Gehearo's Answers

1) What is my real name?
Lauren? Everyone else says it is, and that's my name too!

2) What country am I from?
I'm going to guess... Ireland?

3) How old am I?
You look-... about 21...?

4) When is my birthday?
October 2nd!

5) What is the name of my daughter?

6) What is the name of my sister?

7) What is the name of my partner?

8 ) Who donated me the biancamella?
Uhh... Mistress de Kaye...?

9) What would I consider my most random gift to someone?
Umm... A hotdog. I would...

10) When I was younger, what did I want to be when I grew up?
A superhero! Every child's dream.

11) Which celebrity am I most attracted to?
Angelina Jolie...?

12) What was my favourite subject at school?
Haha. English! Oh gawds... I hate English...

13) What is my favourite animal?

14) What is my favourite colour?
Blue or green? Everyone likes those colors...

15) What is my favourite part of my body?

16) What colour is my hair?

17) What colour are my eyes?
You have red eye in your picture... So I'm going to guess blue...?

18 ) What is my favourite manga?
Umm... Chobits...? I like it...

19) Name one of my favourite films
The Dark Night...?

20) What pets do I have?
A dog, a cat, and two fish?

21) And what are their names?

22) Name one of my favourite foods

23) Whats my favourite month?

23) Name something I could not live without
No one can live without their family.

24) What was I going to go to university to study?
Umm... Psycology?

25) What is my favourite genre of music?
Rock-ish stuff?

26) What was I going to be called before I was born?
Tiffany? Lolz, my mom was going to call me that...

27) What do I consider my worst trait?
Physical or personality wise? I don't know you that well, but you seem really awesome and not like you have any bad traits...

28 ) And my best?
Your awesomeness?

29) What is my favourite drink?

30) Which Final Fantasy game is my favourite?