Phantom Post

Ocassionly when one roleplays online, one winds up writing up posts that they never get to use. Such as when one writes up a post offline and, in going to post it, finds that some other player has done something to make all of your character's planned actions irrelivant.

Such was the case tonight. sweatdrop

I'm rather proud of my work this time though, so I'm posting it here--so to any readers out there, enjoy this "phantom" post! blaugh


[ - Kein Engel - ]

"Erst wenn die Wolken schlafengehn
Kann man uns am Himmel sehn
Wir haben Angst und sind allein
Gott weiƟ ich will kein Engel sein."
-- Rammstein

Location: Midgar

User ImageAs Kenshin held the monster's attention, Kein used his small size to his advantage and rushed in below the swinging club. He planted one leg on top of the humanoid's own massive foot, both to hold that limb still and to get more traction than slippery flooring had to offer. The boy then made a fist and drew back with it, taking up one of the most basic Wutai attack stances.

Releasing a savage yell, Kein rotated forward and slammed his chain wrapped hand into the creature's kneecap. The joint buckled with a sickening crack, bent backwards by the force of impact. The beast grunted in pain lost its balance, toppling forward. Rather than wait to be pinned under the bulk of his unbalanced enemy, however, Kein had jumped back, already positioned for a follow up attack.
Wait for it... he thought, watching the descending arc of the thing's head. He shored up his stance, carefully centering his weight. Wait... now! Snapping one leg up, Kein kept the other planted firmly in the muck below him, turning his legs into a solid pillar of force. The street urchin's heel caught the club wielding monster under the chin just before it reached out to break its fall, adding strength of the creature's falling mass to the devastating kick. There was a wet snapping sound that echoed loudly throughout the dank room, the creature's head twisting at an unnatural angle as it landed in the muck.

Kein lowered his leg and gave it a shake to knock off the stinging sensation from such a jarring impact. He watched the body for a moment, trying judge whether the twitching limbs denoted life or the lack of it. Suddenly remembering that he wasn't alone, Kein shot Kenshin a quick look before returning a watchful eye to his fallen enemy.

"... With the big ones, it's best to go for the legs first," he advised the veteran fighter offhandedly. "Vitals are good and all, but if you can take out the mobility, your enemy is halfway dead already."

"Hate me all you like. Perhaps we'll finally
be able to understand each other that way."
-- Kein Engel