Sup everybody! This yah boy Joven Estrella (Young Star) again!
im tryin to keep my word by writing an Entry every Friday.
Well this week ima share a lil more about me an what week down this week an what my weekend looks like iight.

well here it IS!!

Description Profile:
Height: 5' 7
Eye Color: Black eyes
Hair/Color: Semi-long black hair! lol (aint to my shoulders yet! lol)
Body Type: Semi-Average ( lol Ladies u decide that though! ^_~)
Zodiac: Taurus
Status: Single/real, Gaia/Taken

Man this week has been wild. On here on Gaia an n the real world.
I made alot of cool friends ova the week on Gaia, so im happy bout that. In school we just changed schedules so i gotta get use to my new classes i got! but other than that everythings cool on that note! I Do got some news I might b moving n a min so this will b the 2nd to last entry i do b 4 i move. When i move ima b Internetless for a min so u might not here from me n a while k! So to all my friends ima miss yall an i luv yall dearly! Well ima make this one short an sweet. but if any body wanna make request an leave topics for me to talk about i'll b happy to incorpoarte a whole entry to it. I mean we all Teens, so we go through some of the same stuff! y not put it out to help some one going through the same stuff iight! Well laterz yal!

Joven Estrella*