I looked into your eyes today
but I only saw my own reflection
my dreams drifted away like sand in the wind
and yet I still have nothing to say

My knuckles have been bound
blood and tears wiped away
I can't hide anymore
but still I can't be found

I feel like I'm slipping away
do you notice?
I feel the pain of every passing day
you never look my way

I smile
trying to play it off
you shrug and ignore me
my heart tugs on the strings you've tied to me
but you stand a away past a mile

I'm standing at the end
the road is broken and the lights have faded
I look into the distance expecting to see your face
but you're never there - It's just pretend

I've cried enough for you
I've died enough for you
I want to walk ahead and forget
but I can't get through

This pain is my song
the words I hear when I hear your name
echoing in my head
it's the only thing of you that keeps me holding on