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This is my Awesomeness Journal(yes thats its title.Don't make fun of it or else it will cry)!!!!
My awesome story(mixed anime)
Once upon a time there was a samurai who was the most beautiful person in Japan.Infact the whole world!!!!He had a pet chihuahua even though he hated them.
One day a traveling Musician named Ryuichi came rolling into the village on his giant rabbit named Mr.Bear. Mr.Bear was very hungry and picked up a random boy on the street named Wolfram and ate him.
The villagers became very angry with this and went to the demon king,Yuri,to complain.Yuri didn't know what to do(like always).So he sent the samurai to fight off Mr.Bear.
The great samurai,tamaki Suoh,went to fight of the evil rabbit of doom.Tamaki walked up behind it to see its owner Ryuichi dressed up like Mr.bear."what a crack head"Tamaki thought to himself.
Yuri and his army of bunny catchers went to assist the Samurai.When they arrived they found him being attacked by a chihuahua named Inuyasha.
Yuri and his army laughed as Mr.Bear came up behind behind them(which they did not notice).The first solider to notice was by the name of Shuichi.He knew what he must do.He quickly pulled out a bowl of ramen and held it out.Ryuichi who had been riding Mr.Bear at the time eyes sparkled at the ramen."Thats just what I was looking for"he said as he took the bowl of ramen and put it on his head while noodles and soup fell out of his hair.
And that is why we have pumpkins.


Its Kanda
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Lady Cecilie
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commentCommented on: Thu Jun 25, 2009 @ 10:49pm
Lol I love it so much

commentCommented on: Thu Jul 16, 2009 @ 08:45am
omg heart

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