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This is my Awesomeness Journal(yes thats its title.Don't make fun of it or else it will cry)!!!!
And Update on my life
My life seems empty now
Each day I feel like more and more of me is fading
People keep walking in and out of it
I get sicker and sicker it seems
And outside it seems like it is getting hotter and hotter
Just making it worse for me
I'm sick of having this asthma problem
That holds me back when its pretty out there
And even when its ugly and gray out there

I love it when it rains
The way the sky clouds up
And it looks as if its going to take all life away from me
The way the wind picks up
And the rain hits the ground hard
It just makes me want to smile
I wish it would always rain
But if it did I would only get sicker

It seems as if my parents hate me
Well only my dad
He hates how i act up
how i brake into the softball fields
how i start fights
and punch and beat people up
I can't help it
It's just the way I am
He also hates how i don't come to him for advice and only my mother
He hates how i always need him to get me a good book to read
Yet he always blows all his money on stupid things
so why not a book for me
he only gets them for my mom
yet all she does is sit on the couch and read and yell at me all day

My brothers and sisters are getting more and more terrified of me
And there starting to act up like me
I can only think that im the cause for it
When i go outside all there friends watch me and try starting fights
And all i do is ignore it and continue to walk
like nothing ever happened

When i look at the family of my mom,dad,brother and 3 sisters
I think that it is a perfect family
A family where i do not belong at all and have no place
to be in at all
I have tried to be good and everything but every time i do
I get yelled at by someone

I'm going to keep on trying to at least become a little more behaved
Each day so that way my sisters don't follow my footsteps
And get in trouble with the police
I haven't done that yet
Only twice in my life and those were both accidents
I still have a hard time with trusting people
But i might try to trust them now
Because thats the only way im going to be able to make it threw the rest of my life

Its Kanda
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Lady Cecilie
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Jul 08, 2009 @ 01:37am
Cheer up dearie!*Hugs* things may seem bad now but they will get better. Just try your hardest dearie.

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