Hey guys I've got some news...I have to get surgery. Now even though it invovles my teeth (my wisdom teeth to be exact) it's not like pulling teeth out. They have to lay me down for six hours and cut through my mouth and fracture my bone, pushing it away. Six hours I will be lying there awake as they cut, push, and fracture. They have to get a professional surgen and everything. They told me I have a couple hundred risks from the surgery, Ithey may cut my very important never and I'll lose function in my jaw, they could fracture the bone too much and screw everything up causing damage, they may not get the teeth all the way out and have to do it again, I could posssiblly lose all feeling in my mouth for the rest of my life, the could cut open into my sinecesses (sp? the things u smell with) and have to start all over again. I can't remember all the others but yeah, scary. And they told I would experience lots of pain for two monthes afterward. Fun stare Anyway, that's the reason I won't be here on the 30th so send me a pm and wish me luck! biggrin