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After Hours
------I never knew him but, this is his story to tell. Not mine, but theres nothing I can do now. Whats done is done.

------He was about my age. He was a small confused, skinny boy, but he had the biggest heart. He was very kind. He hated himself though. He was weak, He wanted to be stronger. He had a bestfriend, she was like him, but she was very cheery and happy. The two knew each other ever since they were little. The two go to school together ever since 5th grade. The two did things together happily. They were friends forever. This year was very different though.
This year was the year that tore them apart.

------It all started that day. The two moved on to high school. both of them had new friends. They were still friends though. Over days though the two became to change. The boy began to feel strong, even though he was still weak. His attitude became to change. He became more out going, and a daredevil of some sort. He wanted all the attention. He wasn't the kind and gentle boy we knew anymore. Soon he had his own crew, his crew was like him. He was the dominant one among his crew. Though the people in his crew were stronger than him. One of his crew members was a player. The player would get lots of girls than him. The player was also easy going, and the strongest one out of the boy's crew

------The girl however, changed as well. seeing how her best friend changed. She became more and more sad. Soon she wasnt even able to talk to him cause he changed. She became alone and very sullen. Until one day she had given up. She promised herself that she would not talk to the boy anymore and just moved on.

------Now there was a reason the small boy we knew wanted to be strong. He wanted to protect her, the friend he always knew from the beginning. Why did he want to protect her? It was because he loved her. But she did not know. She never knew. She never really liked him. What she liked was the friendship they had. The trust they had, their bond with each other. Thats what she really liked

------But now shes alone, given up on the boy. Looking for someone else. Thats when the player comes in. He comforts her. Promising that he would protect her, be there for her always, She fell into his trap. Now obviously, Our small boy became jealous and confused. He first began disliking The player. But the player was also one of his good friends. A huge gap was beginning to form in him. He couldn't take it anymore.

------She never noticed the he was getting played. At first our small little boy tried to talk to her about him. But she denied it. She ignored it. She ignored the boy as well. Then, the boy tried Doing more publicity stunts in school stating that he did it for her. But the girl, simply called him names like "jerk, dumbass, stupid, ect" and as in result he got into many suspensions in school, still claiming that he did it for her. She still ignored him

------Finally the gap inside was big enough, he couldn't take it anymore. It was this day that changed him, her and everyone. He was with his crew in the parking lot of 7/11 hanging, loitering, smoking, laughing, drinking. The player was obviously getting bored. He called the girl on his cellphone telling her to come. Obviously she came, cause she was confused about her love for him.

------The small weak boy went inside the store, to buy more cigarettes. While that was happening the girl's car also pulled over in the parking lot. She came out and gave the player a huge kiss, and hug. While the other guys in the crew said "Oooooh" in the sight of it. One of them even gave the player a pat on the back. The girl was confused of why. She also asked if this was his friends and the response was obviously a yes. This was also when the small boy came out of the store. Seeing her kiss him."

------Angrily, The boy dropped the bag with the cigarettes in it and rushed up to the player and punched him in the face as hard as he could.

------"Oh s**t" one of them said as they all backed up. the player fell on the ground after the impact. The girl was in shock.

"DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I ******** HATE YOU" the boy cried to The player who was on the ground wiping the blood off his nose.

------The player got up, and returning the favor, punched him twice as hard as the small boy delivered, because in simple terms, He was the strongest out of the boy's crew"

"What the ******** man" the player shouted at the boy. The boy was barely conscious. After that blow he flew to the ground with blood flowing out of his nose. The player sat on the small boy who was laying on the ground and punched him three more times. But the boy's love for her was strong. His will was strong. He manage to push him off and tired to get back up. But the player picked up a beer bottle and bashed it at his head rendering him unconscious or even dead, as the shards of the bottle scatter everywhere.

------"You want this b***h?!" the player pointing at the girl, while talking to the unconscious or maybe even dead boy. "Well you can have her!" The player turned around, and looked at everyone. They were all shocked. "Cmon guys lets go" The player said. the other crew members looked at him and they all got in the car and left the boy there.

The girl was still there looking at the boy. Still in shock of what the player said and did. She kept reminding herself that she promised never to talk to him again and that the boy is a jerk, idiot, dumbass. But she was confused of what to do.

Till the laughed softly as he was dying "you know I punched him cause I love you eversince the beginning."

"but you never understood"

The girl stood there not knowing what to do.

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Community Member

Tue May 26, 2009 @ 01:11am

jeni im so sorry i didnt know you felt that way crying HuggOmmpZZZ to make u fell better

You may walk the walk
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But can you Walk the Rainbow?

Bump here if you <3 my starmony
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