fell to the ground, bouncing just slightly from the priestess’ reach. It continued to slide across the slick marble floor, seemingly pulled by a string. Ever so slowly, as if it had a mind of it's own, the key slipped under the door. She was horrified. It was lost in the vastness of time and space. And if it was lost in those infinite worlds… Whomever found it would have complete access to the entire universe.
The priestess sighed in relief. Because of her soul placed in the key as well, it could feel. It would know that staying stationary could not be allowed. The key would have to not only shift its shape into disguises, but it would have to change its location frequently. And the key would know to travel the worlds at random to keep from being discovered. So, the priestess sighed… She let her head drop down gently onto the cool ground. It was going to be okay. Everything was going to be okay. And, so, the priestess died that day, knowing the universe was safe because very few can learn to travel between those worlds… Until now.

A family was brought together by one man. This man’s name was Kiba. He was half human and half fire demon. Fortunately, the demon within him was suppressed by the kind heart of his human side and he was able to live normally. Well, able to try. He learned at a young age he was able to World Shift. After an unthinkable number of years he was finally able to truly settle down and live an easy normal life. And it went well. He was happy. He had come to a simple, yet modern world. He met a young human woman by the name of Chilatsu Tulanu. They had a son and eleven years later a daughter was born. However, at the young age of 18 their son, Kamotsu was taken from them. And only a year later so was their daughter, Sora. Unfortunately the loss of both children caused Chilatsu to fall into a deep depression and she killed herself.
Determined to live a happy life Kiba forced himself to move on. He traveled to another world, meeting a woman by the name of Karin. They had a son as well, whom they named Dante. But, once again fate refused to let Kiba be happy. Karin came down with a horrible sickness, leaving her delusional and mentally insane. While Kiba was away at work Karin would beat and verbally abuse their young son. One day when Kiba returned from work he was tragically welcomed by a missing son and a dead wife. Karin had been stabbed in the stomach and a trail of blood led him to a shallow stream before completely disappearing. His son was only six.
And again Kiba refused to accept a life alone. Within the same year he meets and marries a woman named Yuri from another world. A little over a year later they have a son, Bukaru. Things seem to go well for three years. A war begun shortly after Bukaru’s third birthday. Kiba would not have yet another dead child. So, he discussed it with his wife and they decided that sending Bukaru away for defense schooling would be best. Kiba was too old and worn out to teach him. Two years later they had a daughter, Marinsa. The family lived in happy bliss for another three years. When Bukaru was eight he was sent away to be trained. Two years later Yuri becomes pregnant again, and Marinsa was missing Bukaru terribly. Letters just weren’t enough for her. And, so the family goes to visit Bukaru. It was a lovely week. Kiba noticed Bukaru seemed different. Angrier. But, he thought nothing of it. Training hardened the boy. And that was the point.
Finally things were going well for Kiba. They said good bye to Bukaru, though it was a hard good bye, and headed home again. In a sudden change of weather, the sky turned dark and lightening struck the trees around them. Kiba hurried his eight-month pregnant wife and seven year old daughter ahead of him. But, the shock of the thunderstorm had sent Yuri into labor. While trying to help his wife to shelter the both of them were struck by lightening. His eyes fell on the horrified face of his daughter, watching as her parents burned to death. But, the storm was clearing up. Just as suddenly as it had started. At least she would survive. And at least Bukaru would survive…
But, just as he was going to close his eyes, he looked up into the sky. High above him hovered a figure. As the figure came into focus he let out a final yell before the fire suffocated him. It was Bukaru. With the most evil grin spreading across his lips. Red eyes that sneered at him. Sneered happily. And then, nothing.
Kiba thought he’d only left two children. Two children that would unfortunately share the gift that ruined his life. The power of World Shifting. But, he was wrong. None of his children were truly dead. The strange mixture of blood and the power within each of them made them harder to kill then the average demon. But, that was probably due to his Grandmother’s true identity. His mother’s mother was the priestess from long ago. The woman that had created The Key Of Life. And the evil hands that the priestess dreaded seeking out the key belonged to his son, Bukaru…