Yes, I am still trying to save up gold for the re-opening of the thread, but I was in such a good mood I wanted to do a little giveaway thingy. And so, on my thread, the first person to quote a certain post I have made will win:

Sacred Leaf
Satin Hairbow
Emo Glasses
The Experiment 6th Gen
Basic Red Bookshelf

And also, on the page after that, I am going to do a random post/number game for posters on that page to have a chance to win:

First Prize: Dark Piano ((sellback 3k!!!))
Second Prize: Brown Magical Giftbox
Third Prize: Cuttlephones

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I missed having my little giveaway stuff!!! hahaha

As for news as how I progressing gold wise - not very well at the moment. I have only got...............


So really not much from my last entry, but it's all adding up!!

Hope to have the thread open soon ♥