But I'm upset. I get a call from one of my best friends. At 7:30 am, she's in excruciating pain due to some complications involving meds. Trying to comfort her on the phone while feeling useless since I dont know how, I ask my mother for help.

After a FIGHT with mom over whether or not my friend is actually going through what she is obviously going through, she called an aunt and heads over to the hospital. Then, less than ten minutes later, I'm informed (still buttcrack early in the morning) that I have 10 minutes to get out because the apartment is going to be poisoned for -whatever bug related reasons- Fine. As I begin to make a call only moments later, to find a place to stay for a few hours, THE DOUCHE BAG WHO DONATED SPERM TO MY BIRTH starts YELLING at me, screaming about who knows what, telling me to get out. Im not exaggerating, it's been a few seconds since i was told to find a place to go.

It's too early for this crap. I get all teary and angry, and then storm out. I hope he get cramps in his nuts. PAINFUL p***s CRAMPS.