Today I thought we would look at man's best friend, the dog.

Dogs are usually a symbol of loyalty and vigilance. They are known as guardians and protectors. They are also known for being skilled hunters. Many legendary heroes and gods have had dogs as companions. Since priest can be considered watchdogs against the devil, dogs are also associated with priest.

In Egypt dogs were held in high esteem. In Cynopolis (cyno=dog) the law required for the citizens to take care of strays. It is said battles were fought with neighboring cities who had eaten the dogs of their city. The Egyptians also had Sirius , the dog star.He was important because his raising told him that floods were coming.

In some cultures dogs are tied to death. They are suppose to be able to see ghost and so can warn of such dangers.A dog howling in the night is suppose to be a sign of coming death. In Greek we see Cerberus. He was a three headed dog who guarded the gates of the afterword. He helped guide the spirits who were crossing over. Many other cultures also have dog gods who were part of the afterlife.