Hey Everybody!
this is Joven Estrella coming at u with another Entry!
So im so late with this one but i had a rough, tiring, but fun weekend! lol
I just wanna start by saying that We r n February! the love month an also black history month! so i hope u all observe it to the best of ur abilities.
Any who. lol
I checked for any request on topics that anybody would wanna discuss.
so far i got nothing, but its cool
im sure yall r just hesitant rite now so ima b patient an wait!

Now on to the story time! lol

Ok so the weekend b 4 this one was iight
nothing special
went to go c the Uninvited with a few friends
(i recommend not going to c it! lol)
so that was pretty much it
sunday i watched the super bowl an watch my team Win the Gold u kno!? LOL
Then the week started so every Cardinal fan around was grumpy an mad as hell that they team lost! lol but oter than that nothing went down that week
The weekend was alright though
Me an a few friends hung out at this lil get together till like 11'o clock then we get kicked out cause momz said it was late
but we didnt mind, we had had our fun so we was like w/e u kno! lol
but all n all id have to say that the weekend was gd. i got fat off of Taco bell an KFC!! lol so i can safely say it wasnt all bad! lol

Well yall thnx for stopping through.
Hope u leave a comment or sugestions on any topics ud like to hear me speak on.
Like i say were all teenagers, going through the same s**t!
so y not ask sum question to get some answers from someone that can relate to what u going through.
Laterz all
Peace an Luv

Joven - Out~