I was stung by a wasp yesterday so I guess I might as well see what that could mean.

In ancient times wasp were a sign of evil. In some areas the first wasp seen was suppose to be killed in order to ensure good luck and freedom from enemies. Though some people think that killing the first wasp is bad luck and that no wasp should be killed. They could also be used to predict the weather. If their nests were built high it was a sign of a dry and mild winter. If the nest were low winter would be cold and stormy. In the summer time a high nest meant wet weather. I guess I better watch out for foes because being stung means that your foes will get the best of you. If wasps build in a house it means the people inside will soon have wants. If the first wasp you see during the season is seen in your house this is a sign that you will make a unpleasant acquaintance.