FFVII RP ~ It's My Life ~ Profiles


Gaian Handle: Gatz TdaMax
Character Name: Kein Engel
Age: 8
Sex: Male
Appearance: Kein Engel 's most noticeable features are his spiky white hair and his piercing yellow eyes. He's about 4' 3" and weights 90 lbs, and looks surprisingly athletic for a kid his age. He wears a black t-shirt and some loose, baggy pants, both of which have seen better days. When it's cold out, he also has a tattered gray cloak to wrap himself up in. He wears a set of fingerless biker gloves to make handling his weapon easier, and to help cover up the scars left on his wrists by past restraints. His left arm is covered by a stylish tattoo he got in order to hide his experiment number (XX-Ω). Apperance at age 20
Alignment: Himself/Anti-Shinra
Job Title: Failed Experiment/Street Urchin
Sexual Orientation: Hetero/Hasn't quite figured out what girls are yet
Personality: He's best described as a feral child, someone who's simplistic, explorative,, and unrestrained in his thoughts and actions. Years of harsh living have given Kein something of survivalist mentality, so while not self-centered, tends to put his own needs before those of the people around him. This mode of thinking is so ingrained by now that acts of affection or kindness often leave him feeling somewhat confused. He does show signs of compassion when left alone with animals, children his own age, and those who seem to be "fellow strays." He's socially awkward, however, and tends to seal himself off when faced with adults or large crowds. His favorite things are a warm meal, a warm bed, plants, animals, and books with pictures, friendly faces, maternal people, and a good fight. He hates a number of things he tends to associate with his early childhood, such as lab coats, glasses, guard uniforms, robots, lab equipment, and confinement.
Weapon: Chain, Martial Arts
Magic: Elemental (lvl 2, adds Bolt damage), Bolt (level 2), Steal (lvl 2)
History: Kein was born in a secret laboratory deep within Midgard, and is the only survivor of what many consider to be a failed cloning experiment. Though the scientists who "raised" him provided basic education and combat training as part of their experiments, very few of them actually cared their charge's well-being. As a result, Kein spent his first six years of life in a state of neglect and abuse, catching only fleeting glimpses of the outside world from within the sterile, metallic walls of his prison.
A few years ago, Shinra closed down the facility that housed him was closed due to a lack of positive results, as well as budget cutbacks. For reasons known only to him, Kein took advantage of the relaxed security during his transport and broke free, escaping into the maze of Midgard's slums. The boy moved quickly from one harsh and uncaring world to another, surviving on his own strength or through sheer tenacity at times. He's well on his way to juvenile delinquency, though a certain stranger seems to have taken an interest in "beating some civility" into him while imparting lessons in martial arts...
Recently, Kein has felt a desire to learn more about his origins, though at his age he only has a vague grasp of concepts like "origin," "parent," and "purpose." His quest is made more difficult by the fact Shinra occasionally sends out a squad to retrieve their escaped specimen, though at this point in time Kein's capture is a fairly low priority for the company. If there's one thing Kein's become good at, though, it's prevailing in the face of adversity.


Gaian Handle: Gatz TdaMax
Character Name: Nadir Prospero
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Appearance: Nadir is 5' 11" with shoulder length hair, which is prematurely gray. He usually wears plain clothing with a lab jacket or a white trench coat, though he dresses up for formal occasions. His most noticeable facial features are his glasses and the faint smile he always seems to have.
Alignment: Shinra (for now...)
Job Title: Research Scientist - Weapons Development Department
Sexual Orientation: Hetero, but he's a person who tends to be "married to his work"
Personality: He's a cold, calculating, and utterly self-serving, not to mention a little bit of a sociopath. Nadir will do just about anything in pursuit of money and power, but is cautious about needlessly exposing himself to danger. He tends to isolate himself from others, but can be charming and manipulative when it suits his needs. Nadir often operates on logic and cunning, but is wise enough realize that things don't always work in according to plan. Because he is highly intelligent and analytical, he remains calm in all but the most dire of circumstances. About the only thing that truly upsets Nadir is being compared to Hojo, who he disdains for various reasons. While loyal enough to Shinra, but has no special love for his employers.
Weapon: XP30 - a high-tech handheld blaster, powered by Mako
Magic: Add Effect (lvl 2, Slow/Stop), Time (lvl 5), Destruct (lvl 3), Barrier (lvl 5), Exit (lvl 5)
History: Nadir joined Shinra Inc. two decades ago as a promising young scientist who specialized in the study of materia, mako, and the technological applications of such. He once worked directly under Hojo, whom he idolized at the time. After his initial year in the Science Department, however, Nadir found that the man's ego was impossible to deal with, and soon put in a transfer request to the Weapons Department.

Since he began working under Scarlet, Nadir has completed countless projects for weapons R&D, and has spearheaded testing on many of their more experimental devices. He can be credited the prototypes for Shinra's robotic troops, and was heavily consulted during the design projects for the Prod Clod and the Sister Ray. He also helped create several important patents for civilian use, as offshoots of his research. As such, many people consider it odd that he's not the head of Shinra's weapons branch, but Nadir is quick to point out that he prefers tinkering with machines to the hassles of administrative work.

In recent years, Nadir has established a private robotics facility in the mountains south of Midgard, without the aid of the company's resources. Though he's done it under the pretense of protecting company secrets, there are members of Shinra question his true motives in doing this. Some believe it has something to do with the top-secret projects he has recently undertaken. Even within Shinra's database, the only things known about these projects are their names: Anima, Animus, and Asura. It's also speculated that he has a number of side projects that aren't on record at all...


Gaian Handle: Gatz TdaMax
Character Name: Olivia Gestalt
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Appearance: Olivia is 5' 8" and weighs 210 lbs. due to her robotic nature. She has silver hair and red-tinted eyes. Olivia usually wears professional outfits over her battle suit, as is fitting with her profession. When fighting or traveling she discards her nice clothes in favor of a large hat and cape, which are meant to help hide her slightly inhuman features. For some reason, she has yet to realize that this look only makes her stand out more, not less.
Alignment: Propero Ltd.
Job Title: Secretary / Bodyguard / Android
Sexual Orientation: N/A
Personality: Stoic, diligent, aloof, and analytical, she keeps others at a distance while focusing on the tasks assigned to her. She believes in striving for excellence (if not perfection) in any undertaking, and is critical of people who fail to take their work seriously. This attitude steams from a belief that the best way to ensure everyone's safety is through a combination of planning and effort--the truth is that she has great concern for the well-being of others. Her few outbursts of genuine "human" emotion are generally followed by shy embarrassment, which only seems to make her suppress herself more. Protective and loyal where her comrades are concerned, she won't forgive anyone who attempts to harm them.
Weapon: Magnum – A heavy caliber handgun. She carries two, but only so she has a backup piece.
Magic: HP Plus (lvl 5), Cover (lvl 3), Sense (lvl 2), Heal (lvl 4), Revive (lvl 3)
History: Olivia Gestalt is a prototype humanoid android built by Prospero Ltd. three years ago. While she was originally constructed to work as Nadir's personal accountant and secretary, she has since been forced to take on several other tasks. As a result she has been consistently upgraded and improved upon since her creation, and is undoubtedly one of the most state-of-the-art machines on the planet. Her computing functions and near-perfect organizational skills allow her to quickly perform a variety of clerical tasks, making her near-indispensable to the company. Her resiliency and targeting programs also make her a dependable bodyguard for Nadir, though she is a bit lacking in terms of raw firepower, so this is not her primary purpose. For both these reasons and more, Nadir has deemed her an irreplaceable asset, and either keeps her stationed at corporate headquarters or by his side.

It is open rumor within Prospero Ltd. that Olivia was form from the research accumulated during the secretive Anima and Animus projects, which were completed at the time of her conception. It is also said that she is somehow an integral part of the Asura program, which still remains under wraps. Many company employees assume that first two projects, "soul" and "mind," refer to the android's lifelike personality programing, though some suspect this is not be the case. Olivia's existence also brings into question the exact nature of the S.I.N. system, an interface system that was used in her construction. Based off of current Synaptic Net Dive technology, people outside of central headquarters only know that it allows for the creation of machines with intelligent decision-making abilities and a high levels of skill. Only Nadir and his personal staff know the full details of how the device functions, and none of them are willing to talk about it. The few Shinra employees who managed to survive the slaughter of Midar have also noted the particular fact that Mr. Prospero named his creation after Scarlet's former secretary...

Gaian Handle: Gatz TdaMax
Character Name: Tala
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Appearance: Tala stands 5' 2" tall and weighs 112 lbs, with yellow, Mako-tinted eyes and an unruly mass of white hair.
Alignment: Unconfirmed (The Planet / Avalanche)
Job Title: Experiment / Vagabond
Sexual Orientation: None as of yet
Personality: Tala is a sweet, adventurous girl bursting with energy--some would say too much of it. Rambunctious, curious, and impulsive, she has a habit of getting caught up in everything she sets out to do. She expresses her emotions freely, and her mouth can often get the best of her. Being naive and free-spirited makes her seem childish most of the time, but she is blessed with an insightful (if somewhat simple) perspective on life tends to crop up bits of wisdom others might miss. All in all, Tala is a gentle soul who tries to enjoy the simple pleasures of living, such as food, fun, and friendship. She is especially fond of singing. Though normally playful and gentle, those who threaten her comrades or way of life will find just how fierce she truly is.
Weapon: Tsukuyomi - An sacred sword she discovered enshrined in the ruins of Wutai
Magic: Fire (lvl 3), Ice (lvl 3), Restore (lvl 4), Heal (lvl 3), Revive (lvl 3)
History: Tala is a Certa-Fenine hybrid that was recently created by Hojo with the help of some Nanki's DNA, in an attempt to create a subject with an expanded lifespan. The blending was successfully, however, the doctor failed to realize that the the Fenine race takes much longer to mentally mature than the typical human being. As a result the subject was born with the mindset of someone half her age, despite her appearance and programming. Though this issue will correct itself over time, the rogue scientist still views her as a partial failure. Hojo is not known for his patience... fortunately, neither is Tala. Whispers of the world outside have perked her interest, and she's set to go explore it whether or not her "father" gives her permission to. Her first destination is the Wutai--it seems that friendly spirits have assured her there are plenty of goodies left in the ruins to help her get started on her trip.

Tala has two major loves in life: wolves and music. No one knows how or why she became obsessed with the mythological animals, but apparently she's hooked on them, to the point where she runs up and hugs stray Fang monsters that she happens across. They are also thought to be the inspiration for her odd hair style. As for music, the young girl can usually be caught singing or humming a tune when left to her own devices. She knows quite a few songs, which is quite odd, as Hojo never bothered to teach her any. It's currently believed she learned them from directly from the Lifestream itself during her incubation period.

It has been established that Tala boasts a strong connection with Planet, but because she is too young and untrained to filter out unwanted stimulus from it, her ability is a double-edged sword. She frequently becomes agitated and experiences “whiteouts” when then sensations and images become too overwhelming, and a severe shock will cause her to slip into near-vegetative state for several hours. Tala still considers her talent a great blessing, though, and wouldn't trade it away even if she could.